How Turbo Golf Racing is overhauling the Rocket League formula

The indie gaming market is bigger than ever, with countless titles being released every year to span the breadth of video game genres. While some indie genres are far more popular than others, with soulslikes, roguelikes, and platformers often doing very well, there are always those titles that seem to come out of nowhere and bring something brand new to the video game landscape. rocket league was one such game, and this year’s Turbo Golf Race is another.


release in 2015, rocket league was an instant success. merging of racing and sports genres, rocket league was able to appeal to a large player base, and with simple controls, it’s easily accessible to video game fans of all kinds. With the immense popularity of rocket leagueit was only a matter of time before other games would take direct influence on his formula and those recently released Turbo Golf Race is an outstanding example.

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How Turbo Golf Racing borrows the Rocket League formula

Released just a few days ago in Early Access, Turbo Golf Race takes rocket league‘s overall gameplay formula and mechanics, and makes some interesting changes. Swapping soccer for golf is only natural Turbo Golf Race would need to change his mechanics to best suit the sport, but his bones are very reminiscent rocket league.

An average game of Turbo Golf Race will see the player ram their car into an oversized ball and hurl it down a forward-facing path. The player must then catch up with their ball and keep bumping into it until it eventually rolls into the cup. The player who manages to pocket his ball the fastest wins the match. Although the core gameplay formula is a little different than rocket league‘s, the general idea is similar and the mechanics are nearly identical.

During gameplay, players can use boost pads to gain an edge over the competition and can ram enemies to try to knock them out of the way. controls on Turbo Golf Race will be quite familiar to fans rocket league, and players have the opportunity to launch their car into the air. Interestingly, players also have the ability to glide through the air, which is a pretty unique mechanic.

Although the controls may not be quite as responsive as rocket league‘s shares the same addictive looping gameplay and high level of accessibility. As a matter of fact, Turbo Golf Race maybe even easier than rocket league, as most of the action takes place in front of the player, as most courses require the player to simply move forward. This high level of accessibility ensures that almost any player can enjoy the game, regardless of skill level.

With miniature golf for inspiration, Turbo Golf Race can also let off steam quite creatively when designing the space. While a good portion rocket leagueThe cards of are quite simple, often consisting of a square field with goals at either end, plus a little set dressing, Turbo Golf Race‘s courses are sometimes a little more exciting. There are often multiple paths open to the player, boost rings in the sky will propel a well-placed ball further, and foliage and rocky terrain can force a player to think strategically about how to effectively clear the obstacles while still keeping the ball in play keeps an eye. It’s fair to say that while Turbo Golf Race certainly draws a lot of inspiration from rocket league‘s formula makes it’s structure all its own.

Turbo Golf Race is now available for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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