How to use maximalist interior design in small spaces

Minimalism has been thought of as the way to go when it comes to designing small spaces, however, not everyone likes the minimalist aesthetic and for our maximalist lovers, minimalism is never a choice. Maximalism can often be wrongly assumed to be a very neat hoarders’ home, which is the furthest thing from the truth! It is a loud style that is a compilation of patterns, curated collections (and no, they are not excessive!) and your décor that lets your personality shine through.

To help you with making your small space to your maximalist aesthetic, we have compiled a list of ideas and tips you can employ to have the room of your dreams, even if it is not big enough!

Avoid chaos

In a small space, it is easy for a maximalist interior design to look chaotic. It is easy to avoid that though! All you need to do is understand who you are and focus that on your space. Maximalism is not about just adding stuff to a small room, it is much more than that. Adding things that make you happy and define who you are alongside adding balance to the room is the key to getting it right with maximalism.

In a smaller space, it is important to be strategic with the colours and the things you choose to display. Choose colours carefully- go wild with different patterns and textures but make sure that they come together at the end. It is important to balance out the colours and patterns in a way that they don’t feel misplaced in the room.

An easy way to avoid the clutter of colour is by not choosing the colours first at all. Instead, decide on your furnishings, their placement, and their purpose. Once you have decided the placement, create a mood board with the accents and textures you like and then mix and match them with the colours you want to go for. Balance out bold and not-so-bold colours to create an effortless space.

Choose open shelving

In a small space, the easiest way to display the items that bring you comfort is by putting them on shelves! This will not only save you space but will also provide for a balanced way to store and display your items neatly. The idea is to show your beloved items and collections in a way that displays your passion but stops the room from feeling overwhelming.

Open shelving can also be used through floating shelves, which are perfect for small spaces. Floating shelves save space on the floor and utilise the vertical wall space, which is often left unutilised. Apart from floating shelves, you can also opt for wall mounted television to save you space. You can easily get your TV wall mounted by professionals by clicking here.

Do the walls

A lot of maximalists like focusing on one accent wall and going all out on it. However, with a smaller space, an accent wall can make the place look smaller and chaotic. Instead, try distributing your wall art and wall hangings all around the place. In a maximalist interior design, nothing is too much- put up pictures and wall décor that makes you happy or inspires you. Just make sure that you place it uniformly and space it out well so that it does not look haphazard.

Alternatively, if you have low ceilings, take the art displays up to the max to create an illusion of higher ceilings. You can also add mirrors around the room to make the light bounce off better and make the room brighter and airier

Add plants

With so much décor, plants add life to the room and make it feel more comfortable and cosier. Add plants on your shelves or hang them from the ceiling to increase room to move around the space. If you don’t have a green thumb and are worried about the maintenance of plants, go easy to care for plants like aloe vera or succulents. Besides making your space look and feel brighter, plants also help with clearing up air which increases the air quality in the room.

Adding plants to your maximalist interior design will also add depth and provide an extra dynamic to the space. They will liven up the space and make you feel more connected to nature, all the while helping with reducing stress.

Increase natural daylight

You will be surprised by how much of a difference increasing natural daylight can make in your small space. You can easily increase the daylight by adding in linen or sheer curtains instead of blackout curtains, adding skylights to the space and opting for the floor to ceiling windows. Natural daylight will make your room feel bigger and brighter, despite the amount of stuff you have.

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