Impressions of Endwalker Story: Final Fantasy 14 Early Review

n any normal situation, even for residents of Final Fantasy XIV, going to the moon was a huge and difficult task. And frankly, the storytelling of Endwalker constantly feeling lofty and ambitious.

If you’re willing to make that journey, Endwalker is a story worth all that time, worth every second to catch up on the old stories so you can feel the full impact of the story it tries to tell. And honestly, there’s no better platform than it can be told on an MMORPG.

Honestly, it’s hard to say how good the story is without spoilers, but I’ll do my best to keep the story spoiler-free, which means I’ll be as vague as possible. body.

From start to finish, Endwalker’s story hit at the seam with ten years of presenting the conclusion. Refer to it in the post-Shadowbringers Patches, urgency analysis of what’s to come and what needs to be done have been conveyed quite well.

Not much can really prepare anyone for its magnitude: scale, speed, and what you experience along the way. By the time you approach the first trial, if you’re like me, you’ll be staring at the screen, asking yourself, “No, this isn’t the end. What the hell will happen next? ” And you would be right to ask yourself that, because as one character put it, that is the end of the beginning, and the beginning of the end.

My only objective problem with this aspect is that this means the speed gets jarring at times. After all, the faster you go, the harder it is to hit the brakes. It tries to recall the reasonable speed it has created ShadowbringersIts momentum is pretty solid, except when it slows down it almost feels like stopping, freezing some of the urgency behind the whole ordeal. Thankfully, this was only once or twice, and the scale of the to-dos never really left the atmosphere.

At the same time, this also means that the lightweight trait that has elevated other expansions is sometimes in danger of being lost. Aside from the opening cutscenes, the story prioritizes the story in an understandable way over highlighting what makes each character so likable. But by the second half, the story finds its footing well enough to bring these things back to the forefront, especially with the new NPCs that I’m sure those who’ve enjoyed the previous expansions will love.

Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker

Other pertinent concerns are perhaps more personal, and are likely to include the fact that I indulged in this over a weekend, so fatigued and faced disappointment as a result. Sign in like everyone else. Because it is so intense, both emotionally and in content, it is a great number of To take over. If you’re easily overwhelmed by things like this, I recommend taking a break; Don’t feel guilty going at your own pace.

I can’t imagine ending Hydaelyn and Zodiark’s story any other way, though. Final Fantasy 14 and MMORPG format. I’ll get into the specifics another time, but MSQ uses some cool, new mechanics that are supposed to be tedious in clever ways without completely detracting from the story. I say “boring” because you can’t use your mount or teleport in these parts, but I promise there’s a reward.

As an MMORPG, Endwalker tie together what brings players together Final Fantasy 14 first is. Needless to say, this soaring tale of optimism and unbridled camaraderie has been so much needed over the past few years, through the pandemic and even before that for many of us. . Obviously, honestly, they’re the same emotions that have brought the developers together over the past decade or so while working on this game. The desire for something better while respecting the past, the drive to bring everyone together, and the determination to create something great are evident in the game’s history and story. this expansion.

Endwalker also reminds us of how far we have come during this time. Throughout, the NPCs and Warrior of Light reflect on how far they’ve come, the relationships they’ve made, and the victories they’ve overcame. And in real life, many of us aren’t what we used to be A realm of rebirth debuted (even rougher) 8 years ago.

This is all there is to say about every little detail that has made MSQ such a joy to progress through. I might be overstating such things so far, which is easy to do when there’s a larger feel to the game, as I’ve discussed. But the conclusion to such a big story doesn’t make sense if it goes on that long, and Endwalker, again, rarely feels like a drag.

Each setting is as stunning as or better than the last one. The writing is very entertaining and is not afraid to be dramatic in light moments, as well as create laughter in deeper conversations. The aether quests for now are only clearly the surface of how lovely lore is made, and I’ll be happy to revisit the side story quests another time. And I have complaints about sure quests, but no quests are amazing terrible, to put it bluntly, that it takes away the whole experience. (I have friends who disagree with that about a quest, but I personally enjoyed it, so we’re going to label a quest we fangirls call ‘squick’).

Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker

In short… to be honest, I’m still a bit stunned. I finished this almost two nights ago, and there’s a lot I’m personally still pondering over, hence why I feel more comfortable calling this an early review. I don’t think it’s perfect, because in reality it’s very few, but objectively it’s amazing. Personally, I have quite a few points that touch me, and at the same time, the weight of what happened feels like a burden that I am willing to push when I carry it. For a story to do so well any both a feat. To do so in video games where the standards are set very high, especially by Endwalker’s is different Final Fantasy ancestors, nothing is lacking in miracles. But I guess, as one character said, miracles still happen every day.

Briefly, Endwalker is everything as vast, vast and ambitious as a video game can be: about the emotions, about the trips taken, about the story told, about the quality of the writing. It was a tough but successful victory in video game storytelling. Whether you’ve caught up or are planning to join FFXIV in the beginning, take your time and enjoy every moment, but move forward, because there is so much to cherish. Impressions of Endwalker Story: Final Fantasy 14 Early Review


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