How to use Bait and Bait in Stardew Valley

Fishing in Stardew Valley notoriously hard, especially when the player has a low level of Fishing skill. However, with proper use, it can be made a little easier. There are two different types of items that can be attached to a fishing rod: lures and lures. Bait, or bait, is often used to make the actual process of catching fish easier, while bait is mainly used to attract fish in the first place.

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There are several types of bait and fishing in Stardew Valleyand they are obtained in different ways. Some of them are purchased from Willy’s shop, some can be crafted by the player, and others are found in unique ways. Here’s how to find them all, how they’re used, and what they do.


How to use Bait and Trick

How to use Bait and Disposal in Stardew Valley

Attaching bait or line to a fishing rod is a bit complicated, so let’s take a look at that first.

The first fishing rod the player receives is the Bamboo Pole, which is introduced by Willy at the beginning of the game. Unfortunately, this fishing rod cannot be equipped with bait or lures. Same goes for the Training Rod that Willy sells.

  • At Fishing Level 2, Willy will start selling Fiberglass Rods. Bait can be used with this rod, but bait must not be used.
  • At Fishing Level 6, the Iridium Rod is unlocked and sold at Willy’s shop. This rod allows the player to use both bait and fishing.

To attach bait or lures to a fishing rod, go to the inventory screen. Select the bait or fishing rod, then hover the pointer over the fishing rod and place it. Here’s how on each platform:

Communication Pick up a pile of bait or decoys Pick up pieces one by one Attach Remover
calculator Left click Right click Right click Right click
Switch ONE Y Y Y
PlayStation X square square X
Xbox ONE X X X
Mobile Just drag and drop! *See notes

* There is currently no way to completely remove bait or lures from fishing rods on mobile devices. Another solution that players have discovered is to create a different type of lure or lure and replace the bait or lure that came with it.

Spinner and Dressed Spinner

Stardew Valley Spinners
How to unlock Price Make
Spinner Fishing level 6 500g
Gypsy wears clothes Fishing level 8 1,000 yen

These are the most basic tricks in the game, but they can be very useful, especially for those who are impatient or like speed.

Both types of bait will reduce the maximum amount of time that can pass before the fish takes a bite. Several factors, including bait, Fishing skill level, and more will affect the previous maximum timeout slightly, but the absolute maximum is 30 seconds.

Standard Gyro will reduce the maximum time during transmission by 3.75 seconds and the Dressed Gyroscope will reduce it by 7.5 seconds.

thorn hooks

Barbed hook in Stardew Valley
How to unlock Price Make
Fishing level 8 1,000g
  • 1x Copper Bar
  • 1x Iron Bar
  • 1x Gold Bar

This Lure can be hit or missed. What it does is make the fishing rod (the green bar in the mini-game) “cling” to the fish icon as it moves up and down. However, this can be a bonus or a partial loss, depending on the fish biting the hook.

The bar will only cling to the fish symbol when it actually passes it, so fish that move back and forth quickly will escape its grip very easily. However, for fish that are slow to grow, the Thorn Hook can be a useful item, especially for new players.

Cork Bobber

Stardew Valley Cork Bobber
How to unlock Price Make
Fishing level 7 750g
  • 10x wood
  • 5x hardwood
  • 10 times slime

This attraction increases the size of the green bar in the fishing mini game, add 24 flat pixels to it. Fishing skill levels also increase the size of the bar, meaning Cork Bobber is much more useful at lower Fishing skill levels because 24 pixels represent a higher percentage of bars.

Lead Bobber

Stardew Valley Lead Bobber
How to unlock Price Make
Fishing level 6 200g

Lead Bobber is very useful when players are stuck with the small game bar bouncing at the bottom of the window. This attraction prevent this return from happening, giving users more control.

This prey cannot be crafted and must be purchased from Willy.

Quality Bobber

Stardew Valley Quality Attraction
How to unlock Price Make
Complete Special Orders (see below)
  • 1x Copper Bar
  • 20x Sap
  • Solar Essence 5x

To unlock this trick, the player must complete Willy’s Special Command, titled “Juicy Bugs Wanted!” The Special Orders Board can be accessed starting Fall 2 of Year 1. Willy tasks the player with collecting 100 lots of Bug Meat and placing it in a box outside his shop. Bug Meat must be collected while the mission is active and cannot be obtained from the player’s existing inventory.

Quality blades increase the quality of any fish caught by one. This is one of only two ways to catch iridium-quality fish; All that remains is to hit a perfect catch. This is done by catching fish that never leave the green bar in the mini game.

Trap Bobber

Stardew Valley Trap Bobber
How to unlock Price Make
Fishing level 6 500g

This is probably one of the most useful tackle options in the game. Trap Bobber makes the bait watch fall more slowly when the fish is outside the blue line. It slows down the meter’s drop rate by 33%.

Treasure Hunter

Treasure Lure
How to unlock Price Make
Fishing level 7 750g

Treasure hunters are not interested in helping catch fish. Instead, it increases the chance of treasure chests spawning while fishing. The standard base rate for a treasure chest spawn is 15% and this attraction adds 5%.

As a bonus, this draw also prevents the catch meter from dropping while the player is unlocking treasure chests.

Those who enjoy finding treasure while fishing should also consider two other options to increase their chances:

  • Pirate Job, is an option at Fishing Level 10 if Fisher is selected at Level 5 – it increases chance by 15%
  • magnetuse the bait slot on the fishing rod – they also add 15%

The player’s daily Luck can also increase or decrease the chance of finding a treasure chest, as well as possibly buffing Luck from Special Charms or food.

Curiosity Lure

Curiosity Valley Lure Stardew

This Lure cannot be purchased or handcrafted. It can only be found by smashing crates and crates in the Skull Cavern, Volcano Dungeon, or Quarry mine. Some of the monsters in the Skull Cavern can also release them over time.

Curiosity Lure increases the chance of finding rare fishwith some exceptions.


  • Glacierfish and Glacierfish II (other Legendary fishes get boosts)
  • Crater Lava Eels (Lava Eels get an increase in mines at Level 100)
  • Some products caught on the submarine received decrease (Midnight Squid, Octopus, Sea Cucumber, Octopus and Seaweed)

The percentage gain for everything else depends on a number of factors. Test Stardew Valley Wiki’s Full analysis for individual species and locations.


Stardew Valley Bait
How to unlock Price Make
Fishing level 2 5g

Moving on to bait from bait, start with standard bait. This item is pretty simple: it 50% reduction in maximum time for fish to bite. As a bonus, it also reduce the chance of finding items in the trash when fishing.

It should be noted that Standard Bait can be passively produced with the help of Worm Bins, producing a handful per day.

Wild bait

Stardew Valley Wild Bait
How to unlock Price Make
Make friends with Linus (see below)
  • 5x Bug Meat
  • 5x Slime
  • 10x fiber

This is essentially an upgraded version of the Standard Bait. It reduces the maximum time before bite by 62.5%. It also more chance of catching two fish at the same timehowever, this effect does not apply to Legendary Fish.

To unlock this recipe, upgrade your friendship with Linus. He will teach the player how to craft it in time four hearts event.

Magic bait

Stardew Valley Magic Bait
How to unlock Price Make
Buy from Qi’s Walnut Room 5 Qi Gems for 20 Magic Bait
  • 1x Radioactive Ore
  • 3x Bug Meat

Magic Bait is a late game item with an interesting function. It will remove any time, weather or season restrictions on a location’s catchable fish pool. This means that players can Fishing from any season, in any weather, at any time of the day.

Recipe can be purchased from Qi’s Walnut Room, rewards 20 Qi Gems. Magic Bait can also be pre-purchased in a 20-piece stack for 5 Qi Gems from the rewards list.


SDV . Magnet
How to unlock Price Make
Fishing level 9 1,000g

Although this item looks more like a lure, it actually functions as a bait and goes into the bait slot on the rod. It will be 15% increased chance of finding a chest while fishing.

Its description says the fish doesn’t like the taste, but it really Reduce bite time by up to 50%just like regular old bait.

Stardew Valley available on PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Android and iOS.

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