Is there room for Project Re Fantasy in Persona’s Anniversary Year?

In the last few months, Atlus celebrated its 25th anniversary Persona franchise in a number of different ways. Persona The game is on sale, Atlus has provided fans with new ways to get Persona merchandise, anime adaptations of franchises have become more readily available, etc. Many of these celebrations are a little more modest than they are. Persona fans are hopeful, but there are some indications that Atlus will enter larger events in 2022. For example, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax coming to PC, Switch and PS4 this year could mean having a Persona game on the road after all.


Atlus has made it clear that they plan to release a big new game in 2022, and since it’ll be celebrating the franchise’s anniversary through the fall, it wouldn’t be surprising if that big game involved arrive Persona. However, there is also reason to believe that Atlus’s mysterious fantasy RPG, known only as Project Re Fantasy, will finally be released this year. However, one has to wonder if that was a wise move. Debut in Personaanniversary year of can raise Project Re FantasyMy profile is a new member of the Atlus family, but it can also leave Project Re Fantasy in Personaball’s.

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Persona’s Next Big Title


Because maybe Atlus announced a Persona games as part of the celebration, Project Re Fantasy inherently faces some risks by theoretically releasing in 2022. Even if Atlus merely reveals Persona 6 or notice a new game in Persona 5 Top class, Project Re Fantasy can be forced to fight for attention like Persona fans focus on the next thing Persona instead of giving the new Atlus IP the attention it deserves. Between more Persona the game is moved to the current console and confirm that Persona 6 under development, hope is high that Persona The anniversary will include a big game.

Even without a big new one Persona game released in 2022, there is a case to be made that Atlus should just focus on anniversaries, rather than trying Balance Persona and Project Re Fantasy at the same time. After Persona 5, The franchise’s audience has grown enormously, and so the Atlus celebration is a valuable opportunity to serve fans and build anticipation for the future. Persona Game. The dawn of a new Atlus IP is such a big deal that Project Re Fantasy can end up feeling like a distraction from Persona25th anniversary more than anything else.

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Project Re Fantasy can still be brilliant

Concept art for Project Re Fantasy showing a red-haired knight and a blonde on horseback under a cloudy sky

Although it is possible Project Re Fantasy may not connect to PersonaAnniversaries, Atlus’ work in late 2021 suggests that Project Re Fantasy will probably be fine. Shin Megami Tensei 5 released in November 2021, as well as Persona celebration, showing that Atlus isn’t afraid to juggle between the celebration and the release of a big game. Atlus is also quite modest in its approach to commemoration, focusing on Persona merchandise and non-game activities across a wide range of portals and remedial facilities. There’s always a chance, but as of now, most likely a 2022 release for Persona 6, One Persona 5 sequel, or anything like that seems low.

That means Project Re Fantasy could launch quite comfortably in 2022. Persona reaching 25th birthday was a big deal, but Atlus didn’t become famous thanks to Persona alone. Atlus is a successful studio by the value of many franchises, and so it can afford to celebrate one of its oldest franchises while simultaneously starting a new one. Even if Persona and Project Re Fantasy With almost nothing in common, they can still work together to make 2022 a great year for Atlus.

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The Midnight Channel Art of Persona 4 investigative team, with Persona Izanagi and Marie and Margaret of the Velvet Room in the background
Persona 6 shouldn’t be exclusive to PlayStation at launch

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