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Containment Bay S1T7 (Extreme), aka Sephirot (Extreme), is unlocked through the quest A Fiendish Likeness. This quest becomes available from Unukalhai in the Rising Stones, Mor Dhona (X:6.1, Y:5.3) after completing the normal version of the trial.

The normal version of Containment Bay S1T7 is unlocked through a series of quests called “The Warring Triad”. This quest line begins with “Gods of Eld” which can be accepted from Torsefers in the Pillars (X:11.7, Y:11.5).

In the Extreme version of this fight, the boss will have improved statistics and new mechanics. Completing this trial will reward you with a different loot than the normal counterpart.

Quick step-by-step guide on how to unlock

Talking to Unukalhai / FFXIV
Talking to Unukalhai

  1. Complete the level 60 main scenario quest Heavensward
  2. Complete the Torsefers quest “Gods of Eld” in the Pillars (X:11.7, Y:11.5)
  3. Accept the quest “When the Bough Wakes” from Unukalhai in the Rising Stones (X:6.1, Y:5.3)
  4. Complete Containment Bay S1T7 to complete When the Bough Wakes
  5. Return to Unukalhai in the Rising Stones (X:6.1, Y:5.3)
  6. Accept the quest “An Infernal Resemblance”
  7. Travel to Azys Lla (X:25.6, Y:22.4) and speak to the Verification Node

Detailed instructions

Azys Lla / Final Fantasy XIV
Azys Lla

After completing the level 60 main scenario quest Heavensward, an NPC named Torsefers will offer a new quest called Gods of Eld. If you accept this quest, the Warring Triad story will begin.

Torsefer can be found in the Pillars (X:11.7, Y:11.5) just outside House Fortemps. After speaking to him, you will be directed to the Rising Stones in Mor Dhona.

When you arrive at the Rising Stones, you are introduced to a masked boy named Unukalhai and learn of his involvement in the Warring Triad. After the cutscene with Unukalhai, you can talk to him to choose which Eikon to confront first.

Select the When the Bough Wakes quest to unlock Containment Bay S1T7 and face Sephirot. After speaking to Unukalhai, travel to Azys Lla and speak to him again at (X:26.7, Y:22.4).

When you’re done fighting the normal version of Sephiroth, return to the Rising Stones to complete When the Bough Wakes. Next, talk to Unukalhai again and he will offer you the quest “An Infernal Resemblance”.

At the beginning of this quest, Unukalhai will present you with an allagan device used to store information. He will go on to explain that if you take this device to the Verification Node outside of Triad Control, you will be able to engage in a simulated battle with Sephiroth.

Go to Azys Lla and click on the verification node at (X:25.6, Y:22.4). This can be a little tricky to find as the node is underground.

Verification node in Azys Lla / FFXIV
Verification node in Azys Lla

To find the Verification Node, head to the quest marker on your map, then take a few steps east. Here you will find an entrance to a tunnel that leads to the node.

After presenting the device to the verification node, A Fiendish Likeness is complete and you have access to Containment Bay S1T7 (Extreme).

Containment Bay S1T7 (Extreme) Rewards

Fists of the Fiend / Final Fantasy XIV
fists of the devil

Like most other Trials in FFXIV, Containment Bay S1T7 (Extreme) offers a number of items as a reward for completing it.

The items you find after facing Sephirot can range from Triple Triad cards to some cool looking weapons.

Here’s a list of the loot you can expect if you pass this extreme test:

treasure chest loot

Containment Bay S1T7 Suitcase / FFXIV
Containment Bay S1T7 case

article Type description
Blade of the Sephiroth sword Item level 220 Paladin’s weapon
Ax of the Sephiroth Axe Item level 220 warrior weapon
Edge of the Sephiroth greatsword Item level 220 Dark Knight weapon
Pike of the Sephiroth polearm Item level 220 Dragoon weapon
Fists of the Sephiroth fist Item Level 220 Monk Weapon
Katana of the Sephiroth katana Item level 220 Samurai weapon
Points of the Sephiroth daggers Item level 220 Ninja weapon
Bow of the Sephiroth bow Item level 220 bardic weapon
Fire of the Sephiroth Firearm Item level 220 Machinist’s weapon
Staff of the Sephiroth Employee Item level 220 black mage weapon
Word of the Sephiroth A book Item level 220 summoner weapon
Rapier of Sephiroth rapier Item Level 220 Red Mage Weapon
Cane of the Sephiroth floor Item level 220 white mage weapon
Song of the Sephiroth A book Item Level 220 Scholar’s Weapon
Star of the Sephiroth star ball Item level 220 Astrological weapon
Shield of the Sephiroth Sign Item level 220 Paladin offhand weapon
Sephirot Juice reagent craft supplies
Fiend SAP reagent craft supplies
Sephirot weapon box Miscellaneous Use to get Sephirot Weapon
Warring Lanner Whistle Miscellaneous Use to get Warring Lanner Mount
Faded copy of Fiend orchestra role craft supplies

Other drops

Sephirot Card / Final Fantasy XIV
Sephiroth card

There are two other items that you can get by completing this Trial. These items go straight into your inventory instead of appearing in the treasure pool where party members cast lots.

The first article is the totem of the devil. This is a guaranteed drop and can be exchanged with Bertana in Idyllshire (X:5.9, Y:5.2) for a Sephirot weapon (10 totems) or a Warring Lanner Whistle (99 totems).

The other article is the Sephiroth card. This is a 4-star Triple Triad card that is added to your collection as it is used.

Devil’s Weapons

Battlecraft Demimateria III / FFXIV
Battlecraft Demimateria III

The juice you get from Containment Bay S1T7 (Extreme) is used to craft Fiend weapons. These items are similar to those obtained by completing the trial, but at a lower item level.

Despite this, they are very popular as glamor items because they have a glowing effect when drawing.

Additional Fiend weapon crafting materials can be obtained by desynthesizing the materials obtained by defeating Sephirot. How to Unlock Containment Bay S1T7 (Extreme) – FandomSpot


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