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Halo Infinite offers simple yet customizable settings that have a huge impact on gameplay. Because Infinite has a sprint button, players with a standard console controller may have difficulty retying the controls with their feet. This is especially true for fans of the franchise that have played Halo are from Halo: CE 20 many years ago. This quick guide will cover the right settings for controls and feel optimized for players of all skill levels. Some settings, like dead zones, will depend on the controller used and input options.


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  • The button layout: Custom
  • Thumb layout: Debt default
  • Vibrate: Disable

The above three settings will be best for most players. Obviously, there are exceptions. Some gamers may prefer the vibrating feel or prefer the default button layout. Likewise, there are a few people that play Halo Infinite with reverse rod input and/or reverse look.

Movement and targeting

infinite players aura running away from enemy players Cut

  • Reverse the settings: Only choose if you play backwards
  • Hold to bend over: Correct
  • Hold to zoom: Are not
  • Keep sprinting: Are not
  • Steering assist movement: Are not
  • Maintain Sprint: Correct
  • Auto Clamber: Correct
  • Jump: Are not

Classic Halo players know it keep to crouch to be your friend. This allows the spartan to jump on high ledges and sneak attacks on enemies with ease. Halo games have always had a touch to zoom feature, this is because guns like the Sniper have multiple zoom levels.

Some FPS players may choose to hold the more familiar way to zoom. People will definitely want to be able to tap their sprint button and stay sprinting to go through the map faster. Finally, the auto chime setting will be enabled in case the player fails to press the overlay button near an obstacle. High jump is the signature move of Master Chief. Shortcut setting.

Sensitivity and Acceleration

The hilarious Halo infinite match intro shows Spartan standing alone, staring at a wall

  • Beginner: Sensitivity 1-5, Acceleration 2-10
  • Adept Player: Sensitivity 8-10, Acceleration 0-5

There are a lot of variables when it comes to choosing an accelerometer and sensitivity setting that works well for a particular person. Vision acceleration increases the character’s rotation speed when moving the right thumb left or right. Unlike sensitivity, sight acceleration increases turn speed by accelerating input while the lever is held down. The high acceleration allows the spartan to turn faster, but at the expense of goal consistency.

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Sensitivity applies a consistent increase or decrease to the character’s movements. In other words, holding exactly one thumb will cause the character to spin at the same speed no matter how long you hold the input. For competitive players, looking speed is usually not a good thing. Hitting shots accurately requires small movements, and the acceleration can get the timing wrong. For starters, the acceleration will allow for low overall sensitivity while being able to turn quickly enough to react.

Zoom sensitivity

aura ranks infinitely in order

The most effective sense of zoom will depend on the player. In the majority of matches, the feeling of zoom won’t play a big role. However, the lower the senses, the more accurate the rangers. The higher the zoom, the lower the feeling. Setting the 1.4x zoom to .8 is a good starting point.

Move the thumb and look at the thumb

It takes quite a while to understand how dead zones work Infinite. To simplify the problem, get the lowest dead zone possible without creating drift. The term bar drift refers to when the cell moves with little or no input. It is also applicable when the target drifts after performing the input.

Responsiveness is important, but setting Deadzone too low can affect accuracy due to bar offset. Try default settings and work from there. Most newer controllers will have a dead zone anywhere from 4-10 in the settings.

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For Maximum Input Threshold, setting 10 or higher is preferred. Having a high maximum input threshold will reduce the slow rotation while reducing the variance in look acceleration. Simply put, set the max input to the highest number you’re comfortable with.


The settings on the legs are almost entirely based on personal preference. Because of the addition of sprinting and sliding Halo animations, most people will have at least one action where they struggle to find a spot. We recommend the following for those using the classic remote:

  • Leap: ONE
  • Crouch / Slide: ERROR
  • acceleration: R (Or L)
  • Fire Weapon: RT
  • Using the device: RB
  • Melee combat: NS
  • Throw grenades: LB (or LT)
  • Reload / Ventilation / Interaction: NS
  • Drop weapons: D-pad left
  • Launch: LT (or R)
  • sign: Go to Dpad
  • Campaign Menu: Selection

These are just some examples based on a few days of game experience. The buffer jumper will have an A button to bind to, and there are countless other ways to use the controller in Infinite. For those with some experience, the above settings should feel familiar.

Halo InfiniteMultiplayer is currently available for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The campaign kicks off in December.

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