How To Unlock Every Character

Spelunky 2 features cavernous depths that descend even more infinitely than the first game, which lead to it being heralded as one of the best indie games of 2020. With a massive host of levels – both secret and regular – to explore, players are sure to find new content even dozens of hours into their time with the game. There’s so much, players will likely need a guide to find it all.

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One of the most prominent unlockables are the new characters that can explore the world. Found (mostly) trapped inside coffins, these Spelunkers will make the hub world a more lively and welcoming place, as well as potentially unlocking a secret of their own. With 16 characters to find outside of the 4 unlocked at the start, players will have to have quite the skillset to find them all.

Updated December 10th, 2021 by Russ Boswell: There are a lot of great Indie releases out there but it’s hard not to keep coming back to Spelunky 2 for its cathartic brand of misery. With more and more players joining the fray, the following list concerning Spelunky 2 characters has been updated and now includes more information on the original four adventurers as well as their hidden counterparts. Players looking to collect every possible character in Spelunky 2 will definitely want to check out this updated list.

17 The Original Four

Spelunky 2 Original Characters

Although there are 16 total characters that players can find and unlock, they’ll have access to four right off the bat. None of the original four characters need to be unlocked and, instead, are available to players as soon as they officially begin their dive into Spelunky 2. Although it’s hard to ignore how iconic Guy was from the original release, the four characters presented at the start of Spelunky 2 are a breath of fresh air.

Ana Spelunky is the iconic adventurer’s daughter and is searching for her mother and father, along with a rag-tag group of explorers that include the seafaring Margaret Tunnel, the artistic Colin Northward, and the enigmatic Roffy D. Sloth.


16 Alto Singh

Spelunky 2 Alto

A returning character from the first game, Alto Singh and his red turban will be a familiar sight to fans of the original roguelite. He will also likely be the first new characters players come across. The game’s first area, Dwelling, gives players a fair challenge and lets them know what they’re in for with this world. However, new players should find they’re able to reach the 4th and final level within a handful of tries.

There, they will come face to face with Quillback, a Caveman leader with a rolling attack that can destroy walls and kill players in one hit. Successfully out-maneuver him (or blow him to bits), and players will find a coffin in the lower section of the level, where Alto Singh will be unlocked.

15 Liz Mutton

Spelunky 2 Liz

Another returning character, finding Liz requires some skill and a healthy dose of luck. Upon beating Quillback and completing the Dwelling area, players will have a choice of where to go next. Take the exit to the right, and players will travel to Volcana. Take the left exit, and head to the Jungle to find Liz.

The Jungle environment will be most familiar to players of the first game; however, it is far more hostile. With boomerang, shield and even curse-wielding cavemen to content with, staying alive is quite the challenge. However, it is in this area where the coffin containing Liz can be found. It can appear anywhere in any Jungle level.

14 Nekka The Eagle

Spelunky 2 Nekka

Nekka The Eagle is what would happen if Tarzan were five thousand percent more terrifying to look at. With soul-less white eyes and the skull of some fearsome creature on their head, the fact that Nekka is an ally, not an enemy, is a miracle.

Finding them isn’t easy, though, as it requires entering the Black Market. This can technically be done at random, but the easiest method is to get the Udjat Eye in Dwelling. This item will alert players when they get close to the hidden entrance. Once in there, Nekka’s coffin is on the top level.


Spelunky 2 Lise

An impressive upgrade on the first game’s robot character, LISE is a sweet and playful automaton. Her description says she’s “designed to explore and enjoy herself” so having her around is sure to be a fun time.

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Finding her requires a similar method to finding Liz. This time, players must take the path to the right after defeating Quillback to enter Volcana. There are less dangerous enemies in Volcana; however, players must contend with lava, which will instantly kill any who touch it. LISE’s coffin can spawn in any Volcana level.

12 Coco von Diamond

Spelunky 2 Coco

Described as a fashion designer who is currently “on vacation”, Coco is a bit of an odd character. She’s definitely a no-nonsense type, and yet she has her pet lemur clinging to her head at all times. It’s unclear exactly what kind of ‘vacation’ Coco is on, as she’s found herself trapped in a coffin inside Vlad’s Castle.

Like the Black Market, players will need to have got the Udjat Eye from Dwelling. At the top of one of the levels in Volcana, a massive drill will spawn. Use the Udjat Eye to activate it and players will be taken below the level’s exit into Vlad’s Castle. It is a deadly area, full of Vampires and Vlad himself. Coffins line either side of the area. In most will be generic bodyguards, but in one, Coco will be waiting.

11 Manfred Tunnel

Spelunky 2 Manfred

Known only as ‘The Tunnel Man’ in the original Spelunky, Manfred was a key ally in the original, digging shortcuts to each area. While Terra Tunnel has taken his shortcut-digging job in Spelunky 2, he’s still out there and explores the world for himself this time.

Unlocking him requires defeating one of the original game’s bosses, Olmec. Players will encounter Olmec after completing either the Jungle or Volcana. This time, the boss comes with an upgraded moveset. The first phase is the same as in the original game, and beating it allows players to go to the Tide Pool level. Olmec then enters stage two, where he floats around firing bombs. Defeating this stage unlocks the Temple of Anubis level.

However, Olmec isn’t done — he will continue his attack from stage 2 at this third level. Below this third level lies a massive lake of lava with several holes just above it. To enter these, players must cause Olmec to fall into the lava and use him as a platform. The valuable Ankh can be found here, as well as the coffin for players’ tunnel-digging friend.

10 Little Jay

Spelunky 2 Little J

Little Jay is a character players all have something in common with — he’s a fan of Spelunky! He set out to become a famous explorer himself, and based on where his coffin is located, he’s done quite well for himself.

To find Little Jay, players must defeat Olmec’s first phase and enter the Tide Pool level. This level looks pretty, but that beauty is just a facade for the monsters that lurk within. Thankfully, Little Jay’s coffin is guaranteed to spawn in either the first or second level of the area, so players won’t have to get too far to find it.

9 Tina Flan

Spelunky 2 Tina

Tina is the wife of the original Spelunky‘s protagonist and mother to Spelunky 2‘s protagonist. Canonically, she’s also the one who hit King Yama with an eggplant, which is quite the feat. Finding her in Spelunky 2 isn’t quite as difficult as that, but it’s close.

Tina is in the secret area known as Abzu. At the bottom of Tide Pool’s third level, there is a massive pool of lava. A sub-area will allow players to get underneath it and pick up a Golden Idol, which will cause the lava to cave in on top of them. To reach Abzu, players must survive this lava. There are a couple of ways to do it, but the simplest is to collect the Ankh is Olmec’s Lair to respawn at the top of the level.

The boss Kingu resides in Abzu, but players who just want to unlock Tina can ignore them. Instead, dive into the water below the entrance. A short way down, players will find a platform with Tina’s coffin on it.

8 Valerie Crump

Spelunky 2 Valerie

Yet another returning character, Valerie Crump constantly has her headphones in. She’s exploring the caves of Spelunky 2 for “creative inspiration.” Apparently, going for a walk in the local park wasn’t cutting it.

Finding Valerie can be a bit difficult, as it requires beating Olmec’s second phase and entering the Temple of Anubis area, which is incredibly hostile, even by Spelunky‘s standards. Make it to the second level of this area, though, and Valerie’s coffin will be waiting to be opened.

7 Au

Spelunky 2 Au

Au is one of the toughest characters to get. Reaching him requires completing such a laundry list of challenges, players may feel more like they’re playing an RPG. These steps will be familiar to those who beat the original Spelunky the hard way.

First, players must complete the tasks already outlined to get the Crown from Vlad’s Castle or the Hedjet from the Black Market. Then, in the first level of the Temple of Anubis, players must defeat Anubis and steal his scepter. Next, in the second Temple of Anubis level, use the Scepter on the door and the player will be taken to The City of Gold, where Au’s coffin lies in wait.

6 Demi von Diamonds

Spelunky 2 Demi

Originally the ‘damsel’ that players had to save in the first Spelunky, Demi has gotten an upgrade since then and is perfectly capable of Spelunking on her own. As the daughter of Coco von Diamond, she’s still somewhat pampered, but at least she’s getting her hands dirty this time.

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To find her, players must get to the fifth area, the Ice Caves. Getting halfway down this level will force players to enter a massive sub-area where not one, but two yetis wait for a fight. At the very top of this sub-area, however, is Demi’s coffin.

5 Pilot

Spelunky 2 Pilot

One of the more out-there characters, the Pilot, is the first time an alien is playable in the series. Finding him is one of the toughest challenges in the game, as it requires finding the elusive Mothership area.

Hidden randomly at the bottom of the Ice Cave’s Abyss, the Mothership is almost impossible to locate without Von Hersing’s Alien Compass. The Alien Compass is acquired by rescuing Von Hersing in Volcana, then defeating Vlad (with Von Hersing’s help). Players must then find Von Hersing again the Temple of Anubis. Once there, players must traverse one of the deadliest areas in the game until they find a little green pod in the second level. Hit it like a coffin, and the Pilot will be unlocked.

4 Princess Airyn

Spelunky 2 Airyn

A foodie on a rather wild road trip, Princess Airyn is refreshingly simple to unlock…as long as players are skillful enough to make it deep into the mines. Airyn can be found in the sixth area of the game, Neo Babylon.

Getting here is difficult enough. Even once inside, this is an extremely hostile environment, where players need to move very carefully to avoid any mishaps. Once inside the area, however, Airyn is simply somewhere in the first level. Opening her coffin will unlock her.

3 Dirk Yamaoka

Spelunky 2 Dirk

A ninja always looking for a new challenge, Dirk got further than any other character in the game before needing rescue. Players must first access the true final level of Spelunky 2, the Sunken City. To do this, players must beat Kingu in Abzu or Osiris is Duat (accessed by sacrificing themselves in the City of Gold) to get the Tablet of Destiny. Next, reach the second level of Neo Babylon, where there will be an area full of Ushabti.

Players must pick up the correct Ushabti, as described by the Tablet of Destiny. It will hatch in the mount Qilin, when entering the third Neo Babylon level. Enter the Tiamat boss fight and use Qilin’s levitation powers to reach the very top of the level, where the door to the Sunken City lies.

Once in the Sunken City, the player’s quest is not done. They must now defeat the large and intimidating Goliath Frog. After beating this challenge, players can enter a sub-area in the frog’s stomach, where Dirk Yamaoka’s coffin can be found.

2 Guy Spelunky

Spelunky 2 Guy

The classic Spelunker and protagonist of the original Spelunky is back. What little plot there is in Spelunky 2 involves Ana searching for her parents; as such, unlocking Guy Spelunky as a playable character seems like a fitting reward for beating the game.

Queen Tiamat sits upon a throne at the end of Neo Babylon. This is a difficult fight, where players must rise to her head and hit her with whatever they can to chip away at her 40HP. Doing so will trigger a cutscene where Guy Spelunky arrives on his ship to save the player and extract the treasure, rolling the credits.

1 Classic Guy Spelunky

Spelunky 2 Classic Guy

As original it gets, Classic Guy is the original sprite from the free web version of Spelunky, released in 2009 and has since become an indie icon. It serves as a fitting nod to the series’ decade-long lifespan and popularity among indie-game fans worldwide.

To unlock Classic Guy, players must beat the game ‘the hard way.’ They must travel to the Sunken City, as previously outlined, and defeat the true final boss of the game, Hundun. Doing this will trigger a cutscene similar to in the Queen Tiamat ending, where Classic Guy Spelunky arrives in his ship to save the player and loot the grandest of all treasures before the credits roll again.

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