Huge anime adaptation is coming that no one is talking about

With Cowboy Bebop newly released and One mouthful Still in development, the live-action anime adaptation is a big talk at the moment. In all the excitement and overwhelming skepticism, some of the weirder and more interesting entries in the genre slip between the cracks and go unnoticed. One of the many common anime adaptations’ mistakes is taking the good name of a beloved source material and gluing it to an unrelated and often horrible movie. Perhaps a very different cinematic work could be created by adapting a lesser known anime Classic, perhaps one that usually doesn’t have its time in the sun.


Saint Seiya started out as a manga in 1986, written by Masami Kurumada. A fairly early entry into the venerable shonen genre, the series spanned four years in Iconic Shonen Jump Magazine. The series was adapted into an anime series just a few months after the manga’s debut, which subsequently led to three OVAs, six anime films, and numerous re-translations by various creators.

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Released before or in the midst of many deadlocks in the genre, Saint Seiya was the inspiration for works including Warrior Ronin and more Gundam series. Tite Kubo, the writer and artist behind classic shonen Bleach, quote Seiya as a major inspiration for his design sensibilities and iconic fight scenes. Bursted with spin-offs, re-imaginings, and often slick adaptations, new viewers rarely know what the series has to offer that has made it a lasting influence on the art form. .

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Saint Seiya Is one Fantasy themed Greek mythology Action-adventure story about a group of heroes protecting the Earth from the evil ideas of the gods. These Saints of the same name wear mystical armors known as Cloths, granting them superhuman strength in the service of the Goddess of Wisdom and War, Athena. Seiya is one of five new heroes to adopt these ancient capes, each designed after a famous constellation.

The series plays with a lot of classic anime manga, tournament arcs, evil siblings, characters that are reincarnations of other characters, increasing power levels, villains increasing to scale humor, etc Seiya is a classic anime of its time, with one interesting exception. Unlike most of the big pillars that shine today, Saint Seiya have a happy ending. It is a complete story, one that serves as an inspiration to its peers and deserves respect for its pedigree. However, that respect is often negated by the challenging adaptations that have emerged in the decades since the original show. With the most ambitious project in the franchise to date, perhaps Saint Seiya can be introduced to a new audience with a new shot.

Saint Seiya: Knight of the Zodiac is an American-made live-action film adaptation of the classic animated series. The project has ended filming in Hungary and no exact release date has been announced, with some predicting a release in 2023. Production has struggled, experiencing multiple setbacks. for many years since its initial formation. The film is being produced by Toei Animation, the powerful studio behind Super Dragon Ball and One mouthful, among countless others. This film is the directorial debut of Tomasz Baginski, a producer and animator who has worked on projects like The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf. In a world of pathetic anime adaptations, this project has some interesting talent behind it that could lead to a compelling product when the film finally hits the big screen.

Anime mainstay Mackenyu will take on the lead role in the upcoming film adaptation. Mackenyu recently starred as the stellar villain of Rurouni Kenshin: The Final and is set to portray the iconic Roronoa Zoro in the upcoming live-action One mouthful. Veteran character actor Beans Sean was cast as Seiya’s mentor, Alman Kiddo, bringing some very recognizable star power to the film. Famke Janssen, best known for playing Jean Gray in the 2000s X Men film, has been cast in an unspecified role. The franchise’s stellar action will now be overseen by Andy Cheng, the martial arts master recently known for choreographing some of Marvel’s best fight scenes in the franchise. Shangzhi and the legend of the ten rings. While the full cast and crew are yet to be showcased, what has been revealed is promising.

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When Saint Seiya It certainly has its fans, its popularity dwindling compared to some of its more modern peers. This brings an exciting new experience to the adaptation; Would it still be considered treason if the source material were less well known? Will Saint Seiya benefit from its relative obscurity by being judged fairly on its own merits? Every fan knows, the only good anime adaptation succeeds by adapting the spirit of the original work, but perhaps by opening a new avenue and introducing a new fan base to the work, Saint Seiya: Knight of the Zodiac could be something really special.

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