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The Burial Blade is one of the hardest weapons to get in Bloodborne, as it’s a New Game+ exclusive to most players.

Skill builds should still seek out the Burial Blade thanks to its incredible moveset and power.

What is the grave blade?

Article description of The Burial Blade / Bloodborne
The item description of the digging blade

The Burial Blade is a skill-based weapon that takes the form of a large curved sword in its default form.

While it’s a bit slower than most skill weapons, it makes up for it with long range and a strong base attack.

The curved sword form of the Burial Blade / Bloodborne
The curved sword shape of the Burial Blade

She really shines in the Burial Blade’s alternate form. In its transformed state, the blade takes the form of Gehrman’s iconic great scythe.

In this form, the Burial Blade’s damage is massively boosted and its range is the highest of any skill weapon in the game.

Attack with the Burial Blade / Bloodborne's large scythe form
Attack with the Burial Blade’s great scythe form

It’s this form that draws many players to the Burial Blade for its range, damage, and speed.

When paired with a faster skill weapon like the Blade of Mercy or Chikage, the Burial Blade forms half of the strongest skill build in the game, giving you power, speed, and versatility.

How to get the Grave Blade

Gehrman, original wielder of the Burial Blade / Bloodborne
Gehrman, original bearer of the Burial Blade

Note: This section of the article contains spoilers for one of the Bloodborne endings.

Obtaining the Burial Blade is a fairly simple process once you’re far enough through the game to start it.

How to get it:

  1. Progress through the game until the hunter’s dream catches fire
  2. Talk to Gehrman in the field and choose to “deny” his boss fight.
  3. Defeat Gehrman to get the Ancient Hunter Badge
  4. The game will now end and start again in New Game+
  5. Return to the Hunter’s Dream to purchase the Graveblade from the Messenger Shop

This list of steps assumes that you did not unlock the true ending by consuming the three pieces of the Great One Umbilical Cord.

If so, you can get the Burial Blade without having to go to New Game+ by dying to the lunar presence and going to the Hunter’s Dream Messenger shop.

Is the grave blade worth it?

The blood-covered hunter after clearing out with the Burial Blade Yharnam/Bloodborne
The Hunter, covered in blood after clearing out Yharnam with the Burial Blade

If you’re using a skill build and plan on beating New Game+ or the Old Hunters DLC, the Burial Blade is absolutely worth getting.

The Burial Blade has no real downsides, nor does it have any skill weapons that outperform it.

It’s without a doubt one of the best skill scaling weapons in the game and well worth the wait if you’re willing to upgrade a second weapon to +10. Is it worth using the Burial Blade? (Bloodborne) – FandomSpot


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