How Wronged Us is inspired by Dark Souls, Resident Evil and Silent Hill

The survival horror genre has evolved significantly over the past 30 years. Lonely in the dark (1992) was a pioneer in the genre, implementing many aspects commonly found in the most popular survival horror games. The player explores an environment with minimal direction, solves puzzles and is relatively helpless against a series of threats lurking in the shadows, all ideas that will develop in original Resident Evil and Silent Hill Game, though in quite different directions. In the present, in the future Wrong us seeks to tap into the horror roots of these iconic franchises and create an experience like never before.


Many games these days can rarely be grouped into a single genre, with the amalgamation of the video game industry constantly influencing developers’ projects. Outside Resident Evil and Silent Hill, Wronged Us is also inspired by The Last Game Of All Time Golden Joystick Awards, Dark souls. While FromSoftware’s soul the series is generally recognized for its difficulty, its strides in world design are still felt to this day, encouraging players to explore its world but rarely assisting them in adventure. With a haunting story like Silent Hill, gameplay reminiscent of modern times Resident Evil games and an open world inspired by Dark souls, Wrong us is a combination of many influences.

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We were wrong and the other world of Silent Hill

wrong we compare the hill of silence

Silent Hill because the franchise has fallen on hard times, but its impact on the survival horror genre will forever be important. Due to the game’s forbidden atmosphere, whether it’s the demonic creature design or the heavy use of fog, Silent Hill It feels like a place out of reality, making it difficult for players to determine the reality of game events or whether certain characters should be trusted. Furthermore, the series is often introspective with its enemies, plot twists, and puzzles about the rusty industrial basement of Silent Hill, as they all represent the main character’s faults and problems.

Are from Wrong us trailer, there’s nothing quite as overt as a clearly distorted second world, but there’s certainly an incredible atmosphere present. The trailer shows a glimpse of the protagonist walking down the garbage streets with abandoned cars lying on the sidewalks, and creepy NPCs watching from their porches, apparently as well. swept up in desolation. Likewise, the word high It tracks-Bloody Enemy To the haunting headless couple holding hands, the enemies quickly fortify the strange world Wrong us are creating. With Silent Hill no more happening, Wrong us could be the next best thing.

We were wrong and the gameplay of Resident Evil

wrong us residents compare evil

Resident Evil has appeared in many styles of play during its long 25-year history. Early Resident Evil The title builds scary through locked camera angles and tank controls, but all that changes with Resident Evil 4, put the camera behind the player and make the atmosphere much more personal. In its most current form, Resident Evil has alternated between more modern third-person action gameplay as with remake of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3and first-person action gameplay like this year Resident Evil: Villagee. The combination of terrifying enemy design and item management helps make these games terrifying regardless of the angle of view used.

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This aspect of Wrong us is probably the most easily identifiable effect of the three. As mentioned, all of the footage in the game shows the player-character being able to control the camera and see what they want. However, when the action heats up and the player-character has to fight, the camera will jump behind them, allowing them to aim and shoot. Although not shown here, there may be resource management mechanics relating to ammunition as in practically every Resident Evil game, forcing players to choose between fighting, running, or finding other means of taking down their enemies.

We made a mistake and designed the world of dark spirits

wrong we compare dark souls

Complete all quests and find every secret in Dark souls (or any FromSoftware title for that matter) often requires tutorials due to the game’s confusing world design. With no waypoints or navigational markers, or any kind of mission tracking system, players have to be very thorough and analytical while playing the game to avoid getting lost and manage their goals. Characters can change positions at will, have the ability to attack players if they perform certain actions, and players can even kill NPCs and lock themselves out of the content. These features provide players with multiple ways to progress in the game, while increasing the replayability of the game if secrets are missed.

Compared to the aesthetic factor and gameplay of Wrong us, world design is perhaps the most elusive influence in this first trailer. Various locations are displayed, from neighboring streets, to many of the decaying interior locations. Assuming the game retains the freedom to explore most of it soul Currently, players can access many of these from the start. Also, it seems that in a scene where the player is told “You won’t make it” by an NPC, which is exactly the foreshadowing of a random character in the game. soul the title will say. Although it is unlikely that this NPC will Randomly infiltrate the player At the worst possible time, the dialogue and the locations will create a bit soul viberation. If the three influences highlighted by the developer Delusional Studio are successfully combined, the game could be one of the games worth keeping an eye on.

Wrong us slated to launch in 2023 on PC and consoles.

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The source: Studio Delusional

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