Ingraham and D’Souza Nail Media for Waukesha Hypocrisy: Doesn’t Fit Their Tell

Fox News host Laura Ingraham and conservative commentator Dinesh D’Souza appealed to the establishment’s media for their failure to cover last week’s Waukesha Christmas parade attack that left six dead and Dozens of others were injured.

On “The Ingraham Angle” on Monday night, Ingraham said, “When the truth about this Waukesha attack doesn’t fit their preconceived narrative, the media simply stops talking about it. .”

Darrell Brooks Jr., 39, has been charged in the deaths of 6 people after he allegedly drove an SUV into a crowd of marchers and participants on Nov.

“But the media is a thing of the past. There was no investigation into Darrell Brooks’ racist background, motives, views,” Ingraham noted, arguing why it didn’t fit their story.

“Count the ways,” she said. “One, the alleged attacker’s race, he was black. Second, the race of the victims was white. Third, the suspect is a BLM fanboy with anti-white views. Fourth, the victims were participating in a Christmas parade, a holiday the left hates. “


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“And five, a Soros-funded DA released this serial criminal from prison on a one-thousand-dollar bond two days before the attack,” Ingraham said.

She argued the “unfavorable truth” to the media was that Brooks’ attack was “an act of political and racial hatred” and therefore they would not cover it up.

D’Souza agreed.

Do the facts in the Waukesha attack contradict the grassroots media coverage of America?

“You mentioned different elements of the story, and each of them is a kind of spearhead into the leftist narrative. This is why they tried to make it seem like the car did it. There is no killer. He was not a black perpetrator,” he said.

CNN tweeted on Sunday, “Waukesha will remain silent today, marking a week since a car drove through the city’s Christmas parade, killing six people and injuring several others. .”

D’Souza told Ingraham that filmmakers, he often examines the motives behind people’s behavior.


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“Motivation is an important factor in understanding why something happens,” he says.

He recalled that during the trial of former Minneapolis police officers Derek Chauvin in June and Kyle Rittenhouse earlier this month, the media quickly reported that both defendants were religious fundamentalists. White skin.

D’Souza noted that the prosecution did not present evidence at the trial that the reason Chauvin killed George Floyd was because he was a black person.

Furthermore, none of those who died in The case of Rittenhouse, in which the jury determined he acted in self-defense, to be black.

“But here, where there is a racial motive, where it seems obvious this is a guy who doesn’t run away from a scene and stumbles into a parade, but rather a guy who purposefully veers left to right, obviously to kill many people. people the better,” said D’Souza.

Brooks was apparently “fueled by a blatant racial hatred, very evident on his own social media,” so for that reason “suddenly the media reported, “Oh , we can’t salvage this story,” argues D’Souza.

“Once the story stops working, they just turn off the lights and move on.”

Fox News reports Brooks posted on Facebook following Rittenhouse’s ruling that he was “not surprised at all.”

Brooks also supports Black Lives Matter in at least one social media post, and in another he writes about wanting to knock down white people “assholes”.

Hoover Institute colleague Victor Davis Hanson concurs, telling Ingraham “the mainstream media, if we can use that term… It’s completely merged or absorbed by the progressive project . It really jumped on the shark about this. “

“When you look at media on the one hand and BLM on the other, it’s built on a purely imaginary image,” he added.

D’Souza argues that the media “see them as part of propaganda, and they measure their success in terms of whether lies work.”

“Look, more people have died in Waukesha than there have been killed in Charlottesville, more people have been killed in 6 months 1 combined,” he continued.

“However, if you compare the area, the miles of media coverage of those two events and then the sheer severity they want to get rid of. Waukesha just because it doesn’t fit their story. ”

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