Is Reaching Perfection Worth It?

Part of the charm of the beginning Stardew Valley is the level that the player must explore. It’s certain that players will complete the Community Hub, have a solid farm, and end up exploring the mines, though, so Reddit users have started creating their own completion trackers. The gameplay updates have been warmly welcomed by Stardew players crave more content and The exciting 1.5 update has brought players a lot of interesting content. One feature added in update 1.5 is the Completion Tracker, which works like a fan-made completion tracker. However, completing the official Perfection Tracker will fundamentally change the gameplay of Stardew Valley in a way that feels like the antithesis of its relaxing gameplay.


Reaching 100 percent Perfection in Stardew Valley It can take a decent amount of time, though many of its goals could have been accomplished through natural play in the first few years. However, the other goals on the list, such as building Obelisks or the Golden Clock, require a lot of capital and require a dedicated farm for profit. The reward for completing this list is to unlock a new area, The Summit, which includes a roughly five-minute cutscene as well as special golden chickens and golden eggs. There is a clear need for some sense of “fulfillment” in Stardew Valley, proof is the Reddit fan-made completion tracker, but the game’s official completion tracker might not be the best version of this.

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Grind to perfection in Stardew Valley

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Stardew’s Valley Update 1.5 includes a new area, Ginger Island, on which players can find Qi’s mysterious Walnut Room. Perfection Watcher Statue is in this room, so the player must complete enough games to unlock Ginger Island, which means completing the Community Hub or the Joja Community Development Form. Perfection Tracker is slightly different in single player than multiplayer, but in both cases the player will need to catch all the fish in the game, craft every item, cook every dish, and complete the list the items are shipped. These goals, as well as maximum friendship with every villager target, make sense as they encourage players to explore the full range of content in the game. However, some of the more difficult goals, like finding all the Golden Walnuts and buying a Gold Watch, are more tedious and require sharpening.

As mentioned, there is a difference between Multiplayer and Single Player Perfection Tracker, with the multiplayer version only requiring one Gold Watch per farm. Likewise, only one player needs to catch all the fish and as such, this allows sharing the burden of grinding. In the single player, many quests were required that made it difficult for the player. Two of the Obelisks the player must build cost 500,000 gold, while the other two cost a million each. Finally, the Golden Clock is the most expensive item in the game, costing 10 million gold. If a player has only taken the Community Center route, there has never been such a focus on profit, so this can be a difficult task to accomplish.

While the game gives the player the option to support JojaMart, much of the dialogue and interactions in the game encourage them to support Pelican Town and its small businesses. Much of the appeal of Stardew as a relaxing farming sim lies in this rejection of modern capitalist sentiment. As a result, it feels odd completing a game that requires players to switch their farms to maximize profits. Accumulating the total amount needed for all items on Perfection Tracker can take time, and at the end of the game a brief, emotional “end” to the game can feel empty.

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In Defense of the Perfection Tracker

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To be fair, Perfection Tracker in Stardew Valley is optional, and although a special ending cutscene is required, players can still experience almost everything else the game has to offer without. Stardew Valley has all the RPG elements that make players 100% eager. There is a sense of accomplishment when it comes to achieving Perfection, but whether the effort required is worth the reward of being 100 percent complete. While the Perfection Tracker requires a different approach, it can be avoided if the player wants to – although this may leave some with lingering dissatisfaction.

It should be noted how much multiplayer has changed the Perfection Tracker. While the multiplayer feature requires players to craft an additional item, the Wedding Ring, splitting the rest of the quest between players should be a relief. Are from the rhetoric of the game advocates common life instead of individualism, Perfection becomes easier when collaboration makes sense. However, there are some limitations to the multiplayer mode and it won’t be feasible for every player. Players can even choose to change the margins in multiplayer, which makes expensive items on Perfection Tracker more attainable.

Perfection in Stardew Valley achievable alone, although it distorts some of the overall theme of the game. It could be the case that the Perfection Tracker was always meant to highlight the benefits of cooperative play, or perhaps it was included due to player demand. Regardless, there are many Different approaches to building a dream farm that players want Stardew Valley, and Perfection Tracker is just one of many unique missions in the game.

Stardew Valley Available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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