How will Yelena fit into the story?

Marking the halfway mark for the latest Marvel series, Hawk Eye, has arrived. Its third episode, “Echoes,” is full of action and plenty of emotional dilemmas for Clint, but it also contains some big hints about the arrival of a powerful Marvel villain. With all that has happened in the series, is there still room for Yelena?

So far, Clint and Kate have faced countless crazy troubles in Hawkeye’s first three episodes. Kate discovers that her mother’s fiancé, Jack Duquesne, isn’t as perfect as her mother thought, causing her to fall into a hot tub. After wear Ronin clothes, she then attracts the attention of other enemies including the Tracksuit Gang and Maya Lopez. “Echoes” hints at Kingpin’s appearance and if he appears in Hawk Eye, how will Yelena fit into the picture?


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Yelena was last seen in the post-credits scene in Black Widow, where she visits Natasha’s grave after the event Avengers: Endgame. Over there, she was approached by Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, a face previously appeared in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Valentina’s motives were called into question when she recruited John Walker in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and it doesn’t seem like she’s in Yelena’s best interests. In post-credits scene, she gave Yelena a picture of Clint, telling her he was responsible for Natasha’s death. Yelena’s exact motives are still unknown, but since Clint is blamed for Natasha’s death, it’s possible Yelena is hunting him for revenge.

Yelena and Valentina in Black Widow

Clint has struggled with Natasha’s death. He feels guilty for the rest of the Endgame and his struggle in Hawk Eye can also be traced back to the tragic event of Natasha’s death. Add in the guilt of not keeping her promise to her family to come home for Christmas and the pressure to deal with Kate and the Ronin suit, Yelena’s arrival will only make Clint feel worse. Given the difficulties Clint and Kate are facing, the question of when Yelena can arrive in the remaining three episodes without being disturbed by other storylines.

There are several ways in which Yelena can be introduced to the current events of Hawk Eye. It’s unlikely she’ll show up to help Kate or Clint as circumstances might unite them, but Yelena could show up alongside some of the enemies the two archers have made. With Valentina’s relationships and friends in high places, chances are Valentina could have some kind of history with Jack Duquesne. Jack’s shady behavior could somehow be related to Valentina’s own secret. Up until this point, little has been revealed about Valentina’s history in the Marvel Universe, but her questionable behavior does her no good. No one knows exactly who Valentina is working for or what her motives are, making her relationship with Yelena all the more complicated.

If it weren’t for Jack and his family history, Valentina might also have a connection to the Tracksuit Gang, Maya Lopez, or even Kingpin. Wilson Fisk’s previous appearance in the Netflix series Daredevil proved that he has noble connections that he can use at any time. Yelena may appear next to him, complicating Clint’s situation even more. In “Echoes”, Clint tells Maya that the person who killed Ronin was Natasha, which is technically correct. The moment Natasha came to Clint in Endgame To tell him that the rest of the team hatched a plan to bring his family back, Clint immediately ceased to be Ronin. While others don’t fully know that Clint was formerly Ronin, Yelena might have mixed feelings when she heard that Natasha was the one who killed the man so many were after.

Hawkeye and Yelena

Question from How can Yelena get in Hawk Eye just part of the battle for her character in the series’ setting. With only three episodes left, there’s the problem of how Yelena’s story can be integrated into what’s been and is going on. The Tracksuit gang, Maya, Jack, and potentially the Kingpin, all have motives of their own that have nothing to do with Clint himself. While many of them unwittingly chased after him, Yelena was the only one who actually shot after the skilled archer for a very personal reason.

What Yelena doesn’t know is that how she feels about Natasha’s death is very similar to Clint’s. Not required if Yelena is seen again in Hawk Eye that the problems between her and Clint must be resolved immediately. However, given that Hawk Eye Given the spiritual backdrop of the holidays, that wouldn’t be such a horrible idea. Natasha is very close to the Clint family, and Yelena has the potential to become that new character for them, offering new stories about Natasha if the issue between Yelena and Clint is resolved. The simple (but unlikely) solution to this could be that Yelena only appears at the end of Hawk Eye, once Clint (hopefully) returns home to his family. Yelena could be the ominous presence threatening happiness that Clint and Kate might have found at the end of the series.

The first three episodes of Hawk Eye Currently streaming on Disney Plus.

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