How to unlock the authentic ending

The long-awaited prequel to a classic series, Five nights at Freddy’s security breach, offers a new perspective on gameplay while respecting old traditions. The game has multiple endings that delve into different possibilities in Five nights at Freddy’s timeline.

One of the last parts of Five nights at Freddy’s story, known as the true ending, may not be the happiest ending, but it is the canonically correct of the three. This can only be accessed by fully upgrading Freddy and defeating Roxy, Chica, and Monty.


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However, this ending can be quite brutal at the start and leave you bored with a tough boss battle. So for Five nights at Freddy’s Security Breach Fans are looking to unlock the full story, here’s how to get the real ending to the game.

Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach Gregory

Start from Roxy’s race track Sign your name, go up the escalator and open the door according to the illuminated Sodaroni sign. Once inside, follow the path and keep going straight, hugging the left wall. They’ll eventually find another doorway under the Roxy Track sign.

Roxy Raceway

Through this door, go through and run to the end of the corridor to open the door on the right. Gamers should find a large room with Roxy holding a racing flag drawn on the wall. Continue running towards the Roxy picture, watch out for the security bot, and head down the stairs. At the bottom, there must be an orange door behind the fence with a restricted area sign; Go inside when it is found.

Limited doorway

Then go down to the metal level at the bottom and go inside Freddy’s. There is a chained fence that he can break, leading into the ground. Go all the way to the end and open the elevator with two lights next to it. There should be a cutscene that Freddy will tell Gregory that the elevator is not safe.

Underground elevator

Once at the bottom, there will be a long wide open corridor with many purple generators, which the player will have to turn on when they get to the end. Continue until the player hits the “Freddy’s Fazbear’s Pizza Place” sign. Then, go inside Freddy and go deeper underground into the giant hole in the ground. At the bottom, there will be a giant sleeping creature, and the player should fall through the ground.

Sleeping creature

This will trigger the cutscene where Bonnie, controlled by William Afton, awakens and tries to control Freddy. This is a final boss battle where the player must press buttons on three separate screens to stop him from succeeding. There will be other obstacles, such as Chica and Roxy, to try and enter the room.


Chica can be stopped by closing the door. However, Roxy can open doors and chase players around the room. The best way to avoid Roxy is to use the bed in the back of the room and keep running around it, using cameras and ray guns whenever possible. Run away only when Freddy is being controlled push the button and run again. After a certain amount of time, the final cutscene will play and the gamer will complete the game.

Five nights in Freddy: Security breach Currently available for PC, PS4 and PS5.

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