Ian Flynn Writing Sonic Frontiers Gives Hope to Fans

Sonic Frontiers is the next main line Sonic game and fan expectations are cautious. SonicThe transition to 3D is notoriously difficult, and ever since Generations was released, the franchise was in trouble. After the release several crowd pleasers like Negative colorSega and Sonic Team seem confused about what to do with Blue Blur. Sonic Games released in the 2010s have proven to be divisive, with the series’ old habit of incorporating random new characters and gimmicks into titles like The lost world and Force. Only Sonic Mania, which ironically wasn’t made by Sonic Team, received acclaim on par with the series’ most beloved titles.


While not much is known about Sonic Frontiers, it has been confirmed that the game’s story will be penned by Archie .s lead writer Ian Flynn Sonic manga since the 160th issue, and is the main author of IDW Sonic comic. Replaces Warren Graff and Ken Pontac, who also worked on Happy tree friends, Flynn’s presence is a breath of fresh air. Likely his involvement with Sonic Frontiers will bring new life to the franchise.

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The Sonic Games writing problems

sonic force cutscenes with sonic characters

Originally a series of articles on simple background, Sonic the Hedgehog evolved into one of the genre’s most remarkable examples of story content. While the series’ infamous trend of polarizing people started in the mid-’90s, it didn’t take long for Sonic Team to turn its work into something more serious. Each game marks the debut of at least one character, with Adventure is the group most likely to have four major newcomers (Tikal, Chaos, Gamma and Big), and possibly five if introduced. Amy’s Modern Traits Cardinal number.

This is a problem due to the series becoming more experimental, instead of taking what it knows and reinforcing the comfort zone like Mario did. The Sonic Adventure duology, despite being loved today and back when it first came out, is said to be the reason the series tries to take itself too seriously in the eyes of its fans. Expand easily Sonic universe with new characters and gimmicks feels unnecessary when players want an engaging platformer experience with a captivating and colorful world.

This seems to have ended when Negative color Only involves exciting levels starring Sonic, Tails and Dr. Eggman. However, other problems began to escalate beyond the return of random new characters. The cast’s personalities have changed and their superficial traits have been reduced. Sonic smug, Tails whimpering at danger, Amy’s obsession with Sonic overshadowing her other traits, Shadow sullen, etc. Games like Force tried too hard to repeat Adventure with their stories. It seems like Sonic more confused than ever in the 2000s.

Flynn’s Experience with Sonic

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Ian Flynn is not only a competent writer in his own field, but the fact that he specializes in Sonic stories can’t be anything but good news for Sonic Frontiers. While Sega is known for being strict with his direction for the comics, Flynn has been able to adapt to these limitations to write nuanced portrayals of characters that fans have spent three decades caring for. squirrel. For example, in IDW comics, Amy still loves Sonic, but she is able to maintain her composure when around him and can even command campaigns with or without his help.

Under the leadership of Flynn, the IDW team also successfully told the story of the zombie apocalypse with Sonic The characters are self-respecting. Original, moral, and villainous characters, such as Tangle, Whisper, Dr. Starline and Mimic, created for these comics. Fans greeted them with open arms, and unlike some who just came from the game, they didn’t feel lost in Sonic The universe.

With Flynn controls the story, Sonic Frontiers has the potential to bring the franchise back to some of its story roots while offering new interpretations of these popular characters. Flynn has the ability to make Sonic The universe feels majestic without compromising the tone and premise of the series. While his experience is limited to the comics and the transition from one medium to another can be difficult, his familiarity with Blue Blur makes Sonic Frontiers the story looks more promising, especially after a decade of shoddy Sonic output.

Sonic Frontiers slated to release during the 2022 holiday season for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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