Hundreds of immigrants gather at the Texas Border Wall, trying to force them through the gate

A video posted Monday by Fox News national reporter Bill Melugin shows a group of more than 300 migrants attempting to enter the United States through a gate in Del Rio, Texas.

Migrants, a significant portion from Haiti, were gathering near the gate as law enforcement officers from Nebraska, Texas and Florida stood guard alongside the Border Patrol, according to the report. reports and pictures from Melugin.

According to Melugin, some of the immigrant families in the crowd were let through the gate into the country. Several adult men tried to break the gate by trying to overwhelm the law enforcement officers there, only for the officers to yell at them and ask them to come back, video Shows.

“It’s not clear what will happen to this group,” Melugin said in one tweet. “The soldiers told me the Border Patrol was completely overrun and their processing centers were all overworked and they couldn’t handle a group of that size. Concerned the group might have to wait in the intense heat.”


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He then reported, “Almost all eventually made it into the United States.”

Law enforcement officers at the border have Pick 1,277,722 enforcement actions as of June of this fiscal year, according to information released Friday by Customs and Border Protection. Last month saw a 5% increase from the number that attempted to enter the United States illegally in May, CBP reported.

According to the agency, “a larger than usual number” of migrants attempted to enter illegally.

“We are in the hottest part of the summer and we are seeing a large number of calls to CBP from migrants abandoned in rough terrain by smugglers without cares about human life,” CBP Commissioner Troy Miller said in a statement.

“While CBP does all it can to locate and rescue those who are missing or distressed, the bottom line is this: the terrain along the border is extreme, the summers are hot and humid, and desert migrants have to walk long distances after crossing the border. in many areas is unforgivable. “

Del Rio, where crowds gathered on Monday, is one of several cities along the southwestern border that have seen a spike in illegal immigrants trying to cross the border. U.S.-Mexico nearby at various times during the Biden administration’s ongoing border crisis.

Frustrating is the official response to the issue from the federal government that Mayor Bruno Lozano of the Del Rio Democratic Party put forward in May. publicly complain that the administration has downplayed the crisis and is not doing enough to resolve the situation.


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Earlier this month, a group of Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers and police chiefs File a lawsuit against the Biden administration for allegedly putting barriers in place to prevent it from fulfilling its mission of keeping the nation’s borders secure from unauthorized entry.

Alongside the current situation at the border are concerns that political change in Cuba and Haiti could lead to an increase in migrants attempting to enter the US both by sea and by land.

Washington Free Beacon report Friday, the Biden administration asked immigration officials to prepare for “hundreds of thousands of families emigrating and claiming asylum” as it moves toward the end of Title 42, a provision that allows the United States to deny illegal immigrants due to their risk of spreading COVID -19.

Should more be done to protect the nation’s southern border?

An unnamed official told The Free Beacon: “Border Patrol officers, Immigration and Customs Enforcement and customs officers are trying to secure and secure our border.”

“All of these people will become permanent residents. The Biden administration will have no political will to deport families once they have been admitted. The White House knows that.

“The end of Title 42 will lead to de facto open borders.”


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