Import Performance Charts (Strengths & Weaknesses)

Finding out which Pokemon are effective against others will be important for those hoping to become the best in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl.

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One of the things that makes Game Freak’s Pokemon interesting series is the highlight that the game sets Types of Pokemon. Instead of simply throwing out their strongest Pokemon at the beginning of each battle, players are encouraged to choose their active Pokemon based on their opponent’s strengths and weaknesses, and throughout the game, must build a team with strong type of insurance to be prepared for every possible outcome. Just like in the original games, this happens again in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining pearls.

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There are 18 different types of Pokemon in Brilliant diamond & Shining pearls, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. However, with how many, it can sometimes be difficult to remember all the relevant information, and so it can be helpful to have a guide that explains the effectiveness of each type in the ready-made situation. To make matters worse, some Pokemon – like the late stage evolution of The game’s three starter Pokemon – There are two different types, which means players will need to consider the strengths and weaknesses of each when planning their next move.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl: Effect Chart Type


Type Very effective Not very effective Weak for Free
Bugs Darkness, Grass & Telepathy Combat, Fire, Flying, Ghost, Poison & Steel Fire, Fly & Rock
Dark Ghosts & Psychics Shadows, Fairy Tales & Battles Bug, Fairy & Fighting Psychic
Dragon Dragon Steel Dragon, Fairy & Ice
Electricity Fly & Water Dragon, Electric & Grass Soil
Fairy Shadows, Dragons & Combat Fire, Poison & Steel Poison & Steel Dragon
Battle Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock & Steel Bug, Fairy, Flying, Poison & Psychic Fairy, flight & telepathy
Fire Bug, Grass, Ice & Steel Dragon, Fire, Rock & Water Ground, rock & water
Fly Bug, Fighting & Grass Electricity, stone & steel Electricity, ice & ice Soil
Ghost Ghosts & Psychics Dark Dark Ghosts Normal
Grass Ground, rock & water Bugs, Fire, Flying, Grass, Poison & Steel Bugs, Fire, Flying, Ice & Poison
Soil Electricity, Fire, Poison, Stone & Steel Big & Grass Grass, rock & water Electricity
Stone Dragon, Flying, Grass & Ground Fire, ice, steel and water Combat, Fire, Rock & Steel
Normal Stone & Steel Battle
Poison Fairies & Grass Poison, Ghost, Ground & Rock Ground & telepathy
Psychic Fight & Poison Steel & Psychic Bug, Dark & ​​Ghost
Stone Bug, Fire, Flying & Ice Combat, Ground & Steel Fighting, Grass, Ground, Steel & Water
Steel Fairy, Ice & Rock Electricity, Fire, Steel & Water Battle, Fire and Earth Poison
Water Fire, Ground & Rock Dragon, Grass & Water Electricity & Grass

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