IG banned 5 AD carry, still getting killed by UP’s bot laner Elk in LPL Spring 2022

Invictus Gaming tried to ban 5 ADs to stop Ultra Prime Elk in the 2022 LPL Spring Split today and was still killed by UP’s bot laner on the way to being wiped out.

Game 1 started with IG xiaoyueji getting a gank from jungler Xun, which resulted in IG jungler getting two kills at the seventh minute. As a result, IG took control of the early landings when xiaoyuejei had four kills, albeit with a slight gold advantage to UP.

The first teamfight took place in the middle of the match about 15 minutes to take control of the Rift Herald. Four members of UP are attacking the target as UP top laner ZS tries to beat IG. While they were able to pick out top laner UP, UP was able to successfully defend Rift’s Herald.

UP can get a tower advantage of five to three thanks to the Rift Herald. But in the 28th minute, IG got the baron after knocking out two members of UP at the dragon pit. However, the disrespectful recalls from IG resulted in two members being killed, allowing UP to push mid and get the suppressor.

For the next twelve minutes, both teams continued sloppy macro play before a skirmish won Elder Dragon around 40 minutes with UP defending Elder Dragon on two members and killing four on IG.

Things got even weirder when UP was pushing the top lane and IG tried to start a skirmish thus losing all of their members and throwing a game they were supposed to win right away. from the beginning.

Screenshot via LPL English stream.

In game two, IG threw all of their bans on UP’s Elk, forcing him to Xayah. Game two started when IG’s support faced Lucas with a death brush with five UP members in it, resulting in first health at 42 seconds. Things got even worse when, a minute later , Elk and ShiauC took out IG’s bot laner.

This ended up being a complete snowball from UP bot lane as they were finally able to apply their lead to the other lanes. All of this culminated in a 23-minute win for UP, helping them win the series 2-0.

It was an unfortunate sequence of events as IG tried everything to help their bot laner xiaoyueji take the lead, which he was unable to do.

Image via Riot Games

In IG’s futile attempt to stop UP’s top AD carry Elk, perhaps one of those bans should be used against Corki, the most popular mid pick with a ban and pick ratio of 87.9%.

As for UP, they continue to rise firmly on the LPL Spring 2022 rankings when they currently have a 2-3 record, with a record of 6-7 individual matches. Originally considered a third place team in LPLUP is making a strong case for a possible position for playoffs and has only been eliminated once so far against LPL’s LNG Esports super team.

They’ll be looking to stay ahead of the leaderboard ahead of Anyone of Legends on Feb. 11th. Meanwhile, IG will try to regain their footing as they take on teammate Rare Atom 1-3 in opening match of week 4 on February 10.

https://dotesports.com/league-of-legends/news/ig-ban-5-adcs-still-get-decimated-by-ups-bot-laner-elk-in-2022-lpl-spring-split IG banned 5 AD carry, still getting killed by UP’s bot laner Elk in LPL Spring 2022


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