Insomniac’s Werewolf Game has the perfect movie to draw inspiration from

At the PlayStation Showcase in September 2021, many fans had a good feeling that Insomniac would announce Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 consider the huge success of the first game. While its official reveal has certainly made waves in the comics and gaming communities, Insomniac isn’t quite ready to stop there. Coming out of the left field, the studio officially announced another superhero project in Marvel’s Wolverine, an action game that focuses on the most wild mutants in X-Men.

The first trailer for Marvel’s Wolverine there’s certainly been a train of hype, but it’s too short to offer anything really important. To explain Spider-Man, Insomniac has clearly delved into multiple versions of the wall crawler over the years, including comic books, past video games, and movie adaptations. Similarly, Wolverine has appeared in many multimedia projects over the years, so there’s no shortage of room for Insomniac to turn to when it comes to the beginning of its story and tone. Movies 2017 Logan in particular may be the best work to test identify superheroes with adamantium claws.


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What Wolverine does best is not very good

werewolf's warming claws

It goes without saying that a superhero with six razor-sharp claws coming out of his hand is prone to violent encounters. Wolverine is not like Spiderman, who will hold his enemies securely in a variety of networks. Wolverine is a melee and personal fighter, using his adamantium claws to not only take down his opponents, but keep them permanently. This is an aspect of the character that was perfectly portrayed on the big screen through Hugh Jackman’s last outing as a character in the movie. Logan.

The film’s opening sequence shows an aging, weary Wolverine, clearly at the end of his ropes. A gang goes to war with Logan, which proves to be their last mistake. The act is not flashy or flashy in any way, the same way it was previously described fox X Men film starring Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. LoganIts violent behavior is visceral and hard to see, with dismembered limbs and claws that can pierce flesh.

Few superheroes can act as brutally as Wolverine. Insomniac nailed the feeling of swinging through New York City as Spider-Man, and to properly adapt to Wolverine, the same measures had to be taken to capture the right feel and tone. Marvel’s Wolverine potentially some kind of action game, but the combat system shouldn’t be stylized; rather it should be hit hard and hard to hit. In addition to comic inspiration, Insomniac would do well to check fight from Naughty Dog’s Our Last One series, as every punch, smash, and shot from those games has enough graphics to make players wince.

A wounded soul, but cared for


When pushed, Wolverine doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty. However, despite his history of violence and bad temper, that’s not what the character is all about. If Wolverine were simply a non-stop killing machine then this would become repetitive and even boring for the audience. When you can’t cut the bad guys in one Berserker’s RageLogan is actually a moderate, reserved man trying to find his way in the world.

This part of the character is also captured perfectly in Logan, with the film more of a character study than a typical superhero movie. This Logan is sick, old and in shape due to many difficulties in life. He gets angry easily because of his hot temper and is severely traumatized. However, despite all the damage this has caused to his soul and heart, he still has a chance and does the right thing to protect his biological daughter Laura.

Marvel’s Spider-Man delivers all the flying suspense that fans expect from the character, but Insomniac also doesn’t forget to include the human element in the story. Peter Parker is a “man”, just trying to do what’s right and grappling with a multitude of personal and real-world problems. Wolverine is no different, and these human traits are what make up so many Marvel Super Heroes very popular with the audience. Logan is the perfect blueprint for how to balance melodramatic superhero action scenes with more authentic, realistic themes and drama.

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Well-grounded story telling


On the subject of drama and themes, Logan not a typical Marvel movie. It has no giant alien invasion, no big blue sky beams, and it’s not part of a larger interconnected universe. These narrative elements aren’t necessarily bad things, but when included, they create a very different atmosphere. Marvel’s Spider-Man enjoys its comic roots, featuring the bright colors, grand decorations and lots of appeal he’s famous for.

Wolverine is a different kind of character, and the same approach may not work for him in the same way that Spider-Man did. Logan is a very personal story and if the first trailer for Marvel’s Wolverine is anything to pass, the same tone can be present here. The trailer shows Logan in a lonely bar after the conflict broke out. He sat alone, enjoying his drink in a moment of quiet and brooding. Logan There are many moments similar to these, and if Insomniac plays his cards right, could tell a story as memorable as Hugh Jackman’s last appearance in the role.

Marvel’s Wolverine in development for PS5.

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