Is Jonathan Groff the new Agent Smith in Matrix 4 Resurrection?

A brand new trailer for Matrix Resurrections has been posted. And fans are wondering if Jonathan Groff is the new Agent Smith in Matrix 4.

In the second trailer, we see Neo (Keanu Reeves) trying to decipher this strange world again and he has memories from his past. And those memories stick with both Agents Smith and Morpheus.

Although both Hugo Weaving and Laurence Fishburne not present in the first time Matrix 4 trailer, we already know that Yahya Abdul-Mateen II is the younger Morpheus. However, we haven’t seen much of the Groff character until now.

Second trailer for Matrix Recovery jumps back and forth between the two realities for Neo and also gives us clues about Jonathan Groff’s character.

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Revival Matrix | Official trailer



Revival Matrix | Official trailer





New Agent Smith in Matrix Recovery

While the new trailer doesn’t say it outright, there are some clues that Jonathan Groff will be the new Agent Smith in the series. Matrix 4.

There are some deja vu moments in the trailer that serve as references from Matrix trilogy of works. All the characters in this movie – right from Trinity to Morpheus – can hear quotes from the past. It certainly has something to do with the “strange repetitions” that Morpheus says we all get stuck in. Here are some examples of it:

  • The similar quote “Millions live only through life…forgotten” by Hugo Weaving’s Agent Smith in the original Matrix the movie is repeated again in the trailer
  • Resurrections, only this time it’s not Weaving providing the monologue, but the sinister villain played by Jonathan Groff (Mindhunter).
  • Jonathan Groff can be heard referring to Neo as “Mr. Anderson” in exactly the same way as the old Smith.
  • We see Groff pull out his pistol to shoot Neo – a scene reminiscent of the Agent
  • The scene where Groff takes a dip with the Morpheus scene in the first movie
  • There’s another scene where Groff removes his mouth from his own face that reminds us of the scene where Smith did the same thing to Mr. Matrix
  • The tall building where Neo and Groff fight in the trailer is also reminiscent of the 1999 movie

Why does Agent Smith have a different face Matrix 4?

I’m sure this one question may have crossed your mind simply because Agent Smith is not a human being but a sentient computer program that can reproduce itself. So why does he get a new face belonging to Jonathan Groff and why not cast Hugo Weaving as the original Agent Smith?

Here is a theory:

We know that a program’s shell (i.e. appearance) can be compromised or changed from Matrix Revolution. So it’s very possible that after Neo finished Smith, the Machine only deleted his shell, not his entire code. This may allow him to rebuild again with time but with a different face.

But that being said, not everything in the Matrix is ​​what it seems. So Jonathan Groff’s character may simply be a ruse but it’s very clear that Groff is playing someone familiar with the history between Agent Smith and Neo.

NS Matrix Recovery will hit theaters on December 22nd so it’s only a matter of time before all is revealed!

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