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Beast Blood Balls are extremely hard to find in the game, there’s no real way to farm them into drops.

But high-level characters can farm Insight to then receive an infinite supply of tablets, all in a few simple steps:

  1. Collect the Key of the Upper Church from Yahar’gul, Unseen Village
  2. Enter the Upper Cathedral Ward and get the Cosmic Eye Tracker Badge
  3. Use Insight to buy the Beast’s Blood Ball in a Hunter’s Dream

We’ll cover exactly how to complete this process in the step-by-step guide below.

Step 1: Find the Upper Church Key

The quest to unlock the Beast’s Blood begins in Yahar’gul, Unseen Village. Scroll to Lamp of the same name to get started.

Yahar'gul, Unseen Village Lights / Bloodborne
Yahar’gul, Invisible Village Lamp

From the Lights, go down the small set of steps to the left, then turn left down the giant stairs. Be sure not to stop on this staircase, as you will almost certainly die.

Enter the building at the bottom of the stairs, walk forward, then turn right to see the exit.

Exit to the right of the entrance / Bloodborne
Exit to the right of the entrance

Head down the winding stairs here, then through the large hole through the wall.

Follow this corridor to the end and take out the Brick Troll, then look to the right where the Troll used to stand to see a cell door.

Open and step through it.

The door of the cell hidden in the dark / Bloodborne
The door of the cell is hidden in the dark

After you come down a small set of stairs, turn left and go through the door to leave the building.

Turn right here, slowly walk down this road and look to the left as you are doing. You are looking for a gap in the metal railing on the next path through.

Empty metal railing, seen from the side aisle / Bloodborne
Gap on the metal railing, seen from the side aisle

Memorize the location of the metal railing, then go back the way you just came down.

Climb the stairs to your right and quickly go through the gap in the metal railing, carefully stepping through it before the enemies here catch up to you.

Make sure to walk (don’t run or roll) off the ledge, and you’ll land safely on a hidden platform beneath the main road.

Hidden area below the gap on the metal balustrade / Bloodborne
Hidden area under the opening on the metal balustrade

Walk through the archway here into another dark building and keep an eye out for the hidden Troll just to your right. Take it out, then return to this archway.

In front of you is a gap in the stone railing – drop off this ledge to find yourself in a cell with a corpse holding the Key of the Upper Church.

The corpse holding the Keys of the Upper Church / Bloodborne
The corpse holds the Key of the Upper Church

Warp or fight your way back to the Lights, then head back to Hunter’s Dream to continue.

Step 2: Collect the Cosmic Eye Tracker Badge

With the Upper Church Key pulled, move to the Church Ward Lights.

Church Ward Lights / Bloodborne
Church street lights

Go down the steps in front of you, then immediately turn right and go through the small door. Walk down this hallway until you reach an elevator then go up.

Defeat Rifleman, then step outside to enter the Church’s Healing Workshop.

Entrance to the Healing Church Workshop / Bloodborne
The entrance to the Healing Church Workshop

Run across the bridge to avoid the gunfire, then go inside and deal with the enemies in this room.

Go up the stairs and quickly turn left to destroy the Rifleman hidden in the dark.

A Rifleman and Villager hidden in the dark corner of the room / Bloodborne
A Rifleman and Villager hidden in the dark corner of the room

When they’re down, go outside, turn left, and kill the Trolls and Riflemen here.

Once the enemy is dead, you can safely continue down this catwalk to find a ladder that leads you to the last floor of the Workshop.

Stairs to the last floor of the Workshop / Bloodborne
Stairs to the last floor of the Workshop

After climbing the stairs, follow the catwalk back and go inside the room. You can deal with the enemies here or run through them to the corridor at the back of the room.

At the end of this hallway is a one-time locked door – interact with it to use the Upper Church Key and enter the Upper Church Precinct.

Entrance to Upper Cathedral Ward / Bloodborne
The entrance to the Upper Church

Go up the stairs to your left and cross the bridge in front of you, defeating both enemies as you do.

Light the Upper Ward Lamp at the end of the bridge, then return to Hunter’s Dream to replenish your Blood Pot. You will need them.

Lights of the Upper Church / Bloodborne
Upper Ward Lights

When you’re ready, go up the stairs ahead, then turn left when you reach the golden gate of the Choir building. Follow this path around until you climb a series of large steps, then look ahead to see another flight with enemies at the top.

Climb the stairs and make sure to kill this enemy before you go through the door it’s guarding.

Once inside, you’ll find Brainsucker on your left.

Please take it out carefully before continuing.

The Brainsucker / Bloodborne
The Brainsucker

The upcoming part is the most dangerous part of the whole game, so prepare for the fight of your life if you decide to fight your way fair.

However, if you don’t get past some enemies, I have some methods to help you get through.

From the Brainsucker room, go through the door leading to the rest of the Choir building, and capture the Werewolf on your right.

Quickly run back to Brainsucker’s room to see the Werewolf stuck in the doorway.

Werewolves stuck in the doorway / Bloodborne
Werewolves stuck in the doorway

The werewolf will never get through the doorframe, so you’re safe to poke it from the safety of the empty room.

Once the Werewolf is dead, go through the door and turn left, walking along the corridor until you see a door to your right.

Walk over there and wait for two more Werewolves to rush up the curved stairs to your right.

Curved Stairs / Bloodborne
Curved stairs

The moment you see them, go back through the door you just entered to repeat the doorframe cheese strategy.

Once these Werewolves are dead, you’re almost there. Enter the room with the curved stairs again and begin to slowly descend the stairs.

Halfway down the stairs, a Werewolf will eventually attack and start chasing you.

Repeat the door tactic one more time and you’ll be safe in the end.

The place on the stairs where the werewolf will finally notice you / Bloodborne
The place on the stairs where Werewolves will finally notice you

Walk back to the room by the stairs and go down them to enter the main hall.

Turn right and walk until you hit a wall, then turn left and go down this wall until you see a large opening in the dark.

Hole in the wall, hidden in the dark / Bloodborne
Hole in the wall, hidden in the dark

Go through this gap in the wall and turn right into the narrow hallway. Kill Brainsucker here, then find a corpse holding an item.

Interact with this corpse to earn the Cosmic Eye Tracker Badge.

The corpse holding the Cosmic Eye Tracker badge / Bloodborne
The corpse wears the Cosmic Eye Watcher badge

Step 3: Buy Animal Blood Tablets

With the Cosmic Eye Tracker Badge in your inventory, many new items will be available in the Dream Hunter’s Shop.

To find the shop, head to Hunter’s Dream, then head straight into Gherman’s Workshop.

Turn left out of the side door and then immediately turn left to the Insight Shop.

Hunter's Dream Insights Store / Bloodborne
Hunter’s Dream Insights Store

Here you can purchase unlimited Blood Beast Balls, provided you have the Insights required to purchase them.

Each Pellet has an asking price of 1 Insight.

If you need more Insight, you can easily gain some through multiple methods. Some of the more notable methods are:

  • Find and kill the boss
  • Consume Insight level items like Madman’s Knowledge
  • Consumption of umbilical cord fragments
  • Enter the hidden areas, including the Nightmare realm
  • Kill other players in PvP How to Unlock & Raise Beast’s Blood Ball (Bloodborne) – FandomSpot


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