“Is It Cake?” Netflix’s Is a Masterpiece of Stupidity

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This week:

  • WeCrash, 497th tech scam this month.
  • An absolutely perfect show that we discovered. No notes.
  • An absolutely perfect show has been cancelled. Many notes.
  • Lady Gaga won an award, and it was perfect.
  • Gabrielle Union spoke out against Disney, and it was perfect.

I present to you Is the cake?The next TV masterpiece

This week, like every other week, has been overwhelming. We are human. We feel deeply. We need to relax. And, as we all know, watching TV is self-care.

You can meditate, eat healthy snacks, and argue that exercise keeps your mind sharp. None of them can get up and eat a bag of chips in the corner of your chair while watching TV for several hours. You can trust me on this. Very few experts have experience in this field.

As a leading expert in the field, I can tell you that there are different levels to problem solving. Sometimes, catching up on that Oscar-nominated drama you missed is a hit. Perform. Cultivated. Yay! Sometimes you need something more formulaic, like a good episode about Law & Order: SVU. There are times when you need a good distraction, such as Real housewives or one Bachelor. And other times, you need to watch something so mind-blowing that it hypnotizes you completely. So allow me to recommend the new Netflix series, It’s cake?

Several times in an episode, the series brings up the question, “Is it cake?”

Two bowling balls look exactly the same, but one is, inexplicably, a baked dessert. It’s time to cut it in two and ask, “Is it cake?”

Board members are brought out for evaluation. There are several cheese sandwiches on the pedestal. One is not beef. That’s cake. How do we find out what it is? We cut them all up and asked each time, “Is it a cake?”

Usually, these judges are distrustful. “Wait, one of these is cake?!!!?” Yes. That is the literal meaning of this program. We asked, “Is it cake,” until we cut into one.

There is something so refreshing, perhaps even inspiring, about something as pure and basic as this. Nothing is complicated. There is no commentary or loftier ambitions here.

Recently, there was simply a viral meme in which talented bakers created everyday objects that looked like the real thing, only to blow everyone’s mind when it was revealed that it was. really cake. It relies on the element of surprise, as well as, perhaps, people’s lingering trust issues. “It’s a shoe. What is that person doing to cut that shoe with a knife? What! It’s not a shoe!? It’s cake!? OH.”

Someone thought, let’s make a show about this. And that’s what we have. We have This is cake? I will watch every episode.

I can’t believe my best friends are gone

I was in mourning all week. Only now do I feel strong enough to break my silence and speak out about this extreme pain, pain and injustice.

If you haven’t heard, we lost one of the best of us this week. Pour in some lemonade because Netflix canceled Babysitter Club after two seasons. I was abandoned.

This is a perfect program. This is me right now to everyone who was involved in its creation:


Inspired by Ann M. Martin’s famous book series, it brilliantly fills a long-overlooked niche: “twenties stories that don’t single out either or rejuvenate them,” as Kathryn Vanarendonk of Vulture wrote.

Vanarendonk interview Babysitter Club showrunner Rachel Shukert on the cancellation, what Netflix said “this is a series we don’t want to make more of” mean, and why people reacted to the series in the first place. “Looks like girls are expected to go straight from Doc McStuffins arrive Happiness,” she speaks.

New episodes of the short series — the fact that we’ve never had a Mallory episode is a crime — this interview is the best way for fans to process the news. Read it here.

Let’s All Cry With Lady Gaga

We’ve been writing about the 2022 awards season for three years, which doesn’t make sense according to the laws of space and time but feels accurate. Maybe it has something to do with this day-time-saver movie that people keep arguing about, which I refuse to understand or have an opinion on.

In any case, it’s almost done! One of the final precursor ceremonies ahead of Sunday’s Oscars ceremony this week, the New York Film Critics Circle Awards, the only group able to afford to hand Lady Gaga the trophy for Best Actress. . (Her Oscar rejection isn’t over yet.)


Lady Gaga attends the 2022 New York Film Critics Circle Awards at TAO Downtown in New York City.

Image of Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty

Turns out, from an entertainment perspective, giving Lady Gaga an award was a great move. Her speech was sensational. It’s everything you want it to be. She mentioned that she was Italian about 93 times, as if daring, as well as, at one point, to bring up meatballs.

But it’s also quite emotional, with a lovely tribute to the strong women in her life, and also this line that I love: “These women taught me how to have big emotions in a man’s world, and that having big feelings is beautiful.” Representing the Big Emotions Community! Watch the speech here. It’s so cute.

Gabrielle Union Gets It

Actress and producer Gabrielle Union, who starred in Disney+’s Cheaper than a dozen and step-mom to a transgender child, she seemed in an impossible position when she was asked about the controversy over Disney’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill at the film’s red carpet. . But her response, in my opinion, was perfect.

“Someone asked me, ‘Are you disappointed?’ I get frustrated when my order isn’t right at In-N-Out,” she said. “I don’t even think that’s the word you can use for something like this, where children’s lives are really hanging in the balance. We need to understand that if you really take a side against hate and oppression, you shouldn’t be sponsoring hate and oppression. Stage = Stage. The destruction has ended.”

What to watch this week:

Life & Beth: Amy Schumer’s semi-autobiographical show will help you see her in a new light. (Friday on Hulu)

American Song Contest: Kelly Clarkson hosts a TV series My Bat-Signal. (Monday on NBC)

Atlanta: It feels like we’ve lived seven lives since this show last aired. It is finally back. (Thursday on FX)

What to skip this week:

Deep water: I could swear that erotic thrillers have to be erotic and/or thrilling. (Friday on Hulu)

WeCrash: I think we could all use a little Jared Leto respite. (Friday on Apple TV+)

Haunted everyday beasts

Everything we can’t stop loving, hating, and thinking about this week in pop culture. “Is It Cake?” Netflix’s Is a Masterpiece of Stupidity

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