Install the best Rainbow Six Siege for high performance on PC

Most first-person shooter games, including Rainbow Six Siege, which automatically adjusts your settings when you launch the game for the first time. While the algorithms behind this process do their best to give you good results, the presets are unlikely to provide optimal performance.

Depends on you rig’s game rig performance and yours screen of refresh rate you will need to make some adjustments through Siege’s installed in the game. Some changes will help you achieve higher frame rates, and others will optimize the way you play the game. But it can be confusing inside the menus due to the large amount of customization options.

The following settings are optimized for the smoothest gaming experience without sacrificing much in terms of graphics. They will allow you to get the most out of your gaming peripherals, provided you have powerful enough hardware.

Don’t hesitate to make any changes you deem appropriate as some of the settings may also come down to personal preference. If a setting is not mentioned in this article, it is best not to mess with it, otherwise it may not affect your game performance.

This is the best setting for Rainbow Six Siege on PC.

General settings

  • Ping: Above
    • While pinging directions from your teammates can be annoying at times, this is the best way to communicate with your team members who don’t have a microphone. Keeping this feature on will keep you up to date with the latest map information, and you can always turn it off if someone starts abusing it.
  • Show game information: Above
    • If the infobox doesn’t bother you, keeping this setting will allow you to monitor your frame rate and network ping during gameplay. This will help you identify all the issues affecting your game performance.

Sound settings

  • Voice chat recording mode: Press the chat bell
    • Surround mea game of information. Mechanical talent won’t be able to cut it off to get to the top because you can’t tell what’s going on around the game’s massive maps. Voice chat is the best way to make calls in the game Surroundand a communicative group will always be one step ahead of a non-communicating group. Using push-to-talk will help your teammates hear the sound top mechanical keyboardThis can distract others.
  • Voice chat level: Not zero
    • If you want to take a moment before starting a sentence, keeping your voice chat level above zero can give you the time you need after hitting the push-to-talk button. This setting allows Surround to pick up your voice only when it exceeds a certain level.

Display settings

  • Screen: Choose your main screen
    • If you’re running a multi-monitor setup, make sure to choose your dedicated gaming monitor.
  • Resolution: Native or 1920 x 1080
  • Display mode: Full screen
    • Although running Surround in Windowed or Borderless Window mode will let you switch tabs faster, playing in Display Mode introduces input lag. Playing in Fullscreen mode will only allow your system to display Surroundthus improving your game’s overall performance.
  • Refresh rate: Match your monitor’s refresh rate
  • Aspect Ratio: 16: 9
  • VSync: Turn off
    • VSync can be useful if you’re struggling to maintain a consistent frame rate, but the feature also results in a certain amount of input lag. In games like Surroundwhere milliseconds can matter, disabling any option that causes such downsides will give you the best advantage.
  • Widescreen mailbox: Turn off
    • This is a purely aesthetic setting that adds black bars at the top and bottom of the screen to let you have a more cinematic experience while playing. Surround. While it’s a good idea, it reduces your field of view, making it impossible for competitive players to ignore.
  • View: 90
    • Default Field of View (FoV) setting of Surround is 60, but Ubisoft allows players to push the setting to 90. Doing so will increase your vertical FoV, and most pro players prefer to keep this setting at least above 80. Remember you will also show renders more frames as you increase your FoV, so you’ll need to figure out your hot spot if you have any performance concerns.

Graphics settings

Image via Ubisoft
  • Texture quality: Medium
    • Setting the texture quality to low will give you the highest frames per second (FPS), but the difference between low and medium texture quality is very noticeable at Surround. Choose medium if your PC can still run the game at a smooth frame rate as it will also make it easier to spot enemies.
  • Texture Filtering: Anisotropy 4x
    • This setting has the lowest impact on your overall game performance. Texture filtering corrects blurring that can occur when you look at specific objects in Surround from different angles. You can also experiment with higher volumes to find the best configuration for your setup, but 4x offers the best of both worlds.
  • LOD quality: Tall or very tall
    • LOD quality adjusts the distance at which lower levels of detail start to show up. The operator’s head is one of these details, and keeping this setting Low can cause them to be displayed in a triangular pattern making aiming even harder. Go with one of the higher settings to give yourself the best competitive edge.
  • Ball quality: Medium
    • Surround The rounds go slowly and you’ll need every piece of information you can get your hands on. Enemy shadows are essential to spotting enemies before they start peeking at you, and setting the shadow quality to low will disable the controller’s shadow. Set this setting to at least medium to take advantage of dynamic shadows.
  • Ball quality: Short
    • Shadow quality adjusts the visual fidelity of the rendering by adjusting settings such as subsurface scattering and lightning quality. Neither of these two provides any competitive advantage in Surround and can be considered eye candy. Set this value to Low for higher frames.
  • Reflective quality: Short
    • Reflective quality is another attractive setting that doesn’t offer any competitive advantage. Adjust it to Low to increase your own FPS.
  • Congested surroundings: Turn off
    • Ambient clutter is one of the graphic settings that has the most impact on how Surround look. While it makes the game look good in terms of colors and lighting, it degrades its performance significantly. If you’re having trouble getting your frames started, this should be the first setting to turn off.
  • Lens effect: Turn off
    • Help lens effect Surround simulate real-world optical lenses by adding effects like blooms to the game. However, it consumes a lot of resources, so we recommend keeping it.
  • Zoomed depth of field: Turn off
    • This setting blurs the edges of the scope when you aim your sight down. It’s a visual gimmick that makes Surround more realistic, but you should keep it for the sake of performance.
  • Anti-aliased: Turn off
    • Anti-Aliasing makes the game look sharper but is also a factor that affects performance. Turning it off will help you increase the beautiful frame.

Honorable Mention: Adjust Your Sensitivity Settings

Changing your mouse DPI or in-game sensitivity settings won’t increase your frames in Surroundbut you should go through them after making the above changes to your video settings.

Sensitivity settings and keybinds often come down to personal preference, which means there’s no single best layout that works for all players. Check out your favorite pro player’s settings and check if their layout works for you. You can also tweak them to your liking with further adjustments.

Considering you will be optimizing your in-game settings by applying the settings above, doing so for your sensitivity settings can be of great help when it comes to boosting your in-game performance with as a player.

Other methods to increase in-game performance in Rainbow Six Siege

Optimizing your settings may not always yield the best possible results in terms of FPS. While each graphics setting is taxing in its own way, you may experience lackluster performance due to issues surrounding your PC.

Overheating hardware is often the first cause, and you should work with a professional to investigate what’s wrong if you haven’t done something similar before.

However, here’s what you can do yourself.

Always keep your graphics card drivers up to date

Ubisoft and other game developers work hard to come up with new content and drive new changes. These additions can sometimes take advantage of new technology or a feature that was introduced in a new graphics card driver update.

In situations like these, updating your GPU drivers becomes a must for you to keep up with performance. Both AMD and NVIDIA guide their users through the setup process, making updating your drivers a seamless process.

Run your digital delivery service and Surround in admin mode

Surround available on Steam, Epic Games and UPlay on PC. It doesn’t matter which platform you choose to play on Surround above, grant admin rights to both the game and the launcher respectively.

This will rule out the possibility that you have limited user rights, which can clog games and cause them to drop frames.

Clean your PC’s internals

Even if you clean your room once a week, your PC will still get dusty over time. If you don’t regularly clean the inside of your computer, it can start to overheat due to restricted airflow.

Get yourself a can of compressed air or an air blower, and take your PC outside for a thorough dusting. Be sure to use protection if you are allergic to dust.

Hold your fans while blowing air through them as letting them spin freely can cause unwanted damage.

You will notice lower temperatures when gaming after cleaning your PC, which will reduce your FPS issues. Install the best Rainbow Six Siege for high performance on PC


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