Is Chrono Cross Remaster real, rumors explained

Chrono Cross just celebrated its 22nd anniversary on November 18th, the legendary JRPG and its sequel Chrono Activator was released in 1999 on PS1. Now, it looks like Square Enix is ​​working on a remake for modern platforms: Switch, PS4, Xbox, PC.

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Shin Megami Tensei V – Story Trailer





To be Chrono Cross Remaster real

As discovered by WCCF Tech, on the latest episode of Xbox Era PodcastShpeshal Nick, who has previously leaked exact projects, said Chrono Cross Remasterr is coming to modern platforms.

More, Chrono Cross also included in the “Nvidia leak” occurring in September 2021. A list of games that could be planned for the NVidia GeForce NOW service has surfaced, and it includes several Square Enix titles: Chrono Cross Remaster, Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre remodeling house. FF VII Remake, FF IX Remake, and FF XVI.

Final Fantasy IX remake definitely feels like this is a simple list of placeholders, but it’s the only weird game on it. Everything else seems reliable. Some games on the list like Actraiser Remake has also been released. Square Enix regularly publishes remasters. To the extent that the current producer of Story about series say Square Enix is ​​the inspiration and Story about also need more people to redo.

However, it’s important to note that Square Enix’s remakes and ports are often far from perfect. The latest example is Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster and its horrible font. That was fortunately remedied by Ingenious fan Scott White. Hopefully this is possible Chrono Cross Remaster won’t suffer major problems.

I will fight anyone who claims Chrono Cross not as good Chrono Activator

Chrono Cross there’s a dream team behind it, as much as the original Chrono Activator on Super Nintendo. Assuming the remaster is real, it will be interesting to see if any of the original staff will work on it. Perhaps add additional content.

Chrono Cross written by Masato Kato, writer of Chrono Trigger, Extreme Dreamers, and a little Xenogears (shared a lot Chrono Activatorstaff of). Music, a BIG part of Chrono Cross, is performed by Yasunori Mitsuda, who is currently one of the main composers afterward Xenoblade series.

‘s original character design Chrono Cross by Nobuteru Yuki, the character designer of Escaflowne. It’s an amazing anime part of what you can call “Authentic Isekai Genre”. It would definitely be cool if Nobuteru Yuki did a new illustration for the remake. Art director Yasuyuki Honne then also worked Baten Kaitos, like many developers from Chrono Cross. He is currently a member of Monolith Soft, working on Xenoblade series.

Masato Kato is currently working on Another Eden

Both Yasunori Mitsuda and Masato Kato are currently working on a mobile JRPG Another Eden: The cat transcends time and space. Masato Kato is the game’s director and writer.

Wright Flyer Studios, one of the best mobile JRPG developers out there, is developing Another Eden. WFS refreshed Memories of Slime Isekai gacha, is working on Key and Jun Maeda’s promising new mobile JRPG: Heaven Burns Red. The game has had more than three live streams to date, showcasing the gameplay, story, and fun characters. I will write about it all day if time permits.

When can Square Enix reveal and release Chrono Cross Remaster, guess

If Square Enix plans to reveal Chrono Cross Remaster in 2021, the best moment will be The Game Awards 2021 on December 9. I bet it’ll be released in time for Christmas or early 2022.

Chrono Activator received a Nintendo DS port, which was first released on November 20, 2008. More recently, Square Enix ported Chrono Activator to PC via Steam. And while that port was pretty funny at first, patches fixed it over time. So it wouldn’t be surprising to see Chrono Cross at least back to Steam. PSN for PS3 and PSP also available Chrono Cross up there.

Both Chrono Activator and Chrono Cross is an inseparable story and a series. Fans still haven’t forgotten about Chrono Cross over the years. They made a special album for 20th anniversary in 2019.

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