Is Night Of The Living Dead 2 also a sequel of the day?

Night of the Living Dead 2, a sequel to George Romero’s classic, is in the works, but it could also be a sequel to Day of the Dead in disguise.

Night of the Living Dead 2, the sequel to George Romero’s Zombie Classics, is in the works but it could also be a Day of the Dead sequel in camouflage. It should be pointed out that this current project is not the only follow-up project Night of the Dead. There are later Romero sequels set in the same universe, Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Deadand Land of the Dead. There is also comedy Return of the Walking Dead franchise, created by a producer of Night, acts as if Night itself was based on real events.

Both of those properties are generally considered “official” sequels to Romero . Night of the Dead, but also some Night followers with absolutely no real connection to the original creators or at best a very flimsy person. It’s because of the infamous copyright error that allows Night of the Dead enter the public domain, an event Romero had always found with understandable bitterness, as it cost him the millions of dollars he deserved and allowed any low-rent operation to use Night of the Dead branding on their own film.

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While it’s certainly not guaranteed to be a bad movie, Night of the Living Dead 2 It looks like it will be one of those sums, as it doesn’t appear to have any official connection to Romero’s universe. However, it was recently revealed that three characters are alive in Romero’s Day of the Dead, played by their original actors, will appear in Night of the Living Dead 2. Does that make it a day next part? The answer is complicated.

Night of the Living Dead 2 - Return of the Dead Cast

While little has been revealed about the plot of Night of the Living Dead 2, it has been confirmed that it focuses on zombie apocalypse Survivors battle the undead on a small island they came to seek refuge in. Apparently, the image above shows that on that island there are characters made by Day of the Dead actors Jarlath Conroy, Lori Cardille and Terry Alexander, who respectively play radio operator Bill, scientist Sarah and helicopter pilot John. While theoretically all three could be playing their game Day of the Dead characters, when the trio escapes to an island at the end of that movie, it’s unlikely to become any kind of official rule.

When Night of the Dead is the public domain, Day of the Dead no, although it’s still not owned by Romero, thanks to some odd deals. In fact, one Day of the Dead TV show are in the works of the right holder. It is very unlikely that manufacturers Night of the Living Dead 2 have obtained the right to use dayof the characters, which would at best be subtly implied that Conroy, Cardille, and Alexander are playing the same person. In addition, in Romero .’s book Zombie, completed by Daniel Kraus and released later in 2020, Bill, Sarah, and John eventually died and roamed their island like zombies.

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