Is the Star Wars sequel trilogy any better than no new movies at all?

There’s always something to argue about in Star Wars fandom. One of the more recent points of discussion – and one that seems fresh even though the trilogy ended in 2019 – is the merits of a sequel trilogy. Each film in the series received mixed reviews from fans and critics, with the last film (The Rise of Skywalker) was the least well received of the three. The fact that the production of these films was delegated to different people in terms of writing and directing without a clear plan from the outset is evident, and it makes opinions on all The sequel film is surprisingly divided.


All the controversy raises the question of whether the sequel trilogy is really worth it in the end. It would be better if they were never created and have nothing new Star Wars Content? Are the new stories, as messy as they have been, worth the price of constant fan battles and a deeply disgruntled ending (for a lot of fans) to a series? Favorite movie? Of course, the answer to this question will be different for everyone, but there’s something to be said about the merits of the sequel trilogy and the fact that despite their many flaws, they can Introduce the audience to new characters and interesting ideas.

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The sequels could have caused a lot of wars between the Star Wars fans, but that’s not a new thing. Before the sequel, the fandom will only argue about other things, such as the quality of the prequel movies. Now, it seems like those particular movies are starting to have a renaissance as everyone decides that they are really good and deserve to be a part of the show. Star Wars classic. What’s ironic about this is that fans have spent years mocking the movies and picking them out, or arguing over why they weren’t as good as the original trilogy. No one overlooks their flaws now, but they accept them more. There’s no reason this can’t happen with sequels, like some sort Star Wars hate cycle.

Star Wars Rey Finn Rose Poe

One thing the sequels have done is bring a little more variety to Star Wars world. The main character is female, and the rest of the characters including her main group are people of color, which alone is more representative than most other characters. Star Wars general movie. Have something to say for kids (or even adults) who want to see someone who looks like them on screen Star Wars movie. Star Wars There have been interesting female characters like Leia or Padme in the past, but the sequels leave a woman as the main driving force behind the story, which is new for the series.

Little girls will be able to see Rey as a role model and know they can be Jedi too, which seems a bit cheesy for an adult, but makes sense to a child. Kids might look for characters like Finn or Poe or Rose (because yes, despite the huge and unnecessary amount of vitriol directed at her from the fandom, a lot of people happen to think she’s really cool. ) the same way their parents looked until Luke or Han or Obi-Wan. The sequels are telling Star Wars stories for a new generation, and it’s fun for kids and adults alike to see themselves in these characters.

The characters themselves are (for the most part) fun and engaging additions to the rule. Rey is a strong protagonist, and it’s easy to invest in her journey. Poe is funny and charming, and Finn has a backstory that was an interesting thought experiment when it was introduced (and later dropped in later films). Divine Power Awakens, which is a big deal with text). Even Kylo Ren, despite his drama, is a compelling villain, and the way they’ve written his and Rey’s moves is unheard of in Star Wars previous movies.

The jostling and tug of war between light and shadow is one of the more interesting elements of the trilogy. The morals are a bit more gray, and the characters a bit more complicated. It’s easy to say that the first two sequel movies were made by lovers Star Wars and wanted to dive into things the franchise hadn’t covered before. The Last Jedi especially, despite its polarizing nature, can explore some interesting themes and ideas that are more complex than the writing of the previous Star Wars trilogy.

Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Is it annoying when the sequels cause it Star Wars just throw away all the extra stories they have was previously built in the Expanded Universe Support all new stories? Sure, it might be for some people, especially those who are really attached to those stories. It’s certainly strange that they wrote all of that story already but decided to start from scratch, with mixed effects. However, those other stories can still linger in someone’s mind and be just as real as the sequel trilogy. Those stories don’t just disappear, and they can be part of another world within the fandom, like another universe within the multiverse. It’s nice to see Star Wars taken from that material, but Exact Extended Universe doesn’t reach much of the general public, and so the sequel stories are just as real to casual viewers as they are in the European Union to die-hard fans. difficult grave.

Part of why sequels are so divisive is that they question the world more and don’t play everything as safe as before. Star Wars film did. There are a lot of story elements that don’t work for some, but the fact that they’re allowed in is really exciting and shows a commitment to distinguishing sequels from their predecessors. Are they perfect? Absolutely not. But not Star Wars movie is. These movies define the generation, and it’s only natural that anyone who was young at the time of the sequel’s release and was relevant to the fanbase at the time would love this trilogy, despite its quirks. its flaws.

They made a lot of mistakes in telling these stories that they hope to learn from in the future, but in the end, having a sequel is better than nothing. They still make interesting discoveries topics such as heritage and self-discovery (as the staple of any commodity Star Wars entry) and bring so many people the joy of experiencing a Star Wars movie came out and discussed it long after. Some fans may not like them, but they mean a lot to others, even introducing a lot of new people into the fandom. It’s not supposed to be Star Wars of the 70s and 80s, and it stands out for being a story for the present moment.

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