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Intermix is the latest retailer to partner with NuOrder by Lightspeed to accelerate its digital business transformation, while strengthening and accelerating the retailer’s hyper-localization strategy, both online and in-store .

Technology will allow Intermix, has 31 stores and one e-commerce channel, to analyze their categories across categories and regions, set up products on their e-commerce site faster and fulfill sales orders Trade faster than ever. Intermix will also use NuOrder by Lightspeed’s tagging capabilities to expand exclusive features and promote personalization.

Intermix plans a rapid rollout with a full launch across all categories for the 2023 travel shopping season.

Furthermore, Intermix will use the NuOrder by Lightspeed platform to make data-driven decisions to fulfill their orders. Using pre-populated data and images, Intermix can view their assortment across different properties to create a unique experience for their customers no matter where they shop.

“Intermix is ​​known for curating the best fashion edits each season, by uncovering the most sought-after styles from designers,” said Divya Mathur, Sales Manager at Intermix. emerging and well-known designers, and working with brands to develop products exclusively for Intermix,” said Divya Mathur, Sales Manager, Intermix. “Our partnership with Lightspeed will allow us to hyper-localize merchandise across all 31 stores nationwide and expand our e-commerce offering, while maintaining our product perspective. our unique products. We’re happy to combine NuOrder by Lightspeed’s data capabilities with our expertise in detecting trends and correcting categories to accelerate our growth. As we continue to scale, we are looking at investments that will allow us to deliver a highly personalized store shopping experience across both channels. ”

“We are excited to partner with Intermix,” said Olivia Skuza, general manager, NuOrder by Lightspeed, and co-founder of NuOrder. a boutique retailer known for delivering a highly personalized and supervised shopping experience to its customers, both in-store and online. Lightspeed will provide Intermix with the digital tools needed to make data-driven decisions and create even more exceptional hyper-localized customer experiences. ”

Mathur believes NuOrder will make it more efficient online and in-store.

In the past, Intermix used home-grown Excel buying tools. “Our organization over the past two years has gone from being a largely store-based purchasing group to the powerful channels of business it is today. Both of our channels are big players. We’ve really been thinking about ways to accelerate our growth online, and part of that is investing in technology that allows us to be more efficient and better managed both at home and abroad. two-channel and driving more data-driven purchasing decisions along with what we think we’re really good at, which is managing and identifying trends and knowing what our customers want ,” Mathur said.

She says that nearly 94% of Intermix’s brands are on NuOrder and that others will be able to incorporate their data into the platform. Although NuOrder is a purchasing tool, she believes it will bring them a lot of efficiency throughout their organization. The way they collect and feed data into NuOrder will allow for much cleaner and standardized data across product IDs, attributes and tags, allowing them to personalize and customize recommendations on the site, she explain.

In the past, they did it manually and there were errors, subjectivity. “We will now ensure that all of our product tags are clean and standardized, and we can even layer them on top of all product tags.” When they start to invest in personalization on the site, she said, it will feed this data with rich product identification.

According to Mathur, she also sees an edge when it comes to actual editing and curation. “NuOrder will give me and our team door-to-door visibility into each of our 31 stores and what we were putting in them at the time of making these decisions. Because we’re a collection of stores with a super localized variety – we have stores in Aspen, Palm Beach, Southampton, Beverly Hills, Marin… we have properties around the country being in really niche locations means that what our customers want in each of these locations is actually quite different,” she said. “This is not a vanilla approach to buy. This will allow us to be more efficient with localizing these types and be able to make real-time decisions, because we can see everything at the store level in real time. real time. ”

Intermix on Madison Avenue

Intermix on Madison Avenue
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Another advantage Mathur sees is that NuOrder will help them with Intermix’s content – editorial and marketing. It will offer their partners in terms of marketing the ability to buy their goods, what they come in and when – by color, by month, by trend and by category. “We can really push for personalization and editorial-specific stories,” she said.

She says that as they scale their business, the tool will provide them with real-time data as they make purchases. “As you know, the buying process is too fast. We see 300 brands in two weeks and buyers have so much to go through and it’s hard when they have to look at six different places to make a decision on something,” Mathur said. “This will now allow buyers to write purchases and see what works in store and on the website, and ultimately deliver an edit that is more relevant to what the customer wants,” she said. .

She said NuOrder will launch this week, and under an accelerated plan, they will launch the entire business on NuOrder in May. Purchases will begin arriving in October 2022.

“I think the investment in NuOrder for us is part of a larger view of the technological innovations that Intermix is ​​making. We’re looking at a variety of investments that can provide us with a highly personalized experience across both of our channels. This is definitely the first of many to come,” she said.

Intermix, founded in 1993 and sold to Gap in 2013, was acquired in May 2021 by Altamont Capital.

speed of light, which is dual listed on the New York Stock Exchange and the Toronto Stock Exchange, acquired NuOrder last year for about $425 million in cash and stock. Lightspeed connects approximately 3,000 brands and over 100,000 retailers. It provides virtual showroom technology, visual sales and sorting tools, payments, and data integration.


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