Indie game to play if you like Metroid Dread

Anyone who loves Metroid Dread and wants to scratch an itch with a new game should turn to the multitude of similar indie games.

Samus Aran shoots at an approaching monster in Metroid Dread

Many people have been praised Metroid Dread as a long-awaited return to form for Samus Aran. It’s been quite a while since Nintendo created a new 2D adventure for Samus, but she hasn’t lost touch. Critics and fans agree that Metroid Dread delivered according to the old formula, from expanding collection of discoveries and upgrades to memorable boss battles. Way Metroid Dread old combination Metroid The story themes with new faces also inspire some hope that the franchise has a comeback future. Of course, fans will probably still have to wait a few more years before seeing Samus’ next adventure.


Fortunately, Metroid IP’s influence on the gaming industry means there are plenty of similar games out there that can keep fans entertained Metroid Dread during the measurement. Metroid and its peer Castlevania may have spent recent years inactive, but they have a strong legacy thanks to indie game calling itself Metroidvanias, imitating the 2D platform and nonlinear exploration created Metroid and Castlevania popular. However, even outside of the Metroidvania genre, there are countless indie stealth and sci-fi games that involve some Metroid Dread’s concepts. These are just a few of the indie games that are worth checking out after the end Metroid Dread.

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Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight Custom Medals

Can’t discuss indie Metroidvanias without giving Hollow Knight. In Team Cherry’s Hollow Knight, The player takes control of a nailed knight and explores a bug-filled world rendered with enchanting hand-drawn art. Just as Samus’s way of fighting changes as she acquires a new weapon, players will learn spells to cast, find movement-enhancing items, and master combat techniques known as Nail Arts, all of which help the knight become more flexible. The Hollow Knight The developers have researched MetroidThe map’s design is also tight, so Metroid Dread Lovers are sure to feel rewarded as they fire their own way through uncharted territory. There’s another benefit to trying Hollow Knight after Metroid Dread: while next Metroid the game is far, Hollow KnightThe sequel is already in development, so players will have more to enjoy soon.

Hyper Light Drifter

Hyper Light Drifter features purple cutscenes with heroes and monsters

Hyper Light Drifter It may be an action-adventure RPG rather than a Metroidvania, but its themes and core mechanics should appeal to anyone interested. Metroid Dread. In this game, players take control of the Drifter as they explore a world filled with lost technologies and mysteries, not unlike Samus’ encounter with Chozo’s work throughout. Metroid. While Drifter’s signature weapon is an energy sword, players will also collect new weapons as they explore this world, which they’ll need to use wisely to succeed. Hyper Light Drifterof challenging battle. It doesn’t hurt that either Hyper Light Drifter features colorful 16-bit art that could create some lasting Metroid fans are nostalgic for the early versions of the franchise. Hyper Light Drifter available on Switch, so it’s easy enough to Metroid fans to the next pick up.

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Sign of the ninja

Mark of the Ninja Remastered Revealed Coming to Other Consoles

One thing set Metroid Dread apart from its predecessors is the use of stealth. Samus must sneak through indestructible EMMIs if she wants to survive. Anyone who likes that side of Metroid Dread may especially want to consider sign of ninjas, a sideline stealth platform from Klei Entertainment’s Don’t starve reputation. Sign of the ninja received rave reviews for its stealth approach, from the line of sight mechanics that limit both player and enemy line of sight to the scare tactics available to players trying to outwit enemies. Players have a lot of options for how to approach any given situation, whether they want to sneak past opponents or kill enemies one by one. If the player likes Metroid DreadStealth elements but want more power to attack, then Sign of the ninja is the game for them.

Metroid Dread Now available on Nintendo Switch.

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