Is it Possible for a Traditional Indian Game to Challenge Poker?

When you think of big card games that are played around the world, poker is one of the first that will come to mind. With many players enjoying poker, whether this is for fun, for cash or professionally, it is seen as one of the biggest, if not the biggest, card games.

The online world has helped increase the popularity of poker, allowing players to play more often, in a different way, and against a variety of random opponents. When it comes to the professional game, we have events on the World Series of Poker tour, both on and offline that allow the best players to really showcase themselves and try to win huge sums of money across various tournaments.

Whether it’s the social and fun side of poker, or the professional side, is there a traditional Indian game that can emerge to challenge this, and grow to be as strong?

The Rise of Teen Patti

The game we are talking about here is Teen Patti, a traditional Indian game that has been played for hundreds of years across India and a few other parts of Asia. The game still has a lot of growing to do, but one thing that will help that is the fact that online casinos have started to offer Teen Patti as part of their service, with a range of options for players on

Thanks to online gaming, those who already play Teen Patti in India can pay more often. They no longer have to wait for a family occasion, or a get together in order to play, they can play at any time on the internet against others.

On top of this, there is also the fact that Teen Patti is now open to far more players than ever before. These are split into two categories. The first is those who have looking at playing before, but have no one to play with, or have never been able to arrange a game. Secondly, with many casinos offering their games to various countries around the world, and not just India, the game will be on offer in parts of the world where it has never been before.

With technological advancements helping out, the game is going to be put in front of more people. There is a long way to go before this is enough for Teen Patti to even consider challenging poker, so that is years down the line. However, what the game has is something that will make it appeal to people.

This is the fact that it is similar to poker but is seen as a simplified version of the game, ideal for those who want to try out poker, but don’t want the complexity of the game. Given this, it may turn out that Teen Patti is the entry point that many people use when they are thinking about becoming a poker player. It will take time, but if this is the case, challenging poker may eventually happen one day. 

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