Inosuke’s fighting style is outstanding

Demon Slayer showed fans several different fighting styles. These fighting styles are all derived from the types of breathing styles, all of which derive from the Sun Breath, the first breathing style created. Many other trees have since been mastered, all branching off into one another like a giant tree. Inosuke Hashibira is the creator and only user of the beast’s breath. Along with his wild life, this style led Inosuke to develop a unique fighting style.


Inosuke never knew that his parents had grown like this due to his mother being eaten by Doma. In an attempt to escape Demon Doma, Kotoha threw Inosuke into the river in hopes of saving his life. He was later discovered by a wild boar family and raised as one of them. Knowing nothing but the wild, Inosuke adopts the characteristics of a wild boar, even wearing a wild boar mask to cover his face. It is these roots that shape Inosuke’s personality and fighting style.

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Animals breathe

Inosuke from Demon Slayer

Beast Breathing, related to Wind Breathing, is a style developed by Inosuke. This breathing style focuses on the unpredictability of animals, making the form and overall combat unpredictable and in time. Something very important for animal’s breath are using touch.

Fans may have noticed this from when Inosuke swept the forest while fighting the demon spider family. This spatial awareness means that Beast Breathing users have a sense of where their enemies are, allowing them to target enemies.

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In Beast Breathing, there are ten known techniques that require two swords. The two swords mimic the tusks of a wild boar, causing many formations to involve fast-paced attacks that focus on massive damage rather than a clean hit.

These qualities combined make Inosuke’s swordsmanship dangerous at close range. With two swords and Blood thirsty, Inosuke can franticly knock down opponents without mercy, similar to a wild boar. Despite not planning or knowing in advance of his attacks, Inosuke’s attacks can be deflected more easily, after enemies realize his sword technique. Luckily, Inosuke has other tricks up his sleeve, except that he’s shirtless.

Fighting style


Along with Beast Breathing, Inosuke trained his body to fight differently from other demon slayers. One of them is his incredible versatility. He showed this to Tanjiro and Zenitsu after escaping from the demon house. Without further thinking, Inosuke leaned back, letting his head reach its peak out between his legs. He can also dislocate to extend his reach, a position that would likely shock the Demon King himself.

If none of these skills help Inosuke win the fight, his unusual fighting posture will knock his enemies out of their game. Since Inosuke relies heavily on his breed and abilities on boars, it’s no surprise that he fights the same way. Inosuke lay low to the ground when running and fighting, almost like he was running on all fours. This pose allows Inosuke to run faster and surprise your opponent by attacking in an unusual position. When fighting Tanjiro for the first time, Inosuke lies low to the ground, using his arms and legs to attack. Forcing Tanjiro to fight lower than usual, giving Inosuke the upper hand.

For Inosuke, fighting like an animal was no problem; that’s what he wanted. This gives him an edge over other demon slayers as his swordsmanship, breathing style, and fighting stance are not used by anyone else. In cases where none of these work, Inosuke can always take off his mask and surprise his enemies with his pretty face.

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