How ‘Undone’ Rosa Salazar Star Dove Returns to the Multiverse for Season 2

The multiverse is having a moment. Marvel’s upcoming word Doctor Strange: Into the Multiverse to the mind-shaping epic of Daniels Anything Anywhere Anytime, our favorite actors are sending their tiny human brains into billions of warped worlds. Today, diving into the multiverse is also an indelible cinematic experience falling in love with the lucky YA heroines of those 2010s series, or jumping out of your seats while watching. The train arrives In the late 1800s.

That’s all to say: People are watching. So the Amazon series Undo nothing if not trending — the hilarious Rotoscope series first played in the multiverse in 2019.

In the first season of Undo—Which you might want to revisit before entering Season 2, since it was released three years ago and presented as such, a lot of twists and turns — Alma (Salazar) realizes she has the ability to travel time/jumping genetic world. She goes back in time, resurrects her once deceased father (Bob Odenkirk) and lives happily ever after. Somethings like that. Season 2 sees Alma reveal her mother’s (Constance Marie) secret and embark on an even more dangerous journey than the first: into the generational wound of her mother and grandmother.

When Rosa Salazar read the script for Season 1, she got very excited at the thought of a reading board– “Have friends when Have you heard an actor say that? ” she asked me, shocked by her own words — for her new project. Even though it was a production cut off due to the COVID protocol, Salazar said she was excited: “I’m in love with these scripts.”

Salazar’s recent projects, namely Alita: Battle Angel and Brand new cherry flavor, which made it famous on social media. But Undo, surprisingly, remains an underdog in the vast streaming landscape, even with its alluring multiverse aspect. (Russian dolls? Barry? Ozark? Flight attendant? Undo faces fierce competition for attention on the stacked April release schedule.)

But that won’t stop Salazar from pressing her fans to get Undo top the trending list. “You won’t really catch me advertising furniture on the street as much as I do Undo, “She talks to me. “I sat and got people watching me in it.”

Most conscientious Undo fan of all, Rosa Salazar, took us through many of Season 2’s puzzles.

How did it make its way back to Season 2 after such a huge delay? Do you remember all those evil zigzags Undo?

Yes, I did! I am extremely proud of this program. I remember, it was very dear to my heart.

Jumping in after a few years? Hisko Hulsing, the director, says it’s the best way. He said that in Season 1, we tried to drive a car while building it, but no one knew what it would be like. Nobody knew what we were doing, really. We thought we had something special, and we did! So with the second season, we thought – this is pre-pandemic – we said, “Okay! Now we have this Maserati. Put it down and put it in the cruise control, honey. ”

But there are also pandemics.

Aaa and then the pandemic hit. So we said, “Uh oh. We have a boot on our car. What’s going on?” But again, it really fits the nature of Undo Anyhow, this exploratory project where you really use your imagination a lot. There are a lot of ways to deal with the problem right now and it’s very fluid that way. We still go back. We just had to do some undercover testing on new ways to shoot things in the garage and try to get a blue light during the pandemic to shoot it. Of course, I didn’t know what the new adventure would be like until I got the script. And then I was even more excited to go back there.

What was your reaction when you read the Part 2 script?

Oh my God. I love these scripts. People waiting for the second season of their show to come out, I said, “Give me that script!” It’s the same thing in Season 1. You never have to worry about, “Is this story going to go in the right direction? Do these scripts fall out? “You know it’s going to be deep. You know it will be extended. You know it’s going to be great. You know it will ask all kinds of philosophical questions. You know you’ll be enveloped by this story.

Part 1, I was like, drunk these scripts and I can’t wait to read a table. I mean, have you when heard an actor say that? I cannot wait. In part 2, we didn’t really get into the table reading, but it was the same kind of excitement: typing these scripts, reading these scripts at the same time.


Ok, so let’s talk about those scripts. In Season 1, Alma’s abilities were upgraded. Does she have them? She does not? In Season 2, it’s a bit clearer: they’re there.

Everything is up for debate. Even in our ordinary, everyday life, you and I, everything can be argued. Opinion is a very difficult thing and it is a very subjective thing. In my opinion, we landed somewhere in between. She is clearly capable. They run in her family. This is if she even went into that grave. Do you understand what I mean?

This is also true.

She can still sit there to this day. All of which can be a rainbow-crossing experience. But in this timeline, if we treat some things as given — which, with Undo, we never really could – but if we could, I’d say there’s some degree of combination of the two. She embodies the traits of an unwell, unbalanced person. Whether it is a diagnosable mental illness or a disease from the DSM [the American Psychiatric Association’s manual of mental disorders], or if it’s just a behavior stemming from trauma in that timeline, or all of that timeline — it’s combined with, yes, she has abilities and they run in her family. Obviously, Becca has the ability. In this timeline, in this story, in this case, I believe they’re both playing.

We see Alma actually going outside. She is very concerned with all the external things happening in her life, in her family line, and she wants to fix it. She wants to fix that, she wants to fix this. Alma 1 felt uncomfortable, like, “I don’t know about this. It’s scary.” Alma 2, to a relentless degree, bordered on obnoxiousness, like, “We have power now. Everyone increase my speed. Fix this. Fix this. this error. Fix this.” In it, we see behavioral dysfunction. This is a person who is constantly trying to fix everything outside of himself.

And what about the future — Part 3?

If there is a third part, we will go into the vast universe inside her. Because that’s what wherever you are – time, space – is there. That’s the only thing that can really change. There is some degree of sickness, and some degree of magic ability. But it still has to be answered.

Two of your projects, Alita: Battle Angel and Brand new cherry flavor, went viral on social media. If you can make the internet pay attention to one aspect of Undo—A scene, a performance, etc. — which would you choose?

Really, I want people to get rid of its great philosophical questions. Asking people to expand their awareness is really what we’re aiming for. We’re on that journey, so to speak, and we’re really giving it to the audience through our art, our emotional writing, our impeccable direction, our Rotoscope and our oil painters. be trained. In addition, as actors, we all give our best to the audience.

Which goes back to the question, “What do you do about this?” The main thing to take away from something like Undo is just for curiosity. The only thing we owe each other on this planet is to be open and curious. How ‘Undone’ Rosa Salazar Star Dove Returns to the Multiverse for Season 2


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