How to Win Oddball Matches in Halo Infinite Multiplayer: Tips and Tricks

One of HaloThe most iconic and unique objective-based game mode is Oddball, in which two teams battle for control of a single skull by earning points for every second it is controlled.

It’s one of the four core game modes in Halo Infinite multiplayer, in both rated and quick-play game lists, which means you’ll see it quite often if you’re a dedicated player.

If you and your team have trouble keeping the skull and keeping it out of your opponent’s hands, here are some tips and tricks to win Oddball matches in Halo Infinite.

Stick together

You’d be surprised how often Oddball players, even at the higher ranks, try to do everything on their own. Some will even pick up an Oddball and immediately try to distance themselves from their teammates as quickly as possible. Don’t do this.

The biggest mistake you can make in Oddball is challenging the opponent’s carrier on your own, or creating some distance from your teammates if you’re the carrier. When you are trying to get the Oddball back, your team has an advantage because one of your opponents will bring the Oddball. Either they have to drop it or force their teammates to fight three against four. So, after respawning, wait to see where your teammates are before rushing straight into the enemy carrier.

When Oddball is on your side, stick together to make it harder for the enemy team to recapture it. Going solo as a carrier just makes it easier for your competitors to earn revenue.

Decline revenue by jumping off the map

If you’re a carrier pushed by the enemy team and your teammates aren’t there to help you, you have one choice if the map you’re on allows: kill yourself. No, we’re not malicious, literally, take the Oddball and jump off the edge of the map with it.

This will reset the Oddball to its original starting point, instead of falling to the ground for enemies to pick up. At worst, this makes it impossible for the opposing team to immediately pick it up, causing them to lose some points. At best, it gives your team a chance to get the Oddball back once it spawns.

There are spots on both Livefire and Recharge where you can jump off the edge with Oddball, but there doesn’t seem to be one on the Streets.

Power Weapon Control and Overshields

This goes for almost any game mode, but it’s just as important in Oddball as it is in any mode.

Weapons of power are important in transferring momentum in any fight, whether you’re defending your carrier or looking to take down your opponent. A long-range sniper shot or a well-placed rocket can be the difference between victory or defeat, so keep an eye on that power weapon’s cooldown timers.

Overshield is probably the most useful utility in the game, allowing you to absorb more damage than usual while releasing it. How to Win Oddball Matches in Halo Infinite Multiplayer: Tips and Tricks


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