Is Mac Jones the NFL’s next great young quarterback? This is why we need to be careful when anointing him

How does someone perceive the beginning of Mac JonesNFL Career reflects what he or she values ​​in a midfielder more than anything else.

Jones’ biggest attraction in perspective is his high floor. He often throws to the exact receiver in Alabama on his way to off-charts efficiency, arguably, an offensive environment more conducive to quarterback success than any other in the league. College football History.

And Jones provided Patriots with – you guessed it – the “high rise” play enters Week 11. While New England couldn’t provide him with the advantages the Crimson Tide might have, the Patriots smartly spooned him with responsibility in offense. .

Because what gave many people – myself included – pause with Jones on the outlook was his lower ceiling. He’s got an average and very good arm and is clearly athletic to his feet when things aren’t perfect.

With a short, open-plan and easy execution, Jones’ main task is to quickly get the ball out of his hand to the open receiver, and he does it robotically. He is accurate to 87.3% of nearly 50% of his passes – 49.3% to be exact – with targets behind the play line or up to 5 yards further.

It’s worth it and I understand if that’s what you value most in a midfielder, able to meticulously operate a well-controlled, low-risk offense, you can’t make a profit. . It got the Patriots through the attack on the top half of the Outsiders of Football Overcome Offense DVOA (15 currently) after placing 27th in that key stat a season ago.

But after New England destroyed Brown, extended the club’s winning streak to four games, a story was born that Jones would be the first quartet to be selected if the 2021 league were to be renewed today.

Heck, I’ve even seen hints that he had an impact on this Patriots, the rival of Andrew Luck’s early career in Indianapolis.

As someone who has watched all of Mac Jones’ misses this season as part of my weekly young quarterback series, those ideas make no sense.

I feel disconnected from Jones’ storyline because – while I certainly don’t object to the “high floor” prospect – the primary goal in quarterback in the first round should be a high ceiling. Why so? Because, finally in the NFL, the quarterback – if he’s legit Super Bowl caliber – must cover up the team’s flaws.

And what Jones has done essentially so far is simply not pollute a thriving environment around him.

At the end of June, I rank the quarterbacks of the first round according to the team situation, which is of course very important for the development of a young player. While having the worst position-skill group of the bunch, I think the Patriots are a club with the second best attack and play, and the third best defence.

As it turned out, Jones’ attack was playing better than any of the barricades protecting the first-year defenders, and the defense was clearly the best.

And when you watch Jones, the apparent lack of contrast is as obvious as his sharp ability to get the ball out with precision and haste.

If teams could pick up the 2021 draft again today, I wouldn’t hesitate to pick Lawrence at #1 overall. Oops, the main change I want to make is Justin Fields in second place. Trey Lance remains a complete mystery, and yes it is possible Zach Wilson slight damage to his reputation by his playing before he was injured.

But Jones is smart and precise, at best still being the third or fourth passer on my board.

Selling Jones as a model game manager who doesn’t like mistakes would be a mistake. His 2.2% interception rate is just the 18th lowest in the NFL, and his 5.6% interception rate is the 15th lowest.

But right now for the Patriots, none of that matters. They have quietly built a midfield-friendly atmosphere for their youthful passer, and the defense is running high.

Did Jones play well for a rookie? Sure. In scoring him, however, almost every week was challenged to find the pitches worth highlighting, good or bad. He’s probably the next super-successful defender to win from the pocket despite his limited mobility and weak arms. But do you see much of that in the NFL today? I do not.

Based on what he’s done personally so far, I’m just not ready to appoint Jones as the next young star quarterback in the NFL. | Is Mac Jones the NFL’s next great young quarterback? This is why we need to be careful when anointing him


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