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Hearts of Iron IV: Don’t Back Down is the latest expansion to Paradox Interactive’s World War II title. In some ways, the expansion, along with the free Barbarossa update, can be considered two of the biggest and most significant content drops to the game.

With so many features and functions, Hearts of Iron IV: Don’t Back Down looked mainly at the countries of the Eastern Front. The Soviet Union plays a central role here, but Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia have also undergone many changes. that is set to release today, so you’ll have a chance to try it out.

Stalin and the warring factions

My impressions of Hearts of Iron IV: Don’t Back Down based on a level where I chose the Soviet Union for the 1936 start date. Indeed, this is the only start date that allows you to fully experience the new Soviet-specific features. These mostly revolve around Joseph Stalin’s faction, known in the game as “Central”.

Historically, Stalin’s position as leader of the Soviet Union was unchangeable, as many sought to contest his dominance. His paranoia then led to the Great Purge, where many of those accused of disloyalty to the state and party were executed. In Hearts of Iron IV: Don’t Back Down, players have the opportunity to follow prehistoric results thanks to dozens of new National Spotlights. These include alliances with the “Left Opposition,” led by Leon Trotsky, or the “Right Opposition,” led by Nikolai Bukharin. Both leaders aim to establish a headquarters and gain military support and even support from other factions, all of which strengthen their chances of a conflict. Civil war is lurking.

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Those two choices, like Stalin’s historical choices, are part of the branch of the “Marx-Leninist Path”. Meanwhile, a mutually exclusive branch called “Defeated, but not defeated”, takes a completely different approach. If you choose this, you may decide to support the claims of the remaining members of the Romanov dynasty. Likewise, you can slowly limit popular support for Communism by praising the qualities of Orthodox Christianity and bringing in religious leaders. Because armies are highly politicized, you won’t be trying to attract new generals as followers. Instead, you will take control of territories that will become part of your power base when the civil war begins. It was even possible to gain forces and expeditionary units from would-be opponents such as the Empire of Japan and Nazi Germany by making concessions to them.

Naturally, Stalin and the NKVD would come across a brewing plot. While trying to hold these lands (i.e., like “herding” a province or colony in other grand strategy games), the computer-controlled Stalin would attempt to complete National Keys. own family. He will try to “hit the core” of his loyal provinces and turn the generals to his side. As Stalin’s political paranoia increased, so did the frequency and severity of the Great Purges. In turn, the terror caused by the madman would cause the army’s support to gradually erode.

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War and peace…and many more wars

If Stalin’s political paranoia reaches 90 points, then he has a chance to start a civil war on his own. However, there is also a specific Country Focus where you start the conflict (provides extra bonuses). Ideally, you’ll want to do this when the time is right, such as when you’re holding enough loyal territory while the Stalin side only has pockets of resistance. From there, you’ll wipe out your opponents, and the dictator himself will be gone, possibly hiding in South America (alluding to a conspiracy theory where Adolf Hitler fled to Argentina instead of killing himself).

Once you’ve stabilized the country, it’s up to you to decide how you move forward. The stage “Be defeated, but not defeated” in Hearts of Iron IV: Don’t Back Down leads to further branches. For example, an unaligned tsarist Russia could join the United Kingdom and France, eventually reforming the Tripartite since World War I. This could lead to another option for promoting Democracy Pan-Slavic ethnic group where Poland and the Baltic countries mingle happily. The main goal here was to redraw the old borders of the empire, with Europe becoming the main battleground.

There is also a mutually exclusive path where the tsar is reduced to a puppet and the government is controlled by the Fascists. In that scenario, Russian expansionism takes you south and east, from the mountains of Turkey and Iran to the coasts of Japan and China. Finally, there was an option to strengthen the influence of religious leaders even further, turning Russia into a Theocracy. In the game called Third Rome, you will then have to confront those who control the old holy places (i.e. Latium in Italy, Istanbul in Turkey and Palestine held by the UK).

Given all of these options, one of my concerns has to do with the political power (PP) that you normally reserve for decisions and pre-war thinking. These cause cases where you simply ignore other functions. Coincidentally, the branching paths offer a lot of freedom of choice, and the player agency can also limit any enhancements you want for your army and industry.

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Other features in Hearts of Iron IV: Don’t Back Down

Players who have tried the Soviet Union before will really feel it Hearts of Iron IV: Don’t Back Down provide the most complete experience, and that’s only a big part of the expansion. Other new features include a new National Spotlight Tree for Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Likewise, whichever country you choose will have its own Army Spirit and Officer Corps. These allow you to select commanders and buffs respectively, earning additional passive buffs as you progress.

Another important addition is the Tank Design. Think about how Man the Guns allows you to create your own ship. Well, this time, Hearts of Iron IV: Don’t Back Down you only study about tank chassis. Once you have the necessary XP, you can attach new functions and mods, including multiple turrets and different types of armor.

Furthermore, you will have to test the changes against the provider. To be fair, logistics management isn’t my strongest point in most epic strategy games. So I mostly crossed my arms in the hope that my tsarist units could beat their opponents before they ran out of supplies. But, hey, at least now you can build civilian trains and armored vehicles to move supplies from the centers all the way to the front.

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Also, I should mention that I noticed some mishaps while finishing Hearts of Iron IV: Don’t Back Down run. The first is that the Tsar / White Russia / Theocracy gameplay will destroy the entire military hierarchy, which means you will say goodbye to generals like Georgy Zhukov and Ivan Konev (ie, they will be purged or they will disappear once the new government takes power). Naturally, you will be left with some low skill commanders. Second, the prehistoric road can be very chaotic. It seems that Russia’s resistance to the Soviet Union caused such a great shock in world tensions that other countries tended to go to war quite early (i.e. Germany quickly attacked the West in mid-1938). and even Lithuania declared war on Poland).

Furthermore, going the Fascist route where you expand east can be restrictive before you know it as it requires you to own the whole of Vladivostok. If you ceded the province to Japan in exchange for aid during the civil war, you would not be able to select the National Centers involved at all. You will have no choice but to conquer those lands through alternative means. Finally, there was a strange error when one of my agents was doing counterintelligence in Moscow. When the civil war broke out, I couldn’t control the agent anymore, so I just let it go.

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