Inside Porn’s Coolest New Trend: Women Are Stuck in Everything

The cutest things make people pop. Consumers buy pornographic videos of women eating, women pretend to fuck their own childrenand women participate all kinds of other scenarios. In the past two years, a new genre has taken Porn Valley by storm: scenes of men fucking trapped women. Made my recent foray into the genre. At the beginning of the video, I pretend to be stuck in the dryer to seduce my fictional stepchild, then scream: “Oh, Randy! Help me, I’m stuck! ” He ran in and said, “Step mother, you are clearly not stuck in the dryer; if you want to fuck, you should say so,” then weigh me.

Other videos show women trapped in refrigerators, cars, garbage cans and all sorts of different inanimate objects. The videos may sound hilarious, but in my opinion, they exist for a serious reason: Mastercard, Visa, and other credit card processors limit what pornographers can sell, especially in the non-consensual spoofing genre, which has dramatically reduced the amount of premium content in that category. Trapped pornographers and consumers, and trapped women’s videos have set us free.

Mastercard has erotic journalists were restricted for many years. Although First Amendment law protects the right to sell fiction films featuring adult actors in scenes of pseudo-incest or scripted non-consensual sex, Mastercard and other financial services companies enforce strict rules about the types of pornography that consumers can buy with credit and debit cards. These rules range from what fingers I can put in my asshole (no thumbs!) to what types of objects I can put in my vagina to what guys can and can’t You can call your mother figure. (Meanwhile, Hollywood depicts incest and frequent rape.) In other words, Mastercard restricts what you like, even if you consider it legal to have a woman being held hands.

When adult companies sell fictional videos that don’t have a consensus theme, they have to add additional language to the video. Kink sometimes sells these videos, displaying disclaimers both before and after the videos explain the movies are fictional. Instead of tagging them as “rape”, they can now tag them as “disagree”.

“Trapped pornographers and consumers, and trapped women’s videos have set us free.”

Last year, Mastercard and OnlyFans changed their policies overnight. For most of us, it’s not a good idea to risk our relationship with credit card processors to sell fictional movies without your consent.

On top of that, we’ve all heard from viewers, and while their tastes are still the same, they have mixed feelings about wanting to see fictional content with themes of incest or rape. . A woman can have rape fantasies and never want to be raped, and a man who enjoys stepmother porn probably doesn’t want to sleep with his mother. Its trust. But in a country where you can’t tweet about listening to “Baby, It’s Outdoor” without sparking a viral debate, people will be wary of openly talking about their fantasies. People have become more conservative. And when you’re masturbating, you won’t want to recall your strange stance towards the crazy people. You just want to get off the bus and relax.

I started filming these stranded women scenes with my fans. Even creating these videos, I had to dig into Mastercard’s rules. If my own son Randy walks behind me, I can’t scream, “I don’t want him!” or “Stop!” I had to scream phrases like “Oh my god!” and “This looks wrong, but I want it!”

I never thought I would find it more ridiculous to shoot the usual stepmother scenes (stepmothers personally and imagining rape are not the kind of porn I want), but I burst out laughing while filming the videos. this. At the same time, I’m grateful these videos exist. Stranded women videos provide a way for performers to sell controversial fantasies without violating Mastercard policies or making audiences self-loathing. Trapped women videos are playful, consensual, non-consensual videos. They are the pale pink cuffs of quirky porn compared to the spiked cuffs of more controversial videos. And some days, when I do battle with Mastercard weekly, I also prefer the matte pink handcuffs. The spikes are not worth the stress. Inside Porn’s Coolest New Trend: Women Are Stuck in Everything


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