‘Insecure’ Season 5 Episode 5 Summary: “Surviving, Okay?!”

It hurts me to quote Chad’s advice (quoting Mike Tyson) from Lawrence episode, it feels appropriate for this week’s episode of Not safe: “Everybody has a plan until they get punched, my friend,” because our characters are literally “Struggling, Okay?!”… and at the worst of times. maybe.

There was a lot of speculation about the fate of Molly’s parents after she insisted that they plan their estate at the start of the season. Before that happens, we’ll see Molly where she’s most empowered (“Say my name! Now spell it!”) and appear the most as the episode opens with one of those Not safeCharacteristic sex scene. Though the actor’s face is obscured by… well, Molly… his entire appearance, Insecure doesn’t pass up the opportunity to choose another hottie for the timeline to debate. Literally, of course, this is where everything has to come crashing down.

One thing Not safe does an incredible job in this volume (and in general) of putting the heavy stuff into the jokes. We learn Molly’s mom is in the hospital with what turned out to be her second stroke between Molly’s O-Face & a case of confusion of identity where we initially believed Molly’s mother was dying. and encounter a monstrous version of the Carters. The doctor’s indifference to this mixture seems to me like a nod to the unequal treatment black women face in the medical field, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Not safe cast a humorous light on the matter.

Meanwhile, all the goodwill Issa and Nathan built up their romcom episode fading… fast. These two things worry me. Although the episodes suggest emotional vulnerability, as a viewer I realized from the quantum jump between “we said we should slow down” in the scene. their first together, to “that’s why I love you” at the end of the episode. That’s about 20 minutes for me and can’t be more than 10 hours for our characters. Even before her run-in with Lawrence made her really nervous in the hospital hallway, I wasn’t convinced of the rapid progression of their relationship.

As someone who’s been attached to these characters for five seasons, I can’t help but find Issa’s move with Nathan just… .weird! Before learning about Molly’s mother, the pair make excuses to spend the day together spontaneously – moments after agreeing to step up their relationship. On an overly-close FaceTime with Issa’s mother, Nathan decides he’s her boyfriend to her visible amusement. And then she drops an unexploded L-bomb on him because of how “patient” he is with her.

Issa has never had a hard time taking on post-Lawrence relationships… until Nathan. She’s oddly flattering when he drives her around – although I feel like he’d do a lot for her even if they remained platonic friends. She’s celebrating the little things when he brings her coffee in bed – and that’s cute but it just doesn’t seem like the Issa I usually love. She’s never even been nice in the face of Molly’s kindness or thoughtfulness so I don’t know why she’s moved by Nathan being a nice guy.

And for all of Molly’s growth, she’s clearly still shouldering more than she can handle – determined to uphold all her professional responsibilities, getting her mother’s power of attorney and meet the family’s needs while her mother is in the hospital. Issa shows up just in time to meet Molly – mirroring Kelly’s advice from the season opener on how she’s patched things up with Tiff. “What do you need? Are you tired? Are you hungry?”

Issa realizes both women are still dressed for last night’s conversations and suggests changing in the bathroom so that Molly will be more appropriately dressed when she arrives at the hospital. Nathan is the kind boyfriend who voted to take Issa to the hospital, pick her up, take her to Molly’s house to change her clothes, and remind her not to starve Molly’s dog Flava Flav, whom the couple is close to. like immediately, but in the short term, lost.

The timelines will definitely merge by the end of the episode! And Kerry Washington’s directing of your ex’s clash scene really hurt me. Zoom in on the baby. Pan to Condola. Lawrence jumped up like a meerkat from the back of a stroller. And Jay Ellis is doing some of his best nonverbal work of the season with a resigned & almost pale face when he sees Issa. I yelled “WHEW” to myself a few seconds before the show’s spiritual soundtrack started… literally.

My mind returned to Nathan even after Issa clashed with Lawrence. His face says “you get it from your mother” while Issa describes her mother’s post-divorce anxiety. With Issa’s criticisms almost accurately mirroring Nathan’s sleep synopsis with his co-workers (“She’s Everywhere”) – and between Steph Curry’s jokes and committed style good weather… Nathan clearly noticed that the apple didn’t fall far from the Dee tree.

Our final scene with Issa & Molly leaves us with a lot of Issa’s wise and insightful advice from season 5. Understandably, the stress of her mother’s hospitalization fuels recent suspicions about Molly. very safe up mind. Issa is quick to remind Molly of what a wonderful person she is and how well she is doing in life (“Bitch! do YOU ​​know YOU?” Is the talk every friend wants. listen) before splitting to drink coffee for them (and running in to meet her going to be Step-Baby!).

“Survive, okay?!” is a great culmination of what the development of our characters looks like with the variables included. Yes, Molly has taken a more balanced approach to dating, but one sick parent thinks she needs to keep things under control. She is living in the present and focusing on herself but the tension of the episode makes it easy to rely on old habits & worries. And for all her awkwardness and insecurities, Issa often makes sure our romantic side is showing us a giddy schoolgirl side of herself that… I unfortunately find it unconvincing. Nathan seems to have his doubts and is also still tentative.

I’m not sure what the future holds for these two but after her reaction to seeing her ex again, Issa’s statement begins to feel like I love you, but I don’t love you. The struggle!

Additional thoughts:

  • Issa is not a dog or a person pet means a lot. Based on her indifference to Flava Flav &&& her awkward dynamic with quite a few of the students she works with at We Got Y’all, I can’t wait to see how she has similar abilities. teamed up with Condola, Lawrence, and most of all, lil Jah in the next episode. There’s no way it wouldn’t be as awkward as possible.
  • I’m looking forward to the weekly additional reading material this season – Turned at the gate…. Because once they get to the gate, it really sucks!
  • I need a The Blockc is Hot crewneck in that exact color, thanks.
  • Aunt Kiki reminds me of my 5 family members. She was written perhaps too accurately – the word “God! Why are you trying to call her home? ” to “Betty wants to pray on speaker!” – I know this woman.
  • I enjoyed how they revealed more information about Nathan’s past. All the characters navigate the parenting relationship in this episode, but Nathan’s dad is a great foil to the upset but always supportive parents Issa & Molly.

Rebecca O’Neal is a comedian and writer based in Brooklyn. She hosts a comedy show – Angel Baby at Purgatory – in Bushwick (November 27). See her jokes on Hai Trung.

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