Interior Design Mistakes- and how to avoid making them 

There are a lot of factors that play into getting the perfect home interior design. However, it is easy to mess up some of these elements, especially if this is your first-time designing. And while a lot of websites will tell you what to DO, it is important you also know the mistakes you can make and how to avoid them. Some of these mistakes can cost you your entire project- from wrong scaling to impulse buying- they can easily sabotage how you want your space to look. Here are some interior design mistakes you should avoid!

Not Budgeting

One area of interior design that can entirely ruin your project is not having a proper budget. And that is not enough either- you should have a fixed budget for each room, or you will be tempted to give in to impulse-buying. This does not mean you should not buy pieces you really love- it just means that you should sleep on them and try to figure out how they fit in your budget and if you can afford them. Impulse buying might get you a beautiful furniture or décor piece- but it might ruin your budget and you won’t be able to complete the project properly. Budgeting allows you to think over your buying and consider if it would fit in with the design and style you are going for and if it does, how will it affect the rest of the project.

Not measuring twice

Imagine this- you found the perfect sofa set, and in the happiness and giddiness of finding it, you only measured your space once- and ordered it! However, on the day it arrives, you find out that it is not only too small, but it also does not suit the proportions of the room in comparison to the rest of the décor! Eyeballing your measurements is even worse and can lead to you having to send back a lot of furniture (which is not easy at all, btw!) It is always better to measure twice, and for a good measure, measure thrice! This saves you from wasting time and money (yes, you have to sometimes pay to send back furniture).

Measure the entire room first, then start by designing your layout. Once you have the layout, you should start measuring the requirements for the layout to turn out the way you have designed it. Try to stick as close to this measurement as possible.

Wrong light placements and sources

Leaving lightning as an afterthought is a quite common interior design mistake that can make your entire place look bad- no matter how good the furnishings and wall colours are! Lightning, especially when there is a lack of natural light, changes the way colours look in a space. If it is not bright enough, your space would look dark and dingy, despite the décor. It is vital that you plan the lightning first. This also ensures that the colours you choose look good in your home- including your walls and décor!

Lightning is also affected by the vibe of the space- do you want the room to feel warm and cosy, or do you want it to be a place where people can hold conversations- brighter and livelier! Try to understand how you will be using the rooms and what their purpose would be. You can also install lighting that allows you to dim the light or make it brighter according to your needs!

Choosing paint before fabrics and furniture

The most common interior design mistake- especially by those who are just starting out is choosing the paint before you choose the décor and fabrics. It is always easier to match your walls to your décor and furnishings than the other way around. You would not like to find your dream rug only to find out it does not match the walls! With over a thousand different colours of paints available, you can leave the walls as an afterthought- it is more important to pick your furniture and fabrics first!

Start with your fixed furnishings- the bugger furniture pieces like beds and couches. These are the pieces that will have the biggest impact on your space and therefore, you need to pay attention to them more. From here, you can start working on your furnishings and décor items, before finally tackling the walls. It is also important that you decide where you want to get your TV wall mounted before you decide on the layout. TVs can be wall mounted only on certain kinds of walls and you might need professionals to give their opinions on this. You can contact professionals to understand better which of your home walls are better for wall mounting. Just click here! Once you know where your TV goes, you can plan the rest of the furniture and wall colour accordingly

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