Is Superman a Marvel or DC character?

Superman is one of the most recognizable superheroes in comic book history. Costumes, curls, incredible powers, and decades of adventure make Big Blue the closest superhero comic series has to mold.

As the legendary narrative of the 1950s series Superman Adventures said, he was “faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than locomotives! Can jump on tall buildings with only one limit! “Who do not have Hear the story of Krypton’s last son?

Kal-El of Krypton


Krypton is the planet that gave birth to Superman, but not the world that made him a hero. Born Kal-El, his parents Lara and Jor-El placed him on a rocket as a child, helping him escape from the planet just before it exploded. Landing on Earth, he is found by Martha and Jonathan Kent, a farming couple who raised him as their child in Smallville, Kansas. They instill a moral and ethical code in the boy they named Clark that would make him famous as a defender of the Earth and allow him to have dual identities as a courtesy reporter for the Daily Planet in Metropolis. .

Superman’s origin story has been edited and updated since his debut in Action Comics #1 in 1938, but the core details of this simple, influential legend remained. The legend of Superman was shaped by him and a host of supporting characters, namely his adoptive parents, romantic interest Lois Lane, and colleagues such as photographer Jimmy Olsen and editor Perry White.

Is Superman a Marvel or DC character?

Superman's special banner
Image via DC Comics

Superman is a DC Character, and perhaps their most important one. Along with Batman and Wonder Woman, he’s one of three stars at the heart of the vast DC multiverse. He has come up with many comic book titles and at the same time, including Action Comics and Superman. And for most of the super-organization’s existence, he was the de facto leader of the Justice League.

Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster met in 1932 and began developing their Superman personalities a year later. But it took young comic book creators several years to achieve their goal of finding the big boy we know today. They used this name for the first time in their threatening short comic Reign of Supermanbut the evil scientist’s appearance in the title is what we later associate with Lex Luthor, Clark Kent’s arch-nemesis.

When press editors suggested that the pair make their characters more sensational, Siegel and Shuster created a new character, unwittingly endowed with the incredible strength of super strength. and impenetrable skin. That’s when their burgeoning hero is dressed up as an alien evacuee, dons a distinctive brightly colored outfit with an “S” on his chest, and disguises himself as a journalist he I have transformed. After numerous rejections, Detective Comics, Inc. signed this couple for the premiere version of their new movie Action Comics position. Although Superman could only jump tall buildings (he wouldn’t fly until the radio adaptation gave him the ability two years later), he had legs right away. touching the newsstand.

Siegel and Shuster launched the superhero genre. The couple’s original contract and subsequent disputes between their property and DC Comics will be part of that legacy for decades. But there is never a doubt that they have created a beacon that can inspire generations.

Shuster and Siegel, one born in Canada, the other in the US, are both the children of Jewish immigrants. They combined to create one of the most important discoveries about immigration, society, and humanity in popular culture. Superman was instantly popular, but his inspirational power grew during and after World War II. His relevance has never waned.

Superman is the god among us who uses his incredible powers for truth and justice, not for control and domination. He has the powers of Krypton (given through the Earth’s yellow sun) but the best of human qualities.

Man of the screen

Henry Cavill Superman
Image via Warner Bros. Pictures

It’s no surprise that Big Blue quickly moved on to other mediums, including monitors. So far, Superman has appeared in 9 live-action movies along with the hugely popular TV series and animated adventure. Many still consider Christopher Reeve’s performance to be a repeat of the character’s pinnacle thanks to four films spanning the 1970s and 1980s. Those films ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous, but Reeve never now failed to steal a shot as the Man of Steel. In the DC Extended Universe, Henry Cavill brought Superman from Smallville to a heroic death at the hands of the Apocalypse, then resurrected and intensely faced one of his greatest foes, Darkseid.

Superman’s enduring appeal is impressive, considering the challenge his incredible strength poses to writers. But many incredible creators have taken that challenge and helped Superman soar to even greater heights. It’s an impressive list, which includes Curt Swan, Jeph Loeb, Grant Morrison, Mark Waid, Mario Puzo, Brian Michael Bendis, George Perez, Bill Finger, Marv Wolfman, J, Michael Straczynski and Louise Simonson.

More than strength

Photos via The CW

Superman isn’t just about his incredible powers, shown in his latest on-screen incarnation, Superman and Lois. The CW show takes the lead of current DC Comics, where Clark and Lois are parents, drawing on essential qualities just as important as Superman’s super strength, heat vision, and icy breath.

Superman made headlines in October 2021 when DC Comics announced that his famous tagline was being revised to “Truth, Justice, and A Better Tomorrow”. Controversy is inevitable, but public opinion also shows that the great American hero, with more than 80 years of continuous storytelling, is a global icon.

Superman has made international headlines for everything from his popularity Superman’s death plot about his marriage to Lois Lane and his teenage son’s sexuality.

Action Comics #1, featuring Shuster’s iconic Superman with a car on his head, hit the record as the second most expensive comic book of all time. A copy auctioned for $3.25 million in April 2021. The only superhero to defeat him is Spider-Man, who appeared first in Amazing Fantasy # 15 grossed $3.6 million just five months later.

Marvel’s Inspiration

Image via DC Comics

Superman emerged to kick off the Golden Age of comics years before the Marvel era began in 1961. However, Marvel took its name from a comic that was released not long after: Action Comics #1. Marvel will emerge from Timely Comics, founded in 1939. Released just in time Marvel Comics in October 1939, introduced two heroes whose names are still in print today: Namor the Sub-Mariner and the Human Torch. They would debut their own all-American hero Captain America two years later.

DC’s revival of superheroes and the advent of Comics Silver Age in the late 1950s encouraged writer Stan Lee and veteran artist Jack Kirby to create the Fantastic Four in 1961. It ushered in a New era for new Marvel Comics imprint. Lee and Kirby are encouraged to create a new supergroup for a new publisher following the successful launch of DC Alliance justice in 1960. Adding a dysfunctional family dynamic to the superhero adventure and creating extraordinary characters that young readers could easily recognize would lead to the Marvel universe we all know today. now.

But all that lies under the shadow of a red cloak. Without Superman, superhero comics wouldn’t be the same. Is Superman a Marvel or DC character?


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