Is accurate? Nothing.

The website aims to rank the 20 most popular MMO games by active players and total daily population. The problem is their data is very inaccurate that their daily ranking is completely useless. Relative rank and active player metrics are not at all accurate.

They claim that New world there are 987.99k active players as of today (December 3, 2021), but a quick look at the Steam Leaderboard shows that New World peaked at 131,544 today.


Steam Chart for New World:


So they’re skewed by a factor of 7 here, and this isn’t even close to the most critical error. set Roblox in 229 thousand won today’s active player is hilariously incorrect. Roblox will take the #1 spot on this list by a mile. Roblox is a publicly traded company that reports daily active users quarterly with their Q3 2021 daily active users reaching 47.3 million won. This means the number of active player bases of the MMO-Civil more than 200 times off.


It’s not just ‘some’ of the charts on that are wrong, they are real wrong. The relative rankings are also completely unstable. Anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of the MMO industry knows that Guild Wars 2 NO more activity Elder Scrolls Online OR Black Desert Online. We may also view publicly available information about Road exileof popularity. claims the game has 1.19 million active players today. This number is also completely eliminated by Gear grinding game, the developer of Path of Exile, announced that the game hit an all-time high in terms of peak concurrent users with patch 3.13 when the game launched. 265,250 players.

In defense of, the site mentions ‘About‘page that their data “is not extremely accurate, or in many cases, accurate.” They base their rankings purely on reddit subscribers and active user data, which in itself is a meaningless metric, and the site at least acknowledges this:

This is a more interesting project than anything else. It should be clear to anyone why this is not the correct subscriber count for the MMO. –



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