‘Incel’ Tres Genco Plotted to Slaughter Woman at Ohio University, Police Allege

Washing the U.S. Army, who named himself involuntary intended to “slaughter” women in a mass shooting at an unknown Ohio university, with the ultimate goal of killing about 3,000 people after receiving military training; according to the indictment sealed in federal court.

Prosecutors announced that 21-year-old Tres Jenko was arrested on Wednesday and charged with one count of attempted hate crime and one count of illegal possession of a machine gun. She described herself as “thin,” describing in court cases a person who “used violence to support their belief that women are unfairly rejecting their sexual or romantic interest in what they believe in.”

Genco was allegedly inspired by California “incel” Elliot Roger, who in 2014 killed six people and injured 14 in the wake of a deadly attack near a Santa Barbara home. Roger has become a twisted hero of sorts according to the indictment against other angry youths, including Jenko. Last year, a Virginia man wrote in a note that he wanted to “make a statement like Elliott Rogers. [sic] did, ” while building a homemade bomb.

A A Twitter profile called Genco suggests that he studied at Ohio University. However, university spokeswoman Carly Sterwood told The Daily Beast that Jenko had never been a student there.

The case against Genco can be traced back to the afternoon of March 12, when Hillsboro, Ohio’s deputy sheriff, was sent to his home. Zangzan, which is defined in court cases as “Person 1” reported that Jenko threatened them with a gun and then locked himself with a gun in his bedroom.

Individual 1 told police that Jenko had become “disorderly and somewhat violent” over the past few months. After the police ordered Genko to leave the house with their own hands, they arrested him. A search of his car and his bedroom turned up body armor, ammunition and firearms, two of which were converted into fully automatic rifles.

Individual 1 also informed police that they had recently “found Jenko’s note that Personal 1 indicates that Jenko intended to harm someone.”

Investigators began a previous search of Jenko and found out that in January 2019, he began planning his possible and premeditated murder, buying tactical gloves, a bulletproof vest, a shotgun, a skull mask and a hat with the words “Revenge.” . Over the next few months, he armed himself, bought a rifle, two Glock 17 magazines and a 9mm Glock 17 clip, accusing the Genco states.

Genko was active on thin websites and had respect for Elliott Roger, who called him an “ER,” the indictment says. Prior to his deadly attacks, Roger shot a group of college students with a water pistol filled with orange juice. Genko, according to authorities, also reported the same thing on the Internet, saying he was “associated with a holy priest that day,” possibly referring to Roger.

“I offer it to all inclinations, an incredibly powerful action,” Jenko writes.

He also allegedly drafted a manifesto in early August 2019, according to which, “The Symphony of Exile wrote a manifesto written by Tres Jenko, the Gospel of Exile in Social.”

“I hope these words are sweetly introduced to the neighbors, or are aware of their situation or not ‘resonate,'” the indictment said. “I’m already going to the U.S. military … it’s training to get a reality.” , the death of what I had most deprived of, but about having, but having forgotten, I appreciate and dream of; Women. I will sacrifice from jealousy, hatred and revenge … I will take away the power of life that they hold back from me, by showing happiness and fulfilling there is only one thing, everything is death, the great equalizer , who will bear everything from us to the quiet mahmad of its silence and tranquility ”.

That summer Jenko was sent to the army for primary military training in Georgia. During this period, Genco allegedly wrote a note in which he singled out an unknown university in Ohio, which read: “May 23, 2020 is 290 days! Optimal M-16, concealed or mileage. Will take up arms training at BCT, Georgia KC should be great! 3000? Then have a big goal. ”

“KC,” the indictment says, means “account murder”.

In December 2019, Jenko was released on military charges for misconduct and misconduct, according to the indictment. In January, he returned home to Ohio. There, Jenko allegedly drafted a document entitled “Separate”.

“If you’re reading this, I’ve done a terrible job,” the indictment said. “The way in which you came across fraudulent and murderous writing is not an easy task, and I congratulate you for your curiosity and readiness for such a dark subject.”

The letter was signed “Your Promising Killer Friend.”

A few days later, Jenko “inspected the location of a university in Ohio,” the indictment shows. On the same day, Genco allegedly posted topics on the Internet, including “shooting crime planning” and “When is a crime ready to be attempted?”

On March 11, Jenko searched the internet to find a police scanner code for Columbus, Ohio police and university police.

The next day, police arrived at Jenko’s home and found his weapons.

Genko, now was detained until the day of the trial, does not yet have a lawyer named in the court documents and has not been able to do so. Genko faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted of machine gun charges. If charged with a hate crime, he is life-threatening.

https://www.thedailybeast.com/incel-tres-genco-plotted-to-slaughter-woman-at-ohio-university-police-allege?source=articles&via=rss | ‘Incel’ Tres Genco Plotted to Slaughter Woman at Ohio University, Police Allege


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