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You can unlock the Namazu Tribe Quests, formerly known as the Namazu Animal Tribe Quests, by completing the quest One Size from Seigetsu the Enlightened in Azim Steppes (X:6.1, Y:23.3). Before this quest becomes available, you must complete two separate quest lines in the Yanxia area and the introductory quest for this tribe.

The Namazu tribal quests are also part of the tribal quests for the Stormblood expansion, so you must first complete the main scenario quest (MSQ) All the Little Angels from Isse in Yanxia (X:31.2, Y:28.9). The quest lines can be unlocked.

Below we have created a short step-by-step guide and a longer guide to help you:

Quick step-by-step guide on how to unlock

Dhoro Iloh - Home of the Namazus / FFXIV
Dhoro Iloh – Home of the Namazus

  1. Complete the main scenario quest (MSQ) All Little Angels from Isse in Yanxia (X:31.2, Y:28.9).
  2. Complete Fukudo’s quest line starting with Courage, the Cowardly Lupine in Yanxia (X:30.9, Y:17.8).
  3. Complete Ochimi’s quest line starting with “Perchance to Hanami” in Yanxia (X:30.3, Y:18.3).
  4. Complete the introductory quest “Something Fishy Comes This Way” from the squirming Namazu in Azim Steppes (X:17.4, Y:37.5).
  5. Accept and complete the quest “One Size” from Seigetsu the Enlightened in Azim Steppes (X:6.1, Y:23.3).

Detailed Unlock Guide

Festive Namazus Show Off Their Moves / FFXIV
Festive Namazus show their movements

The Namazu Tribal Quests are daily quests for Disciples of Land and Hand released with patch 4.3 of the Stormblood expansion.

There are two quest lines that you need to complete from two NPCs: Fukudo and Ochimi.

However, these quest lines can only be started after you Complete the level 64 Main Scenario Quest (MSQ) All the Little Angels from Isse in Yanxia (X:31.2, Y:28.9).

Once you have completed this MSQ, you can start one of the two quest lines; the order doesn’t matter.

You must complete four quests from Fukudo and six quests from Ochimi before the introductory quest for the Namazu tribe can be accepted. Here are all the quests you need to complete along with their locations and requirements:

Fukudo’s quest line

The Elder Fukudo in Yanxia / FFXIV
The Elder Fukudo in Yanxia

quest name level requirement NPC location
Courage of the Cowardly Lupine 64 fukudo Yanxia (X:30.9, Y:17.8)
Kurobana against the rice sacks 64 fukudo Yanxia (X:30.9, Y:17.8)
Kurobana against the arrowheads 64 fukudo Yanxia (X:30.9, Y:17.8)
Kurobana Holmes 64 kurobana Yanxia (X:30.9, Y:17.8)

Ochimi’s quest line

Ochimi, an Ally of the Namazus / FFXIV
Ochimi, an ally of the Namazus

quest name level requirement NPC location
Maybe to Hanami 64 Ochim Yanxia (X:30.3, Y:18.3)
Namazu Gyorin 64 Györin Yanxia (X:15.4, Y:32.2)
No wealth like mineral wealth 64 Györin Yanxia (X:16.8, Y:31.1)
Fresh meat 64 Györin Yanxia (X:16.8, Y:31.1)
show me the new money 64 Györin Yanxia (X:16.8, Y:31.1)
Yellow alert 64 Gyōshū Yanxia (X:15.0, Y:31.6)

Namazu Tribal Quests

Gyoshin Brings Some
Gyoshin Delivers “Bad News”

After completing the Fukudo and Ochimi quest lines, go to Azim Steppes (X:17.4, Y:37.5).

You should see a funny looking catfish called Floundering Namazu.

Accept his quest Something Fishy This Way Comes to begin the story of Namazu. In this introductory quest, Gyoshin (the wriggling Namazu) reveals the dreams he’s had recently that could spell the end of their tribe.

According to the distressed catfish, the Namazus must hold a seven-year festival every 777 years to commemorate the birth of their tribe. If they don’t, their tribe will be destroyed. After a dramatic performance, his friend Gyofun, the self-proclaimed “Seigetsu the Enlightened One,” will say the opposite.

But he likes the idea of ​​hosting a festival, saying it will start their “cultural renaissance”.

This comedic story has six quests that you must complete in order to unlock all of the Namazu tribe rewards.

Note that each quest only unlocks after you cap your reputation points for each level with the Namazus.

Daily Quests

“Seigetsu the Enlightened”, although his friends only call him Gyofun

The daily Namazu quests allow you to upgrade your level 60-70 jobs or land jobs efficiently.

Keep in mind that if you haven’t gotten any crafters or gatherers to at least level 60 yet, You will not be able to do their quests. This tribe is unlocked through your combat-based jobs, but they are intended for crafting or gathering jobs.

You can accept a new set of quests every 11am EST (or 8am PST).

New quests cannot be accepted until you complete those from the previous day. These quests also count towards your daily tribal quest limit of 12, so plan your allowances when doing other daily tribal quests.

Additional quests are added each time you increase your reputation with the tribe.

There are no restrictions on the type of daily tribal quests you can choose with your allowances.

You can mix Disciple of War or Magic quests (like the Ananta) with Disciple of the Hand or Land quests (like the Namazu). You are also free to accept daily tribal quests from different expansions at the same time.

Quest Sync

You can accept some of the quests from Seigetsu the Enlightened / FFXIV
Some of the quests you can accept from Seigetsu the Enlightened

Starting with the Heavensward expansion, daily tribal quests will sync to your level when you accept them.

This feature syncs your experience gain with your current level.

Keep in mind that the intended level range for the daily Namazu quests is 60-70.

Completing the Namazu daily quests with a level 71 or higher job will cap your experience gain at a low rate. At this point, it would be better to do the daily quests of the tribes, which are designed for level 70 to 80 (Qitari). Also, you cannot accept the quest with one job and turn it in with another job.


After completing the daily Namazu quests, you will receive two unique rewards, along with gil and experience:

  • 60 Namazu relationships
  • 1 Namazu Koban

Namazu relationships increase your reputation with the tribe, while Namazu kobans are exchanged for additional rewards.

You will also receive additional rewards depending on the crafting or gathering job you accepted the quest with:

work Reward
Carpenter 20 wind crystal
blacksmith 20 Fire Crystal
gunsmith 20 Ice Crystal
goldsmith 20 wind crystal
leatherworker 20 Earth Crystal
weaver 20 Lightning Crystal
alchemist 20 Water Crystal
Culinary 20 Fire Crystal
miner 1 Sincerely
botanist 1 Sincerely
fisherman 1 Sincerely

Namazu Koban Exchange

Trade your kobans with Gyosho / FFXIV
Trade your kobans for gyosho

You can spend your Namazu Koban currency at Gyosho in Azim Steppes (X:5.8, Y:23.5) for various rewards.

Each item has a “reputation requirement” that you must meet before it becomes available:

article Costs reputation requirement Type
Car 1 Namazu Koban Friendly retainer currency
storm juice 1 Namazu Koban Friendly craft supplies
Stuffed Namazu 5 Namazu Kobans Friendly table furniture
Basket of steamed buns 3 Namazu Kobans Friendly table furniture
Participant No. 777 7 Namazu Kobans trustworthy minion
Approval for Namazu Material Suppliers 1 Namazu Koban respected real estate provider
Namazu Junkmonger Permission 1 Namazu Koban respected real estate provider
Namazu Mender Permission 1 Namazu Koban respected real estate provider
Permission as a servant of the Namazu 1 Namazu Koban respected real estate provider
Ballroom Etiquette – The Yol Dance 8 Namazu Kobans Honored gesture
Seven hundred seventy-seven Whiskers Orchestrion Roll 3 Namazu Kobans Honored orchestra role
Oroniri fabric 7 Namazu Kobans Sworn craft supplies
Namazu effigy 8 Namazu Kobans Sworn garden furniture
Mikoshi flute 20 namazu kobans blood sworn mount


Allied Reputation Level for the Namazu Tribe / FFXIV
Allied reputation level for the Namazu tribe

Completing the daily Namazu quests is the only way to increase your reputation with the Namazu tribe.

As you improve your reputation, better rewards and new types of quests will be unlocked. You must collect enough “Namazu Relationships” to unlock the latest main story quest and increase your reputation with the tribe.

Assuming you complete the three daily quests, you will get 180 Namazu Kindred per day.

It takes 31 days to reach Bloodsworn reputation, the maximum level you can achieve outside of Allied.

Call Required Relation Points days to cap Total number of days to limit
Friendly 510 3 3
trustworthy 720 4 7
respected 990 6 13
Honored 1320 8th 21
Sworn 1730 10 31
blood sworn 0 0 31
allies N / A N / A 31

Earn reputation as an “ally”.

This is the last reputation level you can get with the Namazu tribe.

It is a questline that includes all three tribes of the Stormblood expansion. This quest line is only available after you have achieved Bloodsworn reputation for the three Stormblood tribes:

If you stopped doing MSQs after unlocking the Namazu Tribe, you must continue to do so until you finish Pipin in The Lochs (X:32.6, Y:22.9) “Stormblood” MSQ.

Once you’ve defeated all three tribes, talk to the East Aldenard Trading Company’s assistant in Kugane (X:13.1, Y:9.7) and accept The Ananta Maid’s Tail quest.

Here are all the quests you need to complete to gain Ally reputation:

quest name level requirement NPC location
The Tail of the Ananta Maid 70 Assistant to the East Aldenard Trading Company Kugans (13.1,9.7)
Ruby seas under ruby ​​skies 70 J’olhmyn Kugans (X:9.6, Y:12.4)
fish in a barrel 70 J’olhmyn The Ruby Sea (X:6.0, Y:14.2)
What a wonderful world 70 Kabuto The Azim Steppes (X:5.9, Y:24.0)
money money money! / FFXIV
money money money!

Once you complete the Allied Tribes questline, your reputation with the Kojin, Ananta, and Namazu will change from Bloodsworn to Allied. Completing this quest line unlocks the title “Kageyama Killer” from the achievement “West Meets East”.

You’ll also unlock the Tip Emote, which you can use to show off your wealth! How To Unlock The Namazu Tribe Quests In FFXIV (Full Guide) – FandomSpot


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