Insanity DLC makes an interesting spin on the Rogue-lite genre

Although he has a relatively small role in the overall Far Cry 3 recounts, Vaas has stood the test of time as one of the Cry awayThe most popular character of. No wonder Far Cry 6 chose to bring Vaas (and his actor Michael Mando) back with part of the alternate reality (or is it?) DLC called Vaas: Insanity.

Vaas: Insanity gives a Rogue-lite twist to Cry away formula, giving players a central goal to complete in a single run and enhancing those goals through one-time and permanent upgrades. A small island is at their disposal and the player is required to collect three dagger shards before activating a final stand to complete the “run”. But between those important “quests” of collecting dagger shards, there’s a lot to do to help build one’s arsenal.


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Scattered around the island are a series of chests containing a certain type of weapon prototype, such as a pistol, rifle, or grenade launcher. When opening one of these chests, the player begins a survival trial where they must defeat a certain number of enemies, usually at least 15. Doing so will unlock that weapon to purchased at the mall to use in the current run or later. Players can also spend cash to upgrade weapon prototypes, so the next version they buy will have upgrades like scopes or suppressors.

While unlocking and upgrading weapons is the key to success in Far Cry 6by Vaas: Insanity DLC, there are other items to spend cash. Passive upgrades like faster weapon swap speed, better melee defense, or Vaas’ ability to hold his breath longer are unlocked by picking up hearts from defeated enemies. At first, players can only keep one of these upgrades, but they can unlock more slots by spending cash. The same is true for permanent upgrades like more healing syringes, overall health, phone to spot enemies, and access to grappling hooks.

What makes Vaas: Insanity so surprising is the way it evokes the tension of normality Cry away. Usually, players reach a certain point in Cry away the game they felt was so powerful that it was almost unstoppable. Upgrade characters and weapons stacked on top of each other to make the player character capable of clearing an entire outpost in just a few minutes. For Vaas: Insanity, a lot of that power fantasy was dropped, which made the gunfights even more intense.

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The player is only given a limited number of healing syringes, and the only way to earn more is usually by completing an encounter. But survival is easier said than done and players will need to use cover and precision to kill all enemies in a given area to unlock prototypes or upgrade weapons. And when it came time to get those dagger shards, the difficulty multiplied, with Jason Brody Appears also.

In addition to a surprisingly engaging and fun gameplay experience, Vaas: Insanity allows creating an open world that satisfies the character’s state of mind. Instead of a realistic depiction of a tropical island, Rogue-lite’s map has a lot of fantasy elements that help it stand out. Sharks swimming in the sky, a giant skull carved into a volcano and a smart nod Far Cry 3The box visuals are just a few of the sights that help make this DLC feel visually fresh. Very similar Far Cry Blood Dragon Consisting of creative realism design, Vaas: Insanity encourages the search for an entire playable space.

A Rogue-lite DLC is pretty common for triple-A games these days but Vaas: Insanity surprises with how it adapts. Cry away formula for that sub-genre. It may be short – although a secret ending awaits those who fully “complete” the experience – but even for just a few hours, the DLC is worth the time investment.

Far Cry 6Vaas: Insanity DLC is now available.

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