Is Peacemaker the saddest superhero show yet?

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“It’s not crying, it’s facial muscle training.” It seems that single phrase perfectly encapsulates the spirit of James Gunn People of Peace, a sad superhero story that certainly lies beneath a thin but entertaining layer of violence, humor, metal, and nudity.

In that sense, Peace of the single opening credits sequence is a testament to the kind of show Gunn has put together, a show that while looking completely absurd, manages to convey a certain air of seriousness to it, thanks in large part to its troubling array of characters. So while DC’s always a darker superhero world than Marvel, People of Peace took that to the next level with a setting that might even be too real and familiar for some.


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It’s all in the family

Peacemaker's Childhood Flashback

While the MCU has no shortage of complicated family relationships, with the Asgardian royal family of Thor and Thanos and Gamora at the helm, the reality is that People of Peace takes the superhero story to a lower level in Charlton County, Christopher Smith’s hometown, helping to shrink his entire story. With a few exceptions, the battlefields of most superheroes tend to be in big cities like New York, Gotham, and Metropolis, while this black action quest begins in the suburbs.

That very specific setting, mostly seen in WandaVision’s world of make-up, which means viewers get to see Peacemaker’s upbringing and perhaps the root cause of many problems: his house. Robert Patrick plays a great job August Smith, aka White Dragon, a character that somehow seems to be a cross between the very real form of white man power depicted in movies like American history and a cartoon character that blends in perfectly with the tone of the series as he can too easily pass like a Grand Theft Auto NPC.

Gunn wasn’t shy to point out that People of Peace is meant to function as a kind of parody of modern society, and even if the script is open to everyone with some kindness in them, the story seems to outline Bach Long as the real villain of the show. the series, at least metaphorically in the eyes of its “hero”. That story isn’t exclusive to Peacemaker, however, as Leota Adebayo is also bearing the brunt of her mother’s reputation as another irreplaceable character.

Peacemaker James Gunn HBO Max

Ironically, Adebayo is the one who considers Chris’ father the worst thing in his life, but she is ignorant of how her current problem is caused by her desire to satisfy her mother, who whose cruelty never went unnoticed by the rest of the ARGUS team. To a lesser extent, fellow D-list superheroes Vigilante also described as someone who has become what he has to make up for a broken home and grow stronger, and The same goes for Emilia Harcourt as suggested recently; very clear theme, People of Peace is a program with multiple dysfunctional families.

Peace of Past Just Gets Darker

Peaceful brothers fighting

The fourth volume of the series brought People of Peace its darkest twist to date, but it also happens to be an event that makes audiences feel more sympathetic to Chris. The White Dragon raised his kids to be killing machines, and Peacemaker’s brother is actually his favorite son, which he makes no secret of his only surviving child. but even further than that, death has redefined their relationship.

It is almost a series that will help Peacemaker navigate through the traumatic event of the loss of his brother, the flashbacks in the film are masterfully used. shows why he loves 80’s music a lot, it was ingrained in him, it reminded him of his brother. As someone who was forced to kill others as a child, Peacemaker barely hit a lifeline, but ARGUS records indicate his brother’s death was even more significant.

Although the circumstances are still unclear, whether he was forced to fight his brother or they were part of an altercation that injured another Smith and caused him to convulsions. there, the likely culprit is the White Dragon. Watch as killing Rick Flag in Suicide Squad only made his psyche worse, the crying man in his trailer broke and reached another character defining moment which was a hit without superhero No other protagonist has been hurt like Peacemaker.

peacemaker auggie smith

For viewers, the series is a one-way trip to see why the oldest member of Suicide Squad considered by Gunn to be the most exciting protagonist Task Force X could bring to the table; meanwhile, for the character himself, it’s like a long session of therapy to unravel why he ended up where he was and, ultimately, to go back to or out of prison to become a new man.

It’s a good thing People of Peace not a direct adaptation of any particular comic book, because that’s what gives Gunn the freedom to portray this new kind of hero, one unlike anything that DC or Marvel have had to offer. caused by so much pain that he carried inside

White Dragon’s lair contains technology beyond August Smith’s ability to suggest, so it wouldn’t be too far fetched to imagine him being connected to out-of-this-world beings like butterflies. Up until now, Peacemaker needed his father because he made things for him, but the series’ finale could require him to get over that, especially if his mission or just a road. Simply being a semi-normal hero requires him to slay his one true super soul, the fearsome white dragon.

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