Is The Division 1 still worth playing in 2021?

When Massive Entertainment released the latest addition to the prolific Tom Clancy video game series in 2016, Tom Clancy’s Separation received a positive response from both critics and gamers. Praising the cohesive open-world setting, tactical combat, and impressive multiplayer, Tom Clancy’s Separation soon followed by a sequel in 2019. However, with a newer game featuring more expansion packs and post-release support, some gamers may wonder if playing the original game is still worth it. in 2021 or not.


As players have seen with many online games like World of Warcraft and EVE Online, the game was able to last long after launch thanks to dedicated fans. Online multiplayer games are still incredibly popular, and when a large portion of the game relies on an active community, this often breathes life into the titles. Yes or no Tom Clancy’s Separation has maintained this loyal player base for more than five years since it was launched is still up for debate.

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World of parts


Tom Clancy’s Separation is an online-only third-person shooter set in the near-future New York City after it has been affected by a widespread viral pandemic. The city fell into chaos, with criminal activity raging through the nearly deserted streets, and players Agent of the Domestic Strategy Division tasked with restoring order and investigating how it all might have started. The game combines RPG elements with online cooperative multiplayer and an intense PvP mode known as Dark Zone, separate from the main campaign.

The game serves as a commentary on capitalism and commercial greed, as the virus was initially released through infected dollar bills and spread exponentially during the sale. Black Friday in the city in 2015. Disruption follows and pits rival factions against each other in the chaotic city, as each battle for control and find ways to capitalize. anarchy, creating an environment full of action and suitable tension. Dark Zone, Free PvP for All where the highest level weapons can be found, is the link for many more challenging battles in Tom Clancy’s Separation, as the allies can go against the ally and the player will meet it to get the best loot.

The benefits of revisiting older online games

parts updates 1-6 patch notes

Despite its initial popularity and the surge of new players in the first few months, Parts encountered some obstacles. As the player completed the game, Massive Entertainment was unable to fix several key issues despite numerous updates and the release of the first major expansion. Many players abandoned the game when they returned to other online shooters that had better support after launch. However, the developer eventually made it through, and after PartsUpdate 1.4, things will start to change. The patch has attracted a large number of players back and Parts was once again popular.

It may have had a rough start and there may be a newer, newer version for players to experiment with with its sequel. 2nd Division, but the original Division still worth a look in 2021. If players haven’t owned the game before, they can now pick it up for nothing – including all PartsDLC’s. This is all without addressing the game’s previous content issues. After completing the main story and reaching level 30, there is a lot for gamers to claim for themselves thanks to all the content of the game.

However, if the player has played through the majority Parts, there is still a lot of end game content to re-login. The Dark Zone, the area with the most dangerous NPCs and scariest players, is still very active. Gamers looking for a solid PvP mode to pit against each other can start Parts backup for this element alone.

If format of 2nd Division is something gamers love, it’s also fun to go back to the old game and use some of the weapons that were nerfed in the latest title, just to offer something a little different. If players choose to replay the campaign and dig into the full story after the game, they could easily have a few hours of gameplay on their hands.

Tom Clancy’s Separation Currently available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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