Is Deku the right person to get one for all?

Izuku Midoriya is one of the great underdog characters of anime. When he was first introduced, My Hero Academia The main character stands as an outcast in a society of naturally gifted talents. Part of what makes Deku so easy to take root is the journey he’s taken, from an ordinary person to a promising young hero.

Deku’s fortunes change when All Might choose him to be his successor, a move that is as unexpected for Deku as it is for those who know the secret of One For All. Since acquiring the rare ability, Deku has gone above and beyond to live up to the expectations set for him, often at the expense of his own health. While his virtuous nature and strong work ethic make Deku an ideal hero, whether he’s the right person to receive One For All has been a question throughout the series. story.


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Your own worst enemy


Deku put a number High expectations for yourself and took a long time to see them. Seeing as growing up was not uncommon, Deku developed a complex mentality about not having the means to achieve his childhood dreams. After inheriting One For All, Deku was touched by the unstable power that lurked within at times when he should have been wary of his newfound powers. Deku gradually learns to control his power but is constantly oblivious to the physical damage it takes on its body due to its high determination.

While admirable, this recklessness coupled with his slowness in controlling his abilities has led some characters with knowledge of his situation to question All Might’s decisions, as doubts or worries. Nighteye was right to believe that Mirio was the more qualified candidate, as Deku’s inexperience cost not only him, but the world around him, the threat lurking around All For One and League of Legends. Villains.

Even All Might questioned his choice to make Deku his successor at points in the story. This is not due to Deku’s lack of ability, but rather his tendency to disregard his health and safety in order to live up to his ideals. Although Deku has matured and shown an improvement over his ability to master the joke, his tendency to shoulder the burden and strive to live up to the God-like image he has created for All Might is what makes him sometimes his own worst enemy.

Ideal Hero


What he lacks in raw ability and talent, Deku compensates for in hard work, intuition and passion for doing the right thing and helping others. Deku’s willingness to put himself in jeopardy to improve his limp and for the sake of others is one of his greatest flaws but also a sign of his determination and strong ideals. his strong.

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Despite its erroneous ways of acting, The Hero Killer: Stain tries to see the flaws that modern heroic society has developed over the years. Although he is an extremist, Stain recognizes Deku as someone who lives up to All Might’s example showing how he embodies his powerful predecessor. In a world where heroes have become commodities, Deku embodies a pure, benevolent ideal.

His progress throughout the series is also impressive. Deku had to work harder in a shorter amount of time most of his classmates 1-A to catch up with them while adjusting to an extremely confusing request. Time and time again, Deku rose above chance in the face of uncertainty, and gradually proved himself to be a worthy and capable successor to All Might. Although it’s been a tough journey, things are looking good for the young hero along the way.

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