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Even though it’s been over a year since The Last of Us Part 2 When it first launched, multiplayer is now exploring the game through the next-gen console, which makes the overall experience even more breathtaking. The Last of Us Part 2 not a light game, filled with dark tones, violent confrontations and a vicious cycle of revenge tearing the soul that always clings to the plot and takes on grim places. The game tells the story of Ellie and Abby, two main characters who have nothing in common, but they share more than just meeting eyes – both in their past experiences and what they make of the world. around them.


The Last of Us Part 2conflict was a game that lasted the entire game, and bitterly, there was no winner, leaving only the survivors the chance to live another day. The fierce rivalry between Ellie and Abby stems from the original Our Last One‘conspiracy, and it’s well rooted in Part 2 when the blood debt was paid and Abby finally got her revenge on Joel, killing him for killing her father. After the raw emotions and bloody encounters Ellie and Abby have with each other and The Last of Us Part 2Their factions, including one of the two of them as protagonists to retell their story may not be the best way for them. The Last of Us Part 3, possibly with all-new lead characters.

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Why Ellie shouldn’t be the main character in The Last of Us Part 3


Ellie is said to have a more negative backstory than Abby in The Last of Us Part 2, when she lost her father, her friend, her spouse and their child. Joel and Jesse both died at the hands of Abby, but Ellie lost Dina and JJ to her trauma and survivor’s guilt, which she carried with her until the end of the game. The case for Ellie to retire in The Last of Us Part 3 is that she’s suffered a lot, and that seeing her as a protagonist could mean experiencing the story as she faces more enemies and comes to terms with loss, which This can be quite heavy for many players.

On the other hand, Ellie’s story is clearly not over yet, and The Last of Us Part 3 can let her return as a supporting character or continue her story through notes the player finds in the world, letting them know she is safe and found a place to stay. stay – maybe, back to Dina and JJ. This is not to say that Ellie’s story has to be like a fairy tale, and that she has suffered more than the average person. However, allowing the player to see how her journey continues without directly controlling her gives both the audience and the character time to recuperate.

Why Abby shouldn’t be the main character in The Last of Us Part 3

A new piece of fan art depicts The Last of Us Part 2's Ellie and Abby as friends.

Abby has gone through a lot of changes throughout The Last of Us Part 2and that’s mainly thanks to her journey with Lev, and ended up leaving her life behind as a WLF soldier. This is not to say that Abby doesn’t lose everything, like Ellie, who is in fact responsible for killing most of her friends in revenge for Joel’s murder. However, Abby has found an anchor in Lev who has allowed her to rediscover herself as an anchor for him, with the pair enduring through time thick and thin because of trust and affection. for each other.

When Abby fights Ellie the last time, at the end of the game, she’s exhausted and she wants a new life for herself and Lev, and she’s done with revenge and factions in general. Although the player cannot control Abby during her journey through the universe of Our Last One, she shouldn’t be returning as a main character either, especially since she doesn’t want to engage in combat anymore, and wants to find a way to live a peaceful life. The Last of Us Part 3 potentially more conflict and death, neither of which The Last of Us Part 2Their main characters will have to go through after the terrible events they both experienced.

The Last of Us Part 2 Now available on PS4.

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