Is Goku really a bad father?

Akira Toriyama’s long-term Dragon ball The series has been a favorite among anime fans around the world since it first started airing in the 1980s. In addition to being one of the biggest anime of all time, it also boasts a of the most popular anime characters as the lead. Dragon ballGoku’s main character certified as iconic and beloved among anime fans. Throughout the entire series, viewers first meet him as a child. Audiences have followed his journey from this stage, to adulthood. He became a father and then a grandfather. Personality is easily attached and becomes attached. However, he also received his fair share of criticism.


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Over the course of the show, Goku hasn’t matured that much and this could be a point of contention for some viewers. He becomes physically stronger and learns to fight in a smarter way, but his life skills and maturity level never seem to grow. This makes him a bit goofy and sometimes unintelligent. Because the character ends up having a family, his nature and actions often make fans question whether he’s a good father.

Goku has two sons with his wife Chi-Chi throughout the series. First, he has Gohan, and then in the series he has Goten. His relationship with them is certainly unique, and certainly different from what most people would feel as a typical active father-son. Some of the ways he interacts with them make it seem like a questionable father figure, but it’s also very clear that he loves his family and has good intentions.

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One of the biggest reasons why so many people think Goku is a bad father is that he’s not around as much as people expect. This is certainly a valid criticism. Obviously Martial arts is Goku’s main love, and he prioritizes exercising from time to time with his family.

Goku’s wife Chi-Chi tries to keep him at home more and gets angry at him always going out to fight enemies, and it’s sad to see that. For most of Gohan’s childhood, Goku was dead so he missed all of it. Of course, it’s not necessarily his fault, but he doesn’t make bonding with his son a priority then doesn’t paint him in the best light. And with Goten, it’s rare to witness any father-son bond.

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However, Goku’s role is also very important. The bad guys he fights often threaten to destroy the world or kill many people. In a way, Goku doesn’t even have the power to choose whether or not he spends his time fighting them because it’s a literal life-and-death situation.

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In general, Goku doesn’t seem to see his children much, it is clear that most of his time is spent training or doing something else related to martial arts. There are some sweet moments in these training and combat sessions, but it just feels a bit shallow and weird. When his eldest son Gohan decided to give up his martial arts life and become a husband and a scholar, he was ridiculed a lot. Even by his father.

When his children succeed in martial arts or defeat enemies to save a day, Goku is extremely proud. It is in those moments that the audience can see how much he truly loves them and how much he intends to be a good father. His views on being a good father seem vastly different from what most people are used to seeing as being a good father. Whether that justifies his actions is still up for debate as even the best intentions can yield bad results.


As mentioned before, Goku didn’t really grow up – at least not mentally. Because he’s still so young and immature, he’s a bit short-sighted. And because of this, many viewers consider him too stupid to be a good father. At a point in Super Dragon Ball, Goku even hinted that he doesn’t know what a kiss is. This is extremely suspicious and unsettling when he has children.

The argument “Goku is too stupid” isn’t exactly wrong, but it makes a bit of sense. His level of intelligence doesn’t really have to do with how good a father he is, or how much he loves his sons. For most of these points, whether or not Goku is a worthy father will be explained. On the one hand, he seems extremely absent and doesn’t spend the typical bonding time with his children, and he’s very childish himself. On the other hand, he is also a very dedicated person and puts everything on the line to keep his family safe.

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