Is the Bulk Purchase of Red Riau Kratom an Investment? 

Red Riau Kratom is the frontrunner by a mile in the race of best Kratoms. It does not matter if you are a beginner or a pro; if you know what kratom strains are, you must know what a Red Riau Kratom is. The popularity of this strain was already well established, but the growth seen in the usage of the Red Riau Kratom has been astonishing in recent times. Grown in the lands of Indonesia, Sumatra, the herb is used to combat pain, insomnia, and anxiety. Higher doses of this herb help reach euphoria and provide sedative effects that affect emotions and senses. When you have to get Red Riau Kratom, buying in bulk is the right choice rather than in small amounts.   

Why Is Buying In Bulk the Better Option?

Pocket friendly –

As the popularity and consumption of the herb are bursting through the roof, sooner or later, the equilibrium of this demand and buy will become unstable, leading to an increase in price and value. So it is wise to get your required dose and stock up. There is also this logic of buying large amounts to avail discounts and offers by the seller. Regular users of Red Kratom consume somewhere from 5-to 8 grams daily, so by getting a massive stock, one can easily explore the most sustainable and pocket-friendly ways to consume Kratom.

Fewer delivery charges – 

Every time you order small amounts of the herb, you get to pay delivery charges which vary depending on the distance and mode of transport used. Dealers usually charge hefty amounts to provide this door-to-door service. When you buy in bulk, the frequency of your purchases lowers, which results in you spending less money on shipping charges. 

A wide range of experiments – 

The benefits of Red Riau Kratom include treating insomnia, depression, diabetes, chronic pain, stress, etc. It also interacts with various pain receptors throughout the body and stimulates the production of happy hormones. These benefits differ based on the dosage of the herb. So when you buy a strain of Kratom in bulk, you get access to use the product multiple times for potential remedies and get more chances to know your optimal and perfect dosage. 

More than enough! 

Due to the insane popularity and demand for the herb, it gets sold out pretty quickly. Also, with so many strains and variations, it could become hard for you to get the one you want. It could cause frustration as it becomes disappointing to not get what you want, even after going through troubles. When you buy in bulk, you will not have to constantly worry about these things and can enjoy your experience with the herb. 

Consistent Quality 

When you opt to buy in bulk, you provide yourself with the option of getting regular, consistent, and good herbs anytime and anywhere. Often different batches differ because of an attempt from the manufacturer to improve the product. On the other hand, when you have your stocked product, you equip yourself with the opportunity to enjoy a consistent and quality experience for a prolonged period. 


Buying in bulk has its benefits, but it also has some downfalls as – a significant amount of money is invested and gets stuck with the product for a long time. Therefore it is paramount to buy the right product. So before you dive into getting yourself a handful of herb, consider these things – 

  • Always deal with licensed vendors, trust word of mouth and look for reliability and clearances. 
  • Understand the different types and strains of Kratoms, the one that offers the result you desire. These basic things will help you in your decision process.
  • Vendors with ethical practices will get the ingredients of their products tested individually from independent and trusted labs. So keep an eye out for reports which give an insight from third-party labs about the product.  

Buying in bulk may not be the best option for beginners. The reasons are crystal clear, as since you are new, you wouldn’t want a long-term commitment to something that you didn’t like in the first place. So go slow, and when you find your perfect match, buy in bulk. 


The final decision lands on your shoulders. If you are a beginner, buying in bulk may not be your optimal way to approach things. If you know your Kratom strain guide, you should go for bulk buying. There is no biased answer here. You have to pick the right Kratom Strain for your body. Also, understand that you are buying in bulk because you want something long-lasting and consistent, do not just constantly churn on the herbs as you have enough of them. With all said and done, be open to new experiences and stuff. The growth of the Kratom sector is high, robust, and constantly improving. Tomorrow if you get something better, at least be open to giving it a try!

Huynh Nguyen

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