How to unlock new artifact equipment

There’s a whole new set of crafting gear in Final Fantasy 14 thanks to Endwalker, and it’s much easier to collect than in previous expansions.


In Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker, the player has two new Jobs to choose from along with the old Jobs. All of these jobs have new Artifact Armor for 6.0 (except for one) and players can get theirs while completing them all story quests for FF14 Endwalker.

What is Artifact Armor in Final Fantasy 14?

Artifact armor in Final Fantasy 14 usually an armor item that visually reflects how a Job looks classic in a JRPG. These armor sets are often some of the best the expansion has to offer, and this is no different in the Endwalker expansion. Artifacts for every job in iLevel 560, are the best available currently in the game, with the sole exception of the Moonward Armor (iLevel 570). Each set of artifacts is unique to each job, and each set has a unique look that players will want to own.


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How to unlock artifact armor

To unlock and use the Endwalker Artifact Armor, the player must be level 89 with a Job level of 89 for at least one job. This is a level below Endwalker’s Level Limit of 90. Next, complete the MSQ (Main Scenario Quest) called A Bold Decision given to the player by Tataru.


Once completed, the player will be able to purchase any type of Artifact armor for any job from Varsarudh in Old Sharlayan.

Job’s artifact armor in FF14

ArmorerFinal-Fantasy-14-Artifact-Armor-Armorer-Endwalker AlchemistFinal-Fantasy-14-Artifact-Armor-Alchemist-Endwalker Astrology


BardFinal-Fantasy-14-Artifact-Armor-Bard-Endwalker Black MageFinal-Fantasy-14-Artifact-Armor-Blackmage-Endwalker BlacksmithFinal-Fantasy-14-Artifact-Armor-Blacksmith-Endwalker BotanistFinal-Fantasy-14-Artifact-Armor-Botanist-Endwalker CarpenterFinal-Fantasy-14-Artifact-Armor-Carpenter-EndwalkerThe CulinariansFinal-Fantasy-14-Artifact-Armor-Culinarian-Endwalker DancerFinal-Fantasy-14-Artifact-Armor-Dancer-Endwalker The dark KnightFinal-Fantasy-14-Artifact-Armor-DarkKnight-Endwalker DragoonFinal-Fantasy-14-Artifact-Armor-Dragoon-Endwalker anglerFinal-Fantasy-14-Artifact-Armor-Fisher-Endwalker JewelerFinal-Fantasy-14-Artifact-Armor-Goldsmith-Endwalker ShotgunFinal-Fantasy-14-Artifact-Armor-Gunbreaker-Endwalker DresserFinal-Fantasy-14-Artifact-Armor-Leatherworker-Endwalker MechanicFinal-Fantasy-14-Artifact-Armor-Machinist-Endwalker MinerFinal-Fantasy-14-Artifact-Armor-Miner-Endwalker MonksFinal-Fantasy-14-Artifact-Armor-Monk-Endwalker shinobiFinal-Fantasy-14-Artifact-Armor-Ninja-Endwalker PaladinsFinal-Fantasy-14-Artifact-Armor-Paladin-Endwalker ReaperFinal-Fantasy-14-Artifact-Armor-Reaper-Endwalker Red MageFinal-Fantasy-14-Artifact-Armor-RedMage-Endwalker SageFinal-Fantasy-14-Artifact-Armor-Sage-Endwalker SamuraiFinal-Fantasy-14-Artifact-Armor-Samurai-Endwalker ScholarFinal-Fantasy-14-Artifact-Armor-Scholar-Endwalker SummonerFinal-Fantasy-14-Artifact-Armor-Summoner-Endwalker WarriorFinal-Fantasy-14-Artifact-Armor-Warrior-Endwalker WeaverFinal-Fantasy-14-Artifact-Armor-Weaver-Endwalker White Mages


Blue Mages

Green mage, as anyone familiar with the classes of Final Fantasy 14 might expect, did not receive a set of artifact gear for the Endwalker. This is because Blue Mage is a limited work that is a pet project by one of the creators. The Classroom is not actually part of the In-game Work system, and therefore players should not expect any equipment or other extras for this device.

How to unlock dyed artifact equipment in Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker

Unlike many armor sets, Endwalker Artifact sets cannot be dyed without unlocking the skill. Players need to first complete their Role Quest for the Endwalker in Radz-at-Han, one of the new locations players can unlock in Endwalker’s story. Role Quests will vary depending on the Job the player has at the time; Once completed, the dyeing process will be unlocked with the supplier.

Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker available for PC, PS4 and PS5.

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